Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Drama Explodes! Rape & Abuse Jabs Thrown

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2020 by Sam

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill has exploded on social media.

As reported, Onika took aim at her the former lover over his comments about her new husband.

Going as far as to call him “bad built face a**.”

Well, now Meek has replied and he is going full throttle. Roping Minaj’s convicted rapist brother into the melee.

Details below…

Nicki replied, accusing Meek of abuse of his own sister.


Update: Meek added…

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  1. only facts February 5, 2020

    Nicki. It’s over. Your career is OVER! I knew the industry had to be talking about how she was. She got the right one this time. Go ahead and release this new music Onika and take this final L cause it’s over.

    • Fancy BISH February 5, 2020


    • ApeShit February 5, 2020

      I 2nd this ?????

  2. Just Sayin’ February 5, 2020

    Smh two whole ? both are losers and will forever take L’s

  3. only facts February 5, 2020

    This is not how a happily married woman acts. Nicki is mad mad. Now Cardi, drop some music and get another #1. You won’t see the top 20 this decade, Nicki….with an album OR a single.

  4. Paulo February 5, 2020

    “Sucking Drake d*** made you feel tough again” oooooooh burrrrrnnnn

    But since y’all gon post about petty social media s***, post about Lizzo having a ball in Brazil! Her videos on the steakhouse had me rolling ?

    • only facts February 5, 2020

      Right?! I was thinking they would’ve covered that. Lizzo is life! Now all we need is that Cardi and Lizzo collab and then Onika will definitely be done.

      • Paulo February 5, 2020

        I’d live for that collab. But I’m actually looking forward to Lizzo and Megan after that flute & twerk moment last year. I also want my Cardi & Ludmilla track!!! Ludmilla is bad ass and I can’t wait for international folks to get a chance to know her

  5. Paulo February 5, 2020

    But you know what people love to pick and choose and it’s not fair. Women who have dared to remember that Kobe was accused of sexual assault are getting attacked while Nicki is being slandered for paying her brother’s counsel. What he did is disgusting but everyone is entitled to defend themselves on court. If she didn’t they’d blast her for being stingy to her own family.

    • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 5, 2020

      Kobe Bryant claiming you have consensual s** with a woman who did not press charges and Nickis brother raping a child are not comparable at all.

      • Paulo February 5, 2020

        You missed the point about women getting slandered for men’s gender hate crimes one way or another.

    • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) February 6, 2020

      Kobe was never convicted of r***. Nicki’s brother was. That’s the difference.

  6. mich February 5, 2020

    Nicki the fraud
    Now she cnt fight with some femle rapper becuse everyone know how she actshe going to her ex
    The sadeness and the desilusion the jokes
    Meek dnt care about this old mama,u tape that and move on
    And she cant finish with a better rapper or billionaire she buy herself a p***

  7. Ronna February 5, 2020

    She always pulls stunts like this when she needs some press or something. She’s very dramatic and it’s corny and played out. I guess she’s to scared to come for a female because cardi pulled her g card already. Nicki u are not tough and no one is afraid of u. Bye girl

    • Jasmine The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net February 5, 2020

      But we are supposed to be scared of CardiB like she’s a fighter girl just say you don’t like Nicki Minaj and move on Weirdo

      • Ronna February 5, 2020

        That’s not what I said at all u just got emotional for no reason

      • Ronna February 5, 2020

        U said “we” like you are Nicki minaj. That’s what’s really weird about this whole situation.

      • E. February 5, 2020

        Right, ain’t nobody scared of Cardi. Whose ass have Cardi whooped? I heard she got her ass beat. I’m not talking about by Rah either. Cardi so tough but she had to send some dudes to jump on them girls at the bar. Why Cardi ain’t run up on Summer Bunni?! Just cause Nicki was being civilized that means she was scared. Although Cardi was sitting right across from Nicki 2 weeks prior @ the VMAs and didn’t do s***.

      • Cûûmila Cebolla February 6, 2020

        Ain’t nobody scared of Flopnika.
        What is she gonna do? Throw her silicone at you? ?

      • Ronna February 6, 2020

        She was scared of cardio tho. Y’all weird af speaking like y’all know these people and will be fighting with them. LMAO

      • Ronna February 6, 2020

        She was in the corner bitched up. We’re u there to fight cardio for her. Maybe u should have been because Nicki was shaking

      • E. February 6, 2020

        Cardi knew security wasn’t gone let them fight. Y’all Nicki haters can fall for that BS if you want to. I’m not buying it, Nicki is not scared of Cardi, flat out. Nicki security wasn’t gone let her fight just like Cardi couldn’t get to her. I’m sure they’ll be at other events in the future and Cardi ain’t gone do s***. They both was in Miami this past weekend. Nicki had it posted all over the internet what club she was gone be at. Cardi could’ve popped up in there.

  8. Fanciest BISH February 5, 2020

    Nicki is one shady b****, its no wonder all the girls stopped being buddy buddy with ha, a frog hit that manufactored fake p****…. he is uggly but how you gonna come for his looks when yours were given to you by a surgeon… chill this is no way to make a comeback

    • E. February 5, 2020

      Meek like post dissing Nicki’s husband, Nicki defends her husband and Nicki’s the problem. Nicki “allegedly” liked a post about Cardi’s parenting again Nicki’s the problem. Y’all are the real clowns. She can’t even defend her husband without y’all coming after her. Offset ain’t no saint and if Cardi defend him about anything no one says nothing. Like that ugly ass Wendy Williams was always talking about Nicki’s husband. Offset has a record too, I bet she don’t say s*** about him. Don’t @ me talking about but Offset wasn’t charged with r***. A criminal is a criminal.

  9. Jasmine The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net February 5, 2020

    Here come the miserable Nicki Minaj Haters ready to type miserable hate comments about The Queen for internet shyts and giggles

    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 6, 2020

      Shut up Flopnika and retire already

      • E. February 6, 2020

        Nicki be have y’all panties in a bunch and I love it. Y’all be like that’s why don’t nobody like her… What Nicki do, more s*** to make y’all haters hate her even more. I just love her don’t give a f*** attitude. Nicki is not a kiss ass and I love it. She don’t try to conform so people will like her. She be the b**** that she is unapologetically and I love it.

  10. Beautiful One February 5, 2020

    Didn’t she abuse Safaree though? Where was this energy then? She’s sitting on twitter arguing with her ex, meanwhile her husband is probably stealing out her purse now ?

  11. Beyonce knows February 5, 2020

    Y’all sick for wishing bad on Nicki. Her brother don’t have nothing to do with her. Meek need to be honest and let the world know Nicki left him and he been b*** hurt since. He has tried to get other people to blackball her since then.

    • E. February 5, 2020

      Right. He talking about he been knew that Nicki knew about her brother. By law,he would be just as guilty. If you know about a crime and don’t speak up you’re just as guilty. However, these clowns on here will totally overlook the fact that he claim to have known about it. They’re so bias they just want to come after Nicki every chance they get. Misery loves company.

    • biancacook February 5, 2020

      her fans love tryin to make her a victim but she always starts the beefs she is in. when u get into it with everybody the problem is u. she may have a lot of entries on billboard but she’s got just as many beefs. still wanna know what happened with future being on the tour as well as what happened to the north american leg of the tour.

      • only facts February 5, 2020

        Right! It’ll all come out. There will be a lifetime documentary called “Surviving Nicki” soon I’m sure.

      • Beyonce knows February 5, 2020

        No the problem is that women have historically sat back and allowed men to treat them any kind of way in the industry and Nicki ain’t going for it and never had. Funny how everything she says comes to be the truth down the road. For example, Cardi using a fan tweeted attack on her daughter to frame Nicki, The grammys from blocking her over the years, RIAA payola that blocked her from #1 and I could go on.

      • E. February 5, 2020

        It literally said that Meek liked a post dissing Nicki’s husband. You ditzy ass broads just hate Nicki so much that no matter the situation y’all attack her. Y’all be all up in the middle of the drama and steady hollering I’m done with Nicki… Every time something comes up pertaining to Nicki y’all front & center.

    • E. February 5, 2020

      @Beyoncé, you see how the people under your comments totally ignored the part about Meek claiming to know what happened and did nothing? I just proved my point. They overlook everything else and attack Nicki.

      • Beyonce knows February 5, 2020


    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 6, 2020

      Who was paying his lawyer fees?
      Who was accusing the girl of lying?

      • Beyonce knows February 6, 2020

        She wasn’t in there as the referee when he was doing what he was doing to that child nor is she a forensic investigator. She can only go by her own relationship with her brother. If you know someone as a good person then that’s what you stand by especially if their fiancée tells you they will drop the case if you give her 20 million.

  12. Jasmine The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net February 5, 2020

    Meek Mill just needs to fight Ken Petty and get his ass whooped like a real man Twitter Fingers because that’s who you really mad at but your way to Pussssy to fight Nicki Minaj’s husband

  13. Jasmine The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net February 5, 2020

    Any man. Who argues with a Female is a Biittcchh !!!!! Period !!!!! Twitter Fingers, Meek is a Pusssss who had Drake on all of his Albums but Drake never had you on any of his because your just a Clout Rapper trying to hang with JayZ to feel Fab your still The King ? Of L’s we haven’t Forgotten Twitter Fingers

  14. J February 5, 2020

    GOOD GOD DAMN lol ???

    • Fancy BISH February 5, 2020

      Chile ?

  15. Meme February 5, 2020

    2 toxic a$$ ppl. Nicki have a faults but Meek is no better. Meek is very spiteful, I will never trust a word he say after what he did to Wale and Drake.

    • Fancy BISH February 5, 2020


  16. Steven Jr Fuentes Parra∀ February 5, 2020

    Meek mill shut the f*** up already

    • High Price February 5, 2020


  17. Johny5 February 5, 2020

    How come Nicki didn’t get an Ivy Park box?

    • High Price February 5, 2020

      She’s on a hiatus at the time lol.

    • Only Facts February 5, 2020


    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 6, 2020

      Only relevant people get one ?‍♂️

  18. Losers February 5, 2020

    IF there is an audio showing the mother asking for $20 million to drop the charge, it still does not exclude the fact that Nicki’s brother DID IT! Don’t blame the child for the acts of the unscrupulous mother. Why wouldn’t the court accept the tape?

    • E. February 5, 2020

      He serving time and he may have did it. Yes I said “may” have did it. I watch a lot of crime shows and movies there’s several ways to set somebody up. Don’t come at me talking about the DNA and all that. I heard all about it, still and all the mother could’ve set that up. One of them kids that accused Michael Jackson admitted it didn’t happen and that his parents made him say that. I’ve heard of other cases like that too. I’m not saying that this happened but the mother could’ve easily had s** with Jelani, took a pair of her daughter’s panties or clothing and wiped up his s****. That is a possibilty, I don’t put nothing past nobody when it comes to money. If the person has nothing to gain that’s one thing but when money is involved I’m always skeptical.

    • High Price February 5, 2020

      Welp, all Nicki’s doing is defending herself. At the end of day, SHE has nothing to do with what her brother did…

      • Cûûmila Cebolla February 6, 2020

        She was paying his lawyer fees so yes, she had something to do with it. She was supporting a p***

    • E. February 5, 2020

      Make up y’all goofy ass mind. One minute Nicki scary, ain’t gone fight nobody, she ain’t tough blazay blazay… Then when she says she was abused by a guy y’all talking about didn’t she stab Safaree, she should keep her hands to herself. Y’all go with whatever fit y’all narrative and hatred towards Nicki.

      • D February 5, 2020

        I spent all of high school and early / mid-uni years listening to Nicki. Disgust and nastiness is the natural, gut reaction to the low vibrational energy she spews across social media on a regular basis. If you think my post is hatred, you have NOT seen hatred. Nicki is an artist with an international platform that uses it not just for c00nery (like Cardi B and most rappers), but uses it for mean-spirited c00nery—and not even in a comedic way! She reminds me of the girls from my HS that ran with the blood gang / StarzUp (Sacramento) and would bully whoever they wanted because 1) they could 2) were nasty and 3) had a crew behind them, but one of those same girls got WHOOPED during senior year because someone she picked on had had ENOUGH. Most of the class (and dare I say some of the teachers as well) REJOICED! That’s the vibe I—and I’d imagine a lot of people—get from Mrs. Petty. Keep caping for her ?? It was admirable when the captain went down with the Titanic, so you get no disrespect from me.

  19. No Glory February 5, 2020

    This is how two people who aren’t over each other act.

    • High Price February 5, 2020

      Exactly.. little do her husband, fiance or whatever knows, he looks stupid. In a regular relationship (non celebrity) this would be considered disrespectful asf!

      • Losers February 5, 2020


  20. No Glory February 5, 2020

    I will say this, Nicki you gotta stop responding to stuff at this point. Pay these people no mind because you are snow balling and fast. Drop music and talk about this in your songs Like Bey and Jay. Profit off of it. As for Meek, I like him but man he needs to grow up. Meek is very impulsive.

    • High Price February 5, 2020

      Exactly! Artist need to think. Funny how she said this isn’t Love & hip hop a while back to Cardi. Lol. Hmmmm Looks like the master has become the grasshopper.

  21. High Price February 5, 2020

    Aye, say what yal want about Nicki being victim in this situation (which she low key is) but she’s STILL gonna take this “L”….. THEY and idk who THEY ARE. But THEY are really pushing to get this girl out of here. And so far it’s working. People are not messing with Nicki like that no more.. .. YES she’s broken records and all that good sh!t but WHAT has she done recently?? There’s no way in hell a FEW of those singles she’s released in the past couple years could not have become staggering top 10. They charted YES, but did they fair like others in her past? Nope! An agenda on this girl is being pushed. Shes only lasted thus far because again (hate it or love it) but those Barbs are some loyal ass fools! Lol. Do we really know shes being shunned because she’s a bad person like multiple sources have said? Or is she crying wolf? Time will tell with this next album.

  22. Lanafan1 February 5, 2020

    It’s not alleged. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced. Sit the f*** down!

    • E. February 6, 2020

      A lot of innocent people were tried,convicted and sentenced. I’m not saying he’s innocent cause I wasn’t there. However, plenty of innocent people have been convicted.

  23. PinotNoir February 6, 2020

    Jesus take her keyboard! Nikotine is off-roading AGAIN. Hire Adele’s team. Maybe only then will her tweets go through 3 people before publication.

  24. Mr RCW February 6, 2020

    How about he leaves that woman alone…he seems pressed for sure smh

  25. Urg February 6, 2020

    Nicki is a toxic drama queen but Meek is not so innocent. Why the heck he so pressed and Nicki and her convict. Meek to claim your pregnant girlfriend and focus on being a father.

  26. trashmani February 6, 2020

    shitty fraudaj still going on with those antics

  27. The f*** would whitney say February 6, 2020

    where did he call him build a face… On Meek own page.

    meek can say what he wants on his page.. Nikki should not have responded… That’s his page…

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