Beyonce Glows At The Golden Globes 2020

Published: Monday 6th Jan 2020 by Sam

Check out Beyonce!

Music’s reigning Queen stepped out in style tonight for the Golden Globes 2020.

Accompanied by mogul husband Jay-Z, the ‘Formation’ singer sparkled as she made her way into the 77th annual ceremony.

Forgoing the carpet, the regal royal still made a grand entrance directly into the seated area.

And while she didn’t take home the Best Original Song award for ‘Lion King’ effort ‘Spirit,’ she still made sure her appearance was a winning one.

More stunning snaps after the jump…

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  1. Clarks0oñ January 6, 2020

    She photoshops her waist a lot.

    She photoshops her figure before releasing the photos on Instagram.

    • Bluebird January 6, 2020

      She actually looks pretty here — not like she’s trying hard…she always looks like she’s trying hard, she’s no Fashion Queen like Rihanna, but here she looks…..classy……and 40ish.

  2. mich January 6, 2020

    Nothing oustanding
    Her fashion and pose boring like her albums ir her voice

    • Ugghh January 6, 2020

      It’s boring how she won’t walk the red carpet . Her need to always be perfect is getting old

      • PinotNoir January 7, 2020

        Virgo is as Virgo does. ?

  3. King Usher January 6, 2020


  4. Cûûmila Cebolla January 6, 2020

    Hang it up. Flatscreen.

  5. Keith January 6, 2020

    The Carters look great in these pictures but she looked very uncomfortable in the televised shots on the show. I was surprised that they even showed up. Guess since other A-listers did they figured they should go too. The Globes was one I would’ve taken a pass on…

  6. Rashad January 6, 2020

    That dress looked like an ugly Tina Knowles creation from 2000

  7. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 6, 2020

    Beyonce, the new build a body.

  8. ME January 6, 2020


  9. Dc January 6, 2020

    So glad she lost spirit was huge flop

  10. Dc January 6, 2020

    How is she still the reigning queen with no number 1 in 12 years ?????

  11. Cûûmila Cebolla January 6, 2020

    This is a new decade. Let’s keep Fadyonce in 2003 where she belongs.

  12. Gee January 6, 2020

    Beyoncé does not look happy, the light she once had seems to be gone. Maybe she is tired of the lights, camera, and action. Or maybe she is tired of the perfect image that she has had to live with for so long. Something just seems off lately in my opinion.

  13. FAF January 6, 2020

    She looks very sad
    U can’t win everything
    Everything doesn’t have to be a statement
    If she gets back to making songs that she likes she probably will feel more happy
    Nicki last album was full of songs to prove a point. That’s very stressful . Like Nicki, i hope that the new album will be songs that she likes, not songs dragging b****** and getting critics together or trying to make a statement
    Just allow the music to talk

  14. SMH January 6, 2020

    She looks like Alexis Mateo did her padding lmao.

  15. Antincia foster January 6, 2020

    Very pretty dress loved it on beyonce

  16. Jones January 6, 2020

    I’m going to say it here first beyonce should start her own wig line asap. I think that would outsell any type of clothing or athletic wear she does.
    I think she’s slowing down or trying to find her next lane I know shes coming maybe in june for a summer bop.

  17. A&R January 7, 2020

    A few things…
    Beyoncé looks super amazing in this pic!
    I’m more a fan of slimmer Bey but thicc Bey looks like the African American royal we all love. Jay taking the more subtle route to let her shine is appreciated

    The song Sprit is super good but every since Jay and BEY decided to not be slaves to accolades, the awards ceremonies haven’t been objective towards them.

    The comment about Bey needing to let perfection go, hence her not doing the red carpet is contradictory. Her skipping the red carpet is Bey continuing to demonstrate how she cares less about rules and trying to impress the industry officials.

    The comment about her light being out or off and her needing to make music she loves… umm, Lemonade has some of her best songs. They’re super honest, emotional, transparent and congruent to where she is in life. Honestly, I too miss the more carefree Bey but she’s no faker and the current music is representing how life is living at the moment.

    She’s experienced her most intimate betrayal
    She’s experienced a life threatening pregnancy
    She loss the most coveted award after making her most honest album
    The women she loves most have both divorced while she’s still working on her marriage
    Her body has changed
    She’s carrying the load of being a beacon of hope for all Africans while being a business woman, wife, family member, mother, and a Beyoncé lol

    This darker, more life/ socially conscious Bey is the current phase she’s in. As we’ve been doing.. let’s support her as she lives through and enter the next phase??

  18. PinotNoir January 7, 2020

    Her hips look weird here. Did she visit Minaj’s “mechanic” for a flat tire? ?

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