Meghan Trainor Reveals Changing Trends & Record Label Drama Caused Career Downturn

Published: Wednesday 15th Jan 2020 by David

Meghan Trainor has one eye on the future and the other in the past.

For, as she sharpens her creative tools to carve out a new lane for herself in Pop music the entertainer is revealing that changing trends in the music industry and her label’s supposed inability to keep up with them are to blame for the problems she faced in the past.

Read her words below…

Her new record ‘Treat Myself’ lands on January 31st and was supported by an interview she gave to Billboard. In it, she explained that the commercial return of Hip-Hop and R&B spelled trouble for Pop singer/songwriters like her who were now being forced to compete with Top 40 hits launched by the likes of Cardi B, Roddy Rich and Da Baby.

An excerpt from the interview reads…

Following the viral success of “All About That Bass,” she says, “I was told to my face, ‘You’re going to be a one-hit wonder.’ ” Instead, she focused on her songwriting and went on to collect five more top 20 Hot 100 hits as well as a Grammy for best new artist in 2016. But when she returned to the studio to rework Treat Myself, however, she realized other writers and producers around her were all struggling to answer the same question: How do you make pop records that feel relevant in an era when hip-hop reigns? “They said, ‘We’re in the same predicament: We don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to write, we don’t know how to stay cool,’ ” says Trainor. “I wrote four albums [of material] because I was adapting to what’s going on in the music industry. I got into such a dark place of, ‘I don’t know how to follow all these rules.’ ”



She now hopes the next decade will see her score meaningful wins.

Of course I want my songs to have a moment again, because I work so hard on them, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m finally at this place where I’m letting go.


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  1. Charli Cheer Up January 15, 2020

    One of her biggest hits was a collab with R&B singer John Legend and I’ve seen her cover country classics before. I think she has what it takes to fit into urban-pop and country scene.

  2. QueenMariahCarey January 15, 2020

    Her biggest hit was “Rolling in The Deep”

    I can’t wait for her to comeback

    • Paulo January 15, 2020

      LMAO stop

    • PinotNoir January 15, 2020


    • Who cares January 15, 2020

      Ummm! Wrong artist

  3. Marts January 15, 2020

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  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 15, 2020

    This is why I fear for Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now was Pop PERFECTION and people are paying it DUST. The industry works in cycles – just gotta hope you can build a big enough fan base to make coin without crossing over (Janelle Monae) be someone who can wear all the hats (Gaga) or be flexible enough to ride whatever’s hot without seeming like a inauthentic trend hopper. Megan had bops i wish her the best 👋🏾🤩

    • Clarks0oñ January 15, 2020

      Dua lipa dont start now just entered the top 20. Wtf are u talking about.

      The music video has 100 million views
      The song has over 200 million streams

      The song is a global smash overseas also.

      Dua just like Camila is a streaming giant.
      She is going great.

      New rules is the second most streamed song by a female after Camila Havana.

      Some of u just come on this blog just to talk shìt.

      • Meme January 15, 2020

        Don’t stop now did not perform on the level they would have hope. The comment is correct. You have to understand that they are banking on her being the next big pop star and having a first and second single that isn’t top 5 is telling for the album.

      • Clarks0oñ January 15, 2020

        The song is still rising. Wtf are you talking about.

        Just because a song didnt debut at number 1 that doesnt mean it flopped.
        The song rose to number 14 this week.
        4 million streams daily.

        How can this be a flop.

        Yall on this blog are so dull.

        Havana debuted at number 99. Are u gonna call it flop?

        As I said, u guys on this blog argue for arguing sake.

      • Paulo January 15, 2020

        I hate it when you dumb h*** make me agree with Clarkson lol Dua Lipa is doing fine on a singles front. Great streaming Top 10 on sales but she could benefit from a Grammy performance though.

      • Only Facts January 15, 2020

        Lol Paulo 😂😂

      • You Tried January 15, 2020

        Now mentally unstable clarkson wants to claim that a song not debuting at number 1 isn’t a flop when it comes to Camila but everyone else is a flop hypocrite

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 15, 2020

      This why reading comprehension is KEY. Megan is sharing the TEA that creatives in the music industry are indicating POP music is SHOOK by hip hop. Dua Lipa having ONE moderate hit from her sophomore album DOES NOT mean she will a commercially relevant POP artist in the years to come while hip hop is DOMINATING. I know it’s hard for fruit fly IQ to handle but CONTEXT is a thing when READING so FOH with your multiple retarded as F*** personality

  5. PinotNoir January 15, 2020

    She co-wrote SOLID pop bops!

    In the “new old” lane Xtina quit.

    12 of her songs on my Spotify!

    As Capricorn, longevity’s hers.

  6. Paulo January 15, 2020

    I get what she’s saying but hey a lot of my fav R&B artists who didn’t wanna work with EDM sounds had to suck it up and take a seat in the back last decade. Don’t think it’s fair to blame the lousy job your label’s doing on Hip Hop trends. But I’m a fan and I know she can write a hit so hopefully Epic stops playing games and lets her carve out her own lane again like she did with her debut.

  7. Clarks0oñ January 15, 2020

    White woman blaming her failure on black people and black culture

    Gurl ur moment has passed
    Ur a one hit wonder.
    Nobody’s checking for u anymore.

    Ur image is so meh also
    A basic white girl look.

    All about that bass is a classic tho.
    Certified diamond not everybody has that to their credit.

    • carlenciaga January 15, 2020


    • PinotNoir January 15, 2020

      More on white folks buying “weed-inspired mumbles on a trap beat” just to seem cool while more substancial music gets ignored.

      Her physique did beat the pop odds, indeed. And “big” pop girls seem to get ONLY ONE successful ode to their shape per girl. Meghan moving on from fun, size-related songs made room for another fun big girl, Lizzo.

      Surely Trainor’s wallet’s no size zero. 😜

    • Cuban Mami January 15, 2020

      Thank YOU! The real reason this group of artists is struggling is because they are basic which is why it’s not hard for them to be replaced. Alanis Morisette wouldn’t have this problem and neither will Billie Eilish because they are both unique. Megan and Justin are sweating because they are not remarkable. Nothing to do with Hip Hop. Notice how much bigger BTS is in the US than artists who actually from the US. Same reason. They’re literally superior.

      • Shayla Queen January 15, 2020

        YES! Alanis!

        She’s back with a new album soon!

  8. TruthBTold January 15, 2020

    Um no she should have been a one hit wonder. She’s garbage

  9. only facts January 15, 2020

    Sad. I love Meghan. But Camila, hunny, this is about to e you. Epic records will throw you away after you wasted their money on this NOmance.

  10. only facts January 15, 2020

    No shade, but lowkey, all of Lizzo’s songs sound like they could have been meant for Meghan. “Good As Hell” sounds straight UP like a Meghan Trainor song. Ricky Reed stopped producing for Meghan and started working with Lizzo…

    The music industry is a mess.

    • Meme January 15, 2020

      Agreed. Someone said lizzo is everything Meghan thinks she is.

      • only facts January 15, 2020

        Honestly, I love Lizzo, but I’d prefer Meghan over her. Meghan’s singing voice is much better, and Meghan has a little more swag when she “sing-raps” in my opinion. As much as I live for Lizzo, I don’t get the same emotion from her in the vocals that I do from Meghan. I just wonder why Ricky Reed is no longer producing for Meghan…

    • PinotNoir January 15, 2020

      Ahh … makes sense now. Knew Lizzo reminded me of someone.

  11. J January 15, 2020

    She should have kept her original sound. I was so confused when her second album roll out started. Artists don’t know how to keep a fan base if they keep switching their sound dramatically. We wanted 60s doo-wop and not 90s-2000s pop from her. Oh well at least she looked good in the newer videos lol.

    • PinotNoir January 15, 2020

      A very valid point.

      “No” wasn’t that horrible, though. It was the only album cut with an early 2000’s sound.

      Enough to destabilize fickle pop fans, indeed.

      • Paulo January 15, 2020

        NO was a good hit and Me Too also. I wish they wouldve pushed Better harder. The album had a LOT of filler compared to her debut though. Why on Earth would they have a Grammy winning artist recording leftovers from a former non singing Pussycat Doll?

  12. Swirly January 15, 2020

    At least she’s honest. She was cute for a moment, but her time passed. She just wasn’t meant to be a popstar.

  13. truthteller January 15, 2020

    She was finished once she went down the Nicole Scherzinger / Rita Ora route and started becoming a judge for hire for any talent show going

  14. I love big black c** January 15, 2020

    Lizzo killed this poor white gurl career…

  15. AnonymousTruth January 15, 2020

    She failed as soon as she gave up her niche .. her first album was amazing and has so much replay value … and then second album was like a completely different artist .. that was a bad decision…
    Same thing with Leona Lewis really….
    although you could tell Leona wasn’t connected with the style of her first album .. but it was her best yet and if she kept that up she’d be a megastar right now .

  16. Moti25 January 15, 2020

    Chyle Rnb artist had the same struggle when EDM was popping. And really still struggle. Yal will be ok

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