First Look: Whitney Houston Hologram Tour [Behind The Scenes]

Published: Monday 20th Jan 2020 by Sam

In life, Whitney Houston blazed quite the trail. And posthumously, the legendary diva will be doing the same.

Because, BASE Hologram and the icon’s Estate have teamed up to illuminate the legacy of Nippy in seismic fashion.

March brings with it the launch of ‘An Evening With Whitney’ – the hotly anticipated Whitney Houston hologram tour.

But before then, the masses are receiving a behind the scenes look at the production – which fuses unique technology with a Broadway flair.

Choreography is helmed by Fatima Robinson, whose credits include ‘Dreamgirls,’ Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, and Aaliyah.

Check out the sneak peek below…

Robinson, who worked with Houston on ‘I’m Every Woman,’ said:

“There is only one Whitney. No one will ever have that voice. Her music touched every generation. We’re going to take some movie magic and add it into our live performance. It’s going to be incredible.”

Pat Houston, Houston’s former Manager and President  of The Estate of Whitney, Houston added:

“A hologram show is all about the imagination and creating a “wow factor” that extends to an incredible experience to enjoy for years to come. 

Whitney is not with us but her music will live with us forever. We know we made the right decision partnering with BASE because they understand how important it is to produce a phenomenal hologram. They also know that engaging her fans with an authentic Whitney experience would resonate worldwide because of the iconic status that she created over three decades. Her fans deserve nothing less because she gave nothing less than her best.”

Tuesday, 25 February, Sheffield, UK @ City Hall
Thursday, 27 February, Liverpool, UK @ M&S Bank Arena
Friday, 28 February, Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo
Saturday, 29 February, Leeds, UK @ First Direct Arena
Sunday, 01 March, Glasgow, UK @ SEC Armadillo (Clyde Auditorium)
Tuesday, 03 March, Dublin, IE @ Bord Gais Theatre
Wednesday, 04 March, Birmingham, UK @ Arena Birmingham
Thursday, 05 March, Bournemouth, UK @ Bournemouth International Centre
Friday, 06 March, Cardiff, UK @ Motorpoint Arena
Saturday, 07 March, Brighton, UK @ Brighton Centre
Monday, 09 March, Nottingham, UK @ Royal Concert Centre
Tuesday, 10 March, London, UK @ Hammersmith Eventim Apollo

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  1. Truth January 20, 2020

    So basically it’s just dancers dancing to her music ..oh ok

    • Sweetnothings78 January 20, 2020

      Ha ha. It actually is just that. No coins given to any of this foolery!

  2. Haha January 20, 2020

    This is sick
    Im so sorry nippy. Smfh actual TOUR dates!! Smh Rip

  3. Clarks0oñ January 20, 2020

    Ewe go to a live concert to interact live with the performer
    To connect live with the performer

    This is disgusting
    I rather watch a drag queen impersonator of whitney than this.

  4. Kurtz January 20, 2020

    Please don’t line Pat Houston’s pickets when she talked trash about Whitney and Krissi . Don’t support this tour

  5. Gee January 20, 2020

    This is terrible, and I know that Whitney would not be alright with this. Is the estate hurting for finances, or is Pat out to line her pockets by any means necessary? Whatever shall be the case it is all bad.

  6. J January 20, 2020

    I love Fatima! Idk about this tour lol but with her involved it’ll at least look good ??

  7. Fancy BISH January 20, 2020

    That’s doesn’t look like Nippy’s profile in that black and white picture! Who in the hologram hell is THAT? ?

    • eric January 20, 2020

      Doesn’t look like they even spelled her name right. The details don’t matter to them, only the dollar signs.

      • Fancy BISH January 20, 2020

        The truth ✅ ☕️

      • Craig Furlow January 24, 2020

        If you are referring to the last pic, that’s actually a copy of Whitney’s actual signature. I agree with you though about the money part. Smh.

  8. PinotNoir January 20, 2020

    “No one ever will have that voice.” said the choreographer.

    Uh … Glennis Grace?

    Americans. Always gasing up their celebs past their decline.

    P.S. futile tour bcuz YouTube.

    • Fred January 20, 2020

      Glennis is good but she’s no Whitney Houston. GTFOH!

      • Oh plz January 20, 2020

        Agreed. Often imitated, never duplicated, Whitney Elizabeth Houston is one of a kind…despite what the pressed GG fans would like to think.

      • PinotNoir January 20, 2020

        Wherr did you read that Glennis is Whitney? Fatima said there’ll NEVER be a voice like hers. Well, Glennis sounds A LOT like Nippy. So the impossibility is void.

      • Oh plz January 20, 2020

        @Pino. Try again. Just because GG sounds like WH doesn’t mean she has a voice LIKE Ms. Houston. She may have a little of the tone and timbre of Whitney’s voice, but get back at me when GG can duplicate the power, range, musicality, versatility, lyrical interpretation, clarity, and conviction of Ms. Houston. Then I might take you seriously.

    • Gworl Bye January 20, 2020

      B*tch please, glenda grass or whoever the hell she is will NEVER have Whitney’s voice, or anything even close. Sit down.

    • Litafan30 January 20, 2020

      Glennis Grace? Absolutely not! She’s absolutely NOT in Whitney’s league when it comes to singing and stage presence. All she does is copy Whitney’s live performance Over the years. I rather see a hologram over this Glennis knock off.

    • Litagan January 22, 2020

      Glennis Grace is not in Whitney’s league period. All she does is copy Whitney’s live vocal performances.

  9. eric January 20, 2020

    I really liked Fatima, even auditoned for her once, but she lost points with me for this. I have nothing but contempt for Pat. Shame on anyone who buys a ticket. The UK shouldn’t even be hosting the show since they booed Whitney off stage when she was still living; disrespected her in life and now in death.

  10. non ya biz January 20, 2020

    The black and white photo is all wrong, any fan will tell in just three seconds of looking at that photo. I get it, its not whitney, but Whitney would have never lowered her head like that. she was a DIVA she was proud and had a strong presence, this photo is all wrong.

  11. boomkack123 January 20, 2020

    They KNEW not to bring that mess to the U.S.

    • Gworl Bye January 20, 2020

      Precisely. Let the gullible brits have this mess.

    • Litafan30 January 20, 2020

      It’s coming to the US at the end of the year. They are imitating Whitney’s real Life tour schedule. She never really started her concerts in the US first.

  12. Just Sayin’ January 20, 2020

    Pat is just an old money grabbing pig. Poor Whitney must be rolling in her grave for this s**t. No one should support this pig’s money grab. She sure as hell aint getting my coins.

  13. David Rose January 20, 2020

    The hologram looks nothing like Whitney. Pat Houston must be running out of Whitney’s money. Shame on her.

  14. Sliq Nick January 20, 2020

    If you want to see Whitney reincarnated search for Belinda David’s.

  15. High Price January 20, 2020

    Smh that does not look like Whitney Houston.

  16. Dora Wright January 21, 2020

    Nobody will “never” even wear a dress or nothing else; and not to mention carry a tune/ musical note like Whitney Houston,and I know that a lot has tried. Nobody will never succeed. Whitney was just gifted by God with her talent, beauty, and her body. She was so humble and grateful with it all.

  17. Simone January 21, 2020

    Damn the girl was tired , let her rest. She dead and y’all still got her working!!!

  18. Stafford Sykes January 21, 2020

    Why would i wanna see Whitney this way. Its not real to me. I love Whitney but this not the way I want to remember and honor her. Plus I’m not trying to put my money in Pat Houston pockets. I have her music and other video images of Whitney and that’s then enough for me.

  19. Nathacia January 21, 2020

    Beautiful to see that you remember our dearest Whitney Houston.
    But why are you not bringing the Hologram of Whitney Houston to South Africa??

  20. Nathacia Williams January 21, 2020

    Beautiful to see that you remember our dearest Whitney Houston.
    But why are you not bringing the Hologram of Whitney Houston to South Africa??

  21. Jesse January 22, 2020

    Can we focus please, on the fact that the lady in the ”renderings” (because I’m pretty sure you can’t take THAT great of a photograph of a hologram, but I may be wrong,) JUST DOESN’T “meet the mark!” ZOOM IN ON HERFACE…CLOSE BUT NO ENCHILADA! Something seems ”off” about her nose and her top lip.
    Speaking as someone who has HAD the BLESSING of EXPERIENCING THE VOICE live and in “REAL-TIME”, NOT once but TWICE, (”The Moment of Truth Tour/The Bodyguard Tour) I’d be lying if I said that the very thought of being able to recapture the ALMOST OVERWHELMING EMOTION One feels when you’re THAT CLOSE to The Anointing!

  22. Antonio January 23, 2020

    Why isn’t this in the United States? That Sucks

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