Ari Lennox Tearfully Blasts Racist Hate Speech After Being Likened To A Rottweiler Dog

Published: Thursday 2nd Jan 2020 by Sam

Ari Lennox has had enough of the slander.

The talented singer and rising star clapped back at a heinous insult hurled her way, one she asserts is rooted in racially derogative sentiment.

Her words below…

The episode began when a Twitter user nastily likened the ‘Shea Butter Baby’ belter (as well as Teyana Taylor) to Rottweiler dog.

After her initial response, she followed with an Instagram Live where she tearfully elaborated on the disdain so many have for Black women (including folk within our race):

Kudos to Ari for speaking up and out.

It’s 2020 and, like she said, it’s disgusting that there are people even holding these views.

Here’s hoping her being vocal on the matter helps ignite much needed discussion and – ultimately – change.

Check out the full video:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only facts January 2, 2020

    People are disgusting. Racism is still a problem and many people act like it’s a thing of the past. It’s 2020 and not caring is NOT cute.

    I love Ari.

    • Javis January 2, 2020


  2. Lol January 2, 2020

    A lot of the hate does come from our own. This is the downside of social media. People are just trash.

  3. XYZ January 2, 2020

    Why is this racism? I mean, they both are somehow s*** but do not have so attractive faces tbh. And since when is the use of “rottweiler” something like m*****, which is really racist.

    • Highbrowthis January 2, 2020

      Your comment is idiotic. Comparing a human to an animal is dehumanizing and excuses the subservient treatment displayed throughout history to present day. Whether it be black people or specifically black women being called a Rottweiler or a m***** it’s one and the same. Attractiveness is subjective though many have succumbed to being brainwashed that European features are ideal.

      • Lanafan1 January 2, 2020

        It’s actually not the same at all lol

      • Highbrowthis January 2, 2020

        Lanafan1, how is it not the same to refer to a black woman as a dog or a m*****. Just weeks ago a nba player referred to black women as being bulldogs. There is a long history of equating black women and black people to animals and beast. There’s a long history and discourse for you to trace.i suggest you keep your mouth closed because you clearly had nothing to say of substance. I’m a big Lana fan (seen her multiple times) but maybe you should put her on pause and take a course or perhaps read a book and then formulate an actual response!???!

      • Highbrowthis January 2, 2020

        Furthermore what people like you reveal is your own comfort and views to even bend ever so slightly to suggest that this isn’t racist or to suggest that they are not one and the same. Just as Ari says these comments and these attacks are only directed at black women( not any other race) yet people like you try to naturalize it, try to question us rather than dismantle the actual problem. And to those saying it is our own yes it may be our own but after being the victim so long and after hearing things for so long many start to believe the hate.

      • XYZ January 3, 2020

        No its not, if I would say to a white woman that she has a face like a beaver, its no racism at all. And most of y’all b****** say worse things. So why is it when comparing a black women’s face? I get the historic Background of the m***** comparisons that are racist, but not the ones with a Rottweiler.

  4. Belcalis January 2, 2020

    2020 but let’s not forget 243 years of slavery, 50 years of Jim Crow segregation, 30 years of mass incarceration, police killings of unarmed african Americans. Think about it, the fight for justice and equality continues.

    • Shayla Queen January 2, 2020

      2020 but let’s not forget that Africans still use and sell their own as slaves and that black slavery still exists in the Middle East but people don’t seem to call this out and keep blaming the white man.

      • 3215 January 2, 2020


      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 2, 2020

        @Shayla…-. No slavery in all forms or colors of people is wrong! There is a reason the Divine told Moses to go to Egypt and tell him let his people go. It is wrong!

  5. pat January 2, 2020

    featurism needs to be called out…(which is why i hated when OG kept saying colorism because that was not her issue as much as featurism maybe was)..

    .darker skin women are expected to have slimmer noses, thinner lips, and “good hair” and less athletic body types, in order to be acceptable to european beauty standards. like someone said unfortunately a lot of this comes from our own

  6. Unnatural January 2, 2020

    But he’s black. Lol bye. First the soul train awards not for blackness because she lost against a fellow black peer who equally gifted and now this man racist because he don’t think she cute. I’m over this chick.

  7. Ropeburn January 2, 2020

    She’s right. But in today’s day and age you can’t respond to every Twitter troll who calls you ugly/gay or whatever. The worthless man who posted that comment is a nobody with no real power or influence. Pay him dust.

    • Highbrowthis January 2, 2020

      Amen! And you are a Janet fan. I think all these up and comers could learn a lesson from the Queen, Miss Jackson if ya nasty!

  8. POPS MOTHER January 2, 2020

    She’s right and has several points NEVERTHELESS: You just can’t be out here throwing a Tantrum everytime somebody goes online to say something about you. Most celebrities under their comments you will find hate and trolls but they don’t pay attention to that. Ari , hun. you are too talented please don’t ruin your career fighting trolls.

  9. #Formulation January 2, 2020

    I dont know her but i like her…
    She good for speaking out…
    We need to hire people to filter out bad comments because words really hurt and people wont change over night. People, especially black men need to stop hating on the women that look like their moms, sisters, daughters, nieces and great grand mommas… periodt

  10. Shayla Queen January 2, 2020

    Saying someone looks like a dog is common in all races! It just means you’re b*** ugly! Not everything is racism. But y’all love to see race/racism in everything. When you can’t look past race, that makes YOU the racist.

  11. Stop January 3, 2020

    She is a moron. Sayong someone looks like a Rottweiler isnt racist. Stop trying to make everything about race. She is obviously dealing with self confidence issues.

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