Teyana Taylor Sets January Release For New Album / Signs With IMG

Published: Thursday 5th Dec 2019 by Sam

Teyana Taylor is putting the pieces in place for a fruitful New Year.

Because, as she adds the finishing touches to her third studio album, it’s been announced that the star has signed a lucrative deal with one of the most notable branding entities – IMG.

Details below…

Effective immediately, IMG will rep the ‘Rose In Harlem’ singer for all fashion, beauty and commercial ventures.

Speaking on the deal, Taylor said:

“I literally can do everything. I never look at anything as being impossible. I exhaust all options to make what needs to happen, happen.”

With the news came confirmation that her LP – believed to be titled ‘The Album’ – will arrive in January via Def Jam / GOOD Music. It’ll serve as the follow-up to 2018’s ‘K.T.S.E’ (Keep That Same Energy).

Taylor is also set to star in Eddie Murphy’s eagerly awaited ‘Coming 2 America.’


Kudos to Teyana, who clearly got the memo that longevity in this climate is all about having a diverse portfolio; indeed, each venture feeds the next and creates ample synergy for her overall brand.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Notion]

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  1. Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

    Damn this chic is really trying to make fetch happen . She’s trying to turn that 15 minutes of fame she got from that kanye video into a career.
    She tries to damn hard

    She’s another normani

    Beautiful, good dancer, weak voice, everybody hype her on twitter and Instagram but nobody buying her music.

    • Jasmine Monet December 5, 2019

      STOP impersonating me u F A G G O T! I know it is u behind all those FAKE ‘Jasmine’ TROLL profiles. That is something a F A G G O T loser like u would do cause u don’t have a F uccking life loser!

      • Jasmine Monet December 5, 2019

        Girl Please l told you I was keeping my foot ?? on your neck

      • Jasmine Monet December 5, 2019

        LIES! You are clearly impersonating me on posts I would NOT comment on. Why can’t u leave me alone? Why can’t u STOP being obsessed with me and STOP wanting to be me? It is NOT my fault or intention that I INTIMIDATE your F A G G O T ass so much. Take your ugly F A G G O T ass to your nearest gay bar and find u a mate! U CHOOSE to be a LOSER but u don’t have to be one!

    • TiWayne December 5, 2019

      nonono you can say whatever you want but Teyana dont have a weak Voice dont talk if you dont have a clue about Music her Voice is defintly not weak. I see you dont know nothing about Musicians!

      • Jasmine Monet December 5, 2019

        Don’t speak to that F A G G O T. His opinion don’t matter. Teyana is beautiful, talented, a very versatile vocalist, and great dancer. She don’t know who that F A G G O T Clarkson is so we should ignore that loser to. Clarkson who? Some miserable self-hating dark F A G G O T who hates black and brown women! He is SCUM. His F A G G O T ass is the one who keeps impersonating me on here! SCUM ASS Jawanna Mann nicccca. I hope he goes gets fu cked by a sick d|ck soon so his ass can die in the A I Ds ward!

    • The baddest December 6, 2019

      Once again no life lol

  2. And I … Oop! December 5, 2019

    Yasss Petunia ‼️ Give her all of her things. Uptown … Uptown. ????

  3. Jasmine December 5, 2019

    Flopiana Taylor

    • Jasmine Monet December 5, 2019

      TGJ This sh|t needs to STOP! DELETE any ‘Jasmine’ account that is NOT mine! I do not like using profanity or calling this troll a F A G G O T but when a man impersonates someone that is a F A G G O T ass move! Men, regardless if they are gay or straight, are supposed to act like men and stooping so low as to impersonate someone is beyond pathetic and cowardly! We all know that it is Clarkson doing this! Ban that ugly F A G G O T nicccca!

  4. Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

    The disease called jasmine has invaded the comment section

    Grape juice do something about this shìt

    U dont need this shìt on ur blog.

    • Jasmine Monet December 5, 2019

      Look F A G G O T. I don’t come for anyone! You are coming for me every time you impersonate so don’t whine like a little b|tch at how I respond to it. Leave me the F U C K alone and won’t be no problems! Don’t start no sh|t u cannot finish F A G G O T! I am not the one! I will stomp u down like a southern cockroach!

  5. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 5, 2019

    This poor little pitbull. Just give up. I hate to say this to someone with a dream but she DOES NOT HAVE IT.

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