Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj’s New Husband Get Into Heated Altercation [Video]

Published: Saturday 25th Jan 2020 by Sam

Nicki Minaj may have taken a voluntary leave of absence from the spotlight, but she’s still making headlines.

And this time, it relates to the men in her life.

Onika’s ex Meek Mill happened to run into the femcee and husband Kenneth Petty at a West Hollywood store – and things got hot.

It’s not immediately clear what caused the chaos, but sources say Minaj – who is audibly in the mix too – was the topic at hand.

Watch what went down…


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  1. Jay January 25, 2020

    Anything for a buzz. She’ll get somebody killed.smh

    • E. January 25, 2020

      Did she ask Meek to meet them there? Stfu.

  2. Clarks0oñ January 25, 2020

    2 stupid black men

    Both have been to prison
    Both have criminal records
    Both have dated trash bucket nicki minaj .

    Anybody that still supports nicki minaj in 2020 is a fool.

    • E. January 25, 2020

      As if your opinion matters to anybody.

  3. Ratedxxx January 25, 2020

    Meek mill so dang ugly….always trying to start shyt with somebody….

    He better go sit his gayy a** somewhere…

    I see the nicki haters are blaming her…

    Nicki doesnt need to do dumb shyt to get attention like cardi b the streaming artist

    • E. January 25, 2020


      • ME YOU US January 25, 2020

        This anti blk women profiles are gay white men/str8 white women trolling blk female artist cause they love blk d*** & mad they burn in the sun..???

      • Bettie clayton January 25, 2020

        YOU RIGHT. WE KN.

    • I’m back January 25, 2020

      You sound dumb af. We’re in a streaming era now stupid! What’s Nicki’s excuse if not getting sales or streams in this new era? I’ll wait clown ?. Oh and I bet money you’re uglier than Meek!

    • Bettie clayton January 25, 2020


      • Bettie clayton January 25, 2020


  4. Gee January 25, 2020

    What do not know what sparked the verbal warfare, but we do know that Nicki said that Meek cannot leave her alone among other things. We can not personally verify this because Meek seems to be a great place post Nicki, he too is in another relationship, and is expecting another child sometime this year. Whatever is the issue hopefully it ends here, and does not escalate to more violence, and people being hurt or losing their lives over petty nonsense.

  5. Beyonce knows January 25, 2020

    Wooh chile the ghetto **in my nene voice**

  6. Jaymo January 25, 2020

    She needs to disappear forever. Why anyone would fight over her is a mystery.

    • E. January 25, 2020

      I’m sure no one is fighting over you. That’s why you mad, you wish someone would fight over you.

      • MONICA January 25, 2020

        Nicki is done let it go

  7. Yolanda January 25, 2020

    Grammy weekend; Safaree’s nuptials; Meek’s baby on da way; Nicki and Meg wearing identical Balenciaga shirts. What’s next? Meg and Nicki perform together or a Queen radio segment?

  8. MONICA January 25, 2020

    This fraud is so damn desperate for any kind of attention smh they need to leave her flop silicone ass in 2019 like drake did..

  9. Cleo January 25, 2020

    Cleary she has unresolved feelings about him because a really happy woman wouldn’t have responded periodt.
    I dont think meek is disrespectful but they used to love each other dont be rude

  10. Gotcha January 25, 2020

    TROLLS are being exposed! We always blame gays for bashing but this person is white and a female! Becky GO AWAY! And stop your hate mongling!

    • Paulo January 26, 2020


  11. Gotcha January 25, 2020

    There’s one thing about a pussycat. Once hit all those nine lives disappear! So POOF Before I expose all your identity!

  12. Gee January 25, 2020

    Allegedly Meek walked up to The Petty’s and extended his hand to Mr. Petty to squash any issues to which Mr. Petty responded let’s go outside for a 1on1. They called each other Kitty cats, Nicki got some verbal jabs in there as well. To be honest this is corny foolishness. Nicki is still in her feelings in regards to Meek and their break up, and Kenny is defending his wife.

    • Yolanda January 25, 2020

      Meek was in the store first! Then Nicki and Petty walked in to start shyt. That’s why she said she had 50-100 people outside the store. If I were shopping in a high-end store, and ghetto life occurred, I would’ve told the store manager that I was traumatized and the only thing that would help is a free scarf or a free bag, specifically Birkin.

  13. Gotcha January 25, 2020

    Allegelly Clarkson slams black women and downs black men. But in reality it wishes that it could be a descendant of royal bloodline and be like the people it bashes. But sadly in its bubble, it aint nothing but a sad pale racist heffer from the gutter! Beware Beck Im bout to knock your socks off. Guess my name and expose me and Ill do the same for you!

    • Clarks0oñ January 25, 2020

      Delusional nicki stans. ????

      2 men who have slept with nicki were fighting in a store in 2020

      Nicki minaj is now the first and only female rapper to have 2 men who have slept with her fight in a store in 2020.
      Congratulations, queen of rap

      Queen of setting records.
      Queen of plaques
      Queen of certifications

    • Chile January 25, 2020

      Do you know Clark’s daughter or something? ? what’s the tea sis.

  14. Only Facts January 25, 2020

    Just imagine how Mr. Petty is at home. Where is nicki? Not being funny, we haven’t heard from her in a minute and someone needs to check on her.

    • Sweet Pea January 25, 2020

      Why do you care?? You claim you are not a fan of her nor do you care about her as a person. Nicki is a grown ass woman and if she wants to be martied to a person with a colorful background good for her. If worst case scenario she ends up dead what y’all going to do. Show fake love stream her music for a week then we all forget about her.

  15. Only Facts January 25, 2020

    Nicki is about to have a mental breakdown. This is just a mess and I’m concerned that this “husband” is only using her. Why have we not seen Nicki in such a long time??! Something is wrong here. I hope it’s not drugs or anything like that

    • Yolanda January 25, 2020

      Nicki is like any common bully. She got scared and went and got her a boyfriend/bodyguard. When people turned on her (or didn’t take up for her) after Shether dropped and then when Cardi B came at her like she was a lowlife unaccomplished s**** a** h**, Nicki got scared. She couldn’t count on Lil Wayne and Drake because they were not about to get involved in a “girl” beef (even though they showed unity on No Frauds) but they were not going to fight a girl for her. Plus, they got a little respect for Papoose and Fat Joe. Nicki is a bully who can’t fight her own fights.

  16. Yolanda January 25, 2020

    Dear (Emotionally and Physically) Absentee Fathers: Your daughter will grow up to want her man to make up for the things you did not do: lifting and carrying her around; fighting for her; constantly claiming love for her; etc.

  17. biancacook January 25, 2020

    and yall say cardi is ghetto and nicki so classy she doesn’t have to act like blah blah blah. she get on that queen radio show and act like ppl just come at her. i hear her mouth more than anyone. where was this energy, oh yeah i forgot she only show her b*** BEHIND closed doors. playing victim doesnt work when ppl see u actin a fool.

  18. Yolanda January 25, 2020

    Keep Calm and listen to Missy Elliott! No drama, just good music.

  19. ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine January 26, 2020

    “I’m standing right here “ (behind security) Chun-Li Nicki is back y’all! The hardest Bih to boss up from behind a security line Has awakened (from the safety of security of course)

    • D January 26, 2020

      I chuckled.

  20. Tay January 26, 2020

    Meek on some clown ish. He immature and has always been all bark no bite.

  21. Sweetnothings78 January 26, 2020

    As usual this culture has NOOOOOO class and any manners. Take your voice down you trashy people and talk politely to one another outside of a shop. Show some class you good rats.

    Airing your dirty laundry in public! Trash.
    Haven’t seen Mary J or the old legends behave like this.

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