Nicki Minaj Slams Meek Mill: “Bad Built Face A**”

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2020 by Sam

Nicki Minaj has ex Meek Mill in her firing line.

As reported, the rapper clashed with Onika and her new husband Kenneth Petty at a West Hollywood store over Grammy weekend – with the war of words caught on camera.

Now, the fiery femcee has clapped back — on Twitter.

Her words for her former lover await below…

The dig comes a day after Minaj teased new song ‘Yikes.’ 

As history has it, most of her purposeful jabs precede or follow the drop of fresh material. Could the full track be incoming? Will Meek respond? Should he?

Pending an answer, let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0oñ February 5, 2020

    But Nicki he still smashed u, so take ur L

    Meek is a loser tho but he is better than mr. Pedò petty. .

    • TheTea February 5, 2020

      Wass pretty iz these comment sections wivout Ure paid-for-clicks writer a**. So hop up back on dat toilet seat an dive back to ure kingdom in da sewers where u belong. #welove2Cit ?????? ????????????????????????

    • Lanafan1 February 5, 2020

      Say it again! ??????

  2. Ejai February 5, 2020


  3. A&R February 5, 2020

    Wow! Literally the world was celebrating her glow with the return and here she goes… starting to taint it w/ potty mouthing and drama. Yo, this isn’t a good look, Nick. You’re legit a pretty girl. And if the thug life image is what you want to plug.. that was murdered when you folded during the Cardi fight. Like, choose which way you want to go or you’ll be etched as fake. You can’t take s*** and then when it’s time to knuckle up with someone who’s literally a perfect match for you, you play victim. Stop picking with grown ass men when a woman was ready to square up.

    Yo… when I say I’ve literally -craved to hear Nick’s voice and flow back on the radio.. then here we are with this ish.

    Ahh! I don’t want this for her legacy, man. I don’t!

    • only facts February 5, 2020

      My thoughts exactly. Nicki Minaj is, and always will be, her own worst enemy. Had she just stayed humble in the beginning, maybe none of this karma would be coming to her now. She’s officially done.

    • Tori February 5, 2020

      It’s funny how she was quick to try and harm Safaree and tries to fight Meek with her husband but can’t address any female, besides Miley Cyrus and a Blogger, about issues SHE creates with them. She NEVER called them by name, tweeted or tagged them but through obvious subliminal shade that wasn’t hard to crack then lagged at it. It took her 10 years to even acknowledge Kim by name, was but hurt over Remy’s “Shether” because it straight bodied her, and wouldn’t even step to Cardi the numerous times she had a chance but talked big dawg s*** about her the ENTIRE “Queen” era. She creates problems that have all backfired and the GP is tired of it because the music and visuals are not strong enough to overlock. Is Kenneth your husband or you security guard?

      • biancacook February 5, 2020

        said it again. i said the same thing about kenneth being security cuz since their union she has really been soooooo gangsta.

  4. Dirty February 5, 2020

    Here she go. Can’t sell music without controversy I guess. She’s clocking 40, acting like she’s still a teenager.

  5. Paulo February 5, 2020

    Nicki noooo I hate it when people shade their exes for s*** like looks cause it’s pretty much dragging your own taste.

  6. only facts February 5, 2020

    And THIS ladies and gentlemen, is why Nicki Minaj will NOT have a successful comeback. Just when things seemed to be going okay (1) she’s been looking phenomenal, (2) she slayed in Meghan Trainor’s video and got acclaim from nearly everyone, (3) has slowly started previewing new music….but DAMNIT her attitude will ALWAYS hold her back and it is exactly what ended her career. Idiot. Clearly you liked Meek enough to be crying over him and riding his d*ck for so long.

  7. Swirly February 5, 2020

    Bye Nicki. You were f****** and chasing behind his “bad build” ass at one point and you shouldn’t talk about anyone’s build Miss Ant Booty. Aren’t you married to a child m*******/r*****/convict who was a grown man while sleeping with your teenaged self back in the day?

  8. only facts February 5, 2020

    PS – Nicki, dear, while your husband has a nice body (as seen in the megaflop video), his face is lacking as well. At least Meek has his own money and is Grammy nominated. What is Mr. Petty? Oh that’s right – a convicted criminal according to the court system.


  9. SNF February 5, 2020

    She can never talk about anybody being bad built… She must got a Queen Radio show about to drop… This is why I can’t deal with Nicki for too long… Just make your music and Go…

  10. biancacook February 5, 2020

    whew chile, she just has to create a public beef in order to release new music. she did it with iggy and k michelle, i remember that, then cardi and migos now meek. the queen shouldn’t have to do that but she named herself the queen soooo. i hope cardi and nicki dont come out with albums around the same time cuz if cardi does well and she doesn’t like invasion of privacy and queen did last go round, nicki is gonna have a breakdown.

  11. only facts February 5, 2020


    • Fancy BISH February 5, 2020

      lol ?

  12. Just Sayin’ February 5, 2020

    Nicki being an angry bird again nothing new here. Her L streak continues.

  13. mich February 5, 2020

    We all know how queen fraud work,she need clash,and controvers to selll thatts it
    U call a man u taste a bab built
    Who is the joke?

  14. Tori February 5, 2020

    Hey TGJ Staff, I noticed you guys only posted the part of the exchange that makes Nicki look like a gangster and Meek look weak, but tell what all was tweeted. She kept going and shot herself in a cross, AGAIN. Tweeting information about her brother’s victim and the victims mother to make them look bad and money hungry. And trying to say her brother didn’t r*** the victim, that the whole situation was “ALLEGED” ??‍♂️! Nicki did more damage in this tweeter beef than Meek. Meek’s brand won’t be tarnished, he’s a man in a male dominated industry. He’s not a mainstream rapper and gets all his money through touring, deals and Dream Chaser imprint. Nicki career is up in flames, under new management that’s trying to present her in a promotional light if she’d let them. Her “pen” has been slipping since 2013 and now it’s VERY underwhelming. She’s even tried to revert back to the colorful looks that made her popular and that didn’t work. She wants to be a mainstream queen living like a L&HH cast member. Her new song will flop and era will be ruined, simply because she’s going to do f*** s*** and won’t listen when management and fans tell her it’s not a good look.

    • E. February 5, 2020

      Nicki’s die hard fans aren’t going no where. Y’all think people should be able to say what they want about her but she can’t say anything. Did her brother’s case stop Fendi from giving her a clothing line?! No. Just like Cardi acting a fool at the Harper’s Bazaar didn’t stop her bag. Every little thing Nicki does y’all come with that b*******. Cardi can act a fool and it’s cool.

      • Tori February 5, 2020

        People have begged Cardi since her reality tv day to straighten up. There was even an episode where she her management made her go to etiquette class before being pushed mainstream. What the hell are you talking about. People are on Nicki’s ass because even though she was doing petty and shady s***, it was always behind the scenes. Nicki has a good public persona, and she ducked that up by continuously doing dumb s*** behind the scenes and started doing it publicly. She was more focused on dragging Cardi than promoting her own album, y’all okay with this? Ain’t nobody randomly picking on her, her and her fans continue to poke at people and when they retaliate, their wrong and she’s the victim. Even in situations where she’s clearly in the right, she finds a way to be wrong. Her fendi line doing okay despite her brothers case was clearly before these tweets right…and selling clothes and music/touring are completely different lanes. Fendi was going to make money regardless, adding Nicki was a great business move. She was smart enough not to f*** up those white people money, it also helped to put her back in the GP good standing, then she f***** that up to so ??‍♂️.

      • E. February 5, 2020

        @ Tori, I didn’t watch L&HH so I wouldn’t know about what they told Cardi. I’m speaking on since she became mainstream her fans act as if she does no wrong too. Don’t play stupid like her fans don’t do the same thing you’re accusing Nicki’s fans of. Those charges was brought on her brother before Fendi deal. Obviously, Fendi didn’t care about that. She making money it don’t matter if it’a from music or not. If you was making a lot of money would you care where came from if it’s legal money? Exactly, you wouldn’t so stfu.

  15. E. February 5, 2020

    I see there’s a lot of clowns in the comment section. Every time there’s any controversy surrounding Nicki… Everybody prejudge and assume she’s the culprit. For you idiots talking about her husband’s a p********… How can he be a p******** when the accuser is a year older than him? For you dumbasses that don’t know a p******** is someone who has sexual contact with someone prepubescant. If you are 16-17 years old you are not prepubescant.

    • E. February 5, 2020


  16. Holliewuudd February 5, 2020

    But she’s “happy” now right? I can’t tell. If shes so happy and moved on…then MOVE ON. Pay it, sis.

    • E. February 6, 2020

      Just cause you’re in a happy place don’t mean you can’t defend yourself dumbass. Although, she was in a happy place when she didn’t act a fool at Harper’s Bazaar. She was called scary for that, then will she defend herself she’s an angry bird, a bitter woman… Dumbasses like you start saying don’t she suppose to be happy?! If you were so happy and content with your life you wouldn’t be worried about somebody you don’t like. Misery loves company.

  17. No Glory February 5, 2020

    Nicki, but wasn’t you putting your p***y on his face? Make it make sense

  18. PinotNoir February 6, 2020

    Calling an ex ugly speaks on your bad taste. Roman must be exercised outta her. ASAP!

    • PinotNoir February 6, 2020

      * exorcized

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