Selena Fans Slam Ally Brooke’s ‘Miss Universe’ Performances, ‘Dreaming of You’ Cover [Watch]

Published: Tuesday 10th Dec 2019 by Rashad

Ally Brooke dazzled viewers of the ‘Miss Universe 2019’ pageant on Sunday (December 8) when she delivered a medley of ‘Low Key,’ ‘Higher,’ and other songs set to line her long-awaited solo debut effort.

Yet, while praise rang out on social media for the 26-year-old’s improved stage presence and confidence, that acclaim was later outpaced by a swarm of detractors who slammed the former Fifth Harmony darling for her second performance. Following her uptempo opener with a slowed salute to Queen of Tejano Selena, Brooke – a Texas native – tackled the Grammy winner’s 1995 hit, ‘Dreaming of You,’ with a stirring cover.

Unfortunately, it stirred some to anger and disappointment.  See what we mean inside:


As seen above, Brooke brought the funk when she delivered a medley of her own songs.  However, she hit a sour note with Selena fans when she rendered a rendition of two of the late singer’s beloved classics – ‘Dreaming of You’ and ‘I Could Fall In Love.’

The performance above was the catalyst for some of the responses below:


Brooke took to today’s episode of ‘The Real’ (December 10) to reflect on covering Selena’s hits at the ‘Miss Universe’ event.  See it below (start at 30 min mark):

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  1. KeepingItReal December 10, 2019

    Her voice is just not strong enough to be singing Selena. Sorry should have got someone else to do it

    • bico December 10, 2019

      Not strong enough?? Selenas had a soft voice she didnt had the Power Voice her tone was more soft and beautiful. Ally had defintly a strong Voice but sometimes you are nervous and all the struff its normal. Right now she didnt had enough Solo experience.

      • BadgyalD December 10, 2019

        Selena was most defo a powerhouse
        Her voice was very big to carry most of her popular songs

      • eric December 10, 2019

        Please listen to more of Selena’s songs. She definitely had the power when the song called for it.

  2. Only facts December 10, 2019

    Sigh. Ally needs to fire her team. I can’t believe Atlantic is doing her like this. Everything with ally’s solo career has been a mess…which I hate because she has potential. Sigh…

    Come on ally. You can do this. Fire your team and give us some bops

  3. Clarks0oñ December 10, 2019

    Well atleast she’s not performing at a run down McDonald’s like normani

    Camila was the main vocalist of fifth harmony.

    None of the other girls can hold a note.

    • cT December 10, 2019

      Excuse me everyone knows that Camila is not the best singer in the World. Dont praise her like she is Whitney or Mariah.

      • Clarks0oñ December 10, 2019

        Never compared her to legends like whitney or mariah.

    • Interac December 11, 2019

      I think Lauren has the most unique tone out of the group and the strongest voice. Camila’s voice is nasal and whiny.

    • Paulo December 11, 2019

      The nerve of this troll! ? Crowmilla is the weakest vocalist out of 5H and you know it.

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        Camila performances at the Grammys, and snl say otherwise but go off tho

      • Paulo December 11, 2019

        I love how you borrow the prestige from the venues to your fav. ? booking the Grammys deserves props but then you have to actually deliver it and all she did was her little crow sharp vocals as usual. SNL was a complete mess, Lord have mercy

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        Music critics say other wise tho

        Washington post, best 2019 Grammy performances
        Number 3- Camila cabello best 2019 Grammy performances

        Number 3- Camila cabello
        How to open the biggest music awards show? Take our hearts to Havana. Camila Cabello did just that, with a big dance crew and Young Thug, Ricky Martin, J Balvin and legendary Arturo Sandoval on trumpet solo playing her hit song. Check out the epic stage design involving massive colourful apartment units that need to become part of a Rear Window musical.
        Best performances of the night
        Camila cabello Havana

        Hurl u cant make this shìt up.
        The list goes on and on.

      • Paulo December 11, 2019

        But you can pay for it though. Props to her team for being on it ?

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        An Exuberant Opening From Camila Cabello

        The Grammys are perennially slow-on-the-uptake, and true to form, they kicked off this year’s show with a two-year-old song that was performed at practically every music awards show last year. But Camila Cabello made “Havana” sound fresh. She glided through a color-coded doll’s house with panache and effortlessly knocked out the splashy choreography alongside a swarm of virtuosic dancers.

        The rest of the opening number served as irrefutable proof that the center of the pop world has shifted south. A host of Latin stars, from Ricky Martin to Arturo Sandoval to J. Balvin, plunged onto the stage, showcasing the many differing threads of Latin pop while sharing a unified exuberant joy.

        Time magazine.

        Gurl I come with receipts.

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        Oh wait now she paid for it.
        Her team must have alot of money to bribe the entire new media both in America and the uk and Europe.

        U hate to see it.

        Ur a hater so u cant never agree with facts.

        Hold this L

      • Paulo December 11, 2019

        Girl what L? The one your fav is having at streaming or one for you for being so slow? ? Camila did not sound good at that opening sweetie and that is why she had to cling to Alejandro Sanz for a Grammy like she clings to Shawn for media attention and a hit. If you think buying good critiques is unheard of then that’s on your dumbness.

        You’re completely unhinged and I love to see it ? but hate to hear it cause your fav can’t sing

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        The professional music critics have spoken,

        Camila’s team cant afford to bribe the entire media houses in America and UK and Canada and Europe to write nice things about her.

        Take ur L and move on.
        U thought u did something but u only made a fool of ur self.

        U did clownery and the clown came back to bite

        U should know when you’ve been beaten.
        Let it go honey cause ur only disgracing ur self further.

      • Paulo December 11, 2019

        To quote only facts… yourself is one word. Dumbass ? you a dumb annoying b**** who can’t even spell so how you gon read me? Pleeeease all you’re beating is your poor keyboard

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        Gurl ur still here
        U are displaying clown behaviour

        Take ur L and move on

  4. Drinkmybussyjuice December 11, 2019

    Stopped watching 10 seconds into the first one when i realized she was lipping to the studio version. There was no reason for her to be lipping cause she was barley doing a 1/2 step.

    • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

      When u don’t have talent, u have to do something.

      Can u blame her? No

  5. Paulo December 11, 2019

    She did ok. ? People just mad for no reason. If they want a huge star to do a Selena tribute, Miss Universe is not where they’ll get it. It’s a venue for up and coming artists and Ally did what she was supposed to – blend her songs and performance with the contest.

  6. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 11, 2019

    Look, not everyone can sing Selena’s song so just leave it alone. On another note, I don’t see one bit of star power from this woman.

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