Rihanna Makes Spotify History / Extends Reign as Platform’s Most Streamed Female Artist Ever

Published: Monday 17th Feb 2020 by Rashad

In lieu of new music, Rihanna fans (affectionately called #TheNavy) are holding tight to her mountain of former hits as evidenced by the tunes’ ongoing buoyancy on real-time digital platform charts.

Already christened the “Queen of Digital Downloads” for over a decade-long domination of iTunes, Amazon, and other digital music retailers, the weekend served reminder the Grammy winner’s digital reign also extends to streaming when she laid claim to yet another title thanks to her 2016 hit, ‘This Is What You Came For’ (led by Calvin Harris).

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Over the weekend, Harris & Rihanna’s hit – ‘This is What You Came For’ – crossed the 1 billion streams threshold on Spotify.  Becoming the 62nd song in the platform’s 11-year history to achieve the feat, the win comes of special note to Rih as she’s now the second female artist who debuted in the 2000’s (predating Spotify’s launch) to have a tune reach streams of 10 digits.  Only Lady Gaga, thanks to her 2018 hit, ‘Shallow,’ can boast the same.

Reports have it ‘Came For’s enduring success pushes Rih’s overall tally (as a lead and featured act) to a whopping career total of 19 billion streams, which makes her the app’s most streamed female artist ever.

As calls for new music from the Bajan beauty intensifies, we anticipate that figure will greatly increase once fans get their hands on her long-awaited project later this year.

[Photo Credit: Vogue / Ethan James Green]

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  1. Fancy BISH February 17, 2020

    Camila could never ?

    • Only Facts February 17, 2020

      Let’s all stop mentioning her name. The sooner we pay her dust, the quicker she’ll go away. Karma is coming for her.

      Nothing but love for you, Fancy!

      • Fancy BISH February 17, 2020

        I feel you, boo! ? I just had to put that heauxs name in the same sentence with “NEVER” ?

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        You still hiding in shame? Aww it’ll be okay, sweetie ? PAHAHAHAHA ???

    • Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

      Two loser that I beat regularly, now they are sticking together.

      Today is such a good day, I feel so happy.

      Normani ended her career herself today on front of millions of america.

      That NBA performance is karma for normani and her stupid rat fans for everything they did to Camila.

      Normani teams has taken down the video from YouTube but it’s too late, every body has it on their devices.

      • Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

        Ur a rat,
        The words coming from a rat mean nothing to me.


        I have whòoped ur àss
        I have whòoped @only flops àss
        I have whòoped @ meme àss

        Now u hòes are sticking together
        A trio of losers


        Normani is over.
        Today was is a great day.
        Karma is a bish

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        Camila is a racist c***!

      • MichelleBranchHotelPaper February 17, 2020


        Thats what we call Normani impact??

        Look at her 2 Stan’s her at TGJ

        Wow ???

    • MichelleBranchHotelPaper February 17, 2020

      You mean Normani will flopt more?
      How’s floptivation?

  2. The f*** would whitney say February 17, 2020

    Come on guys jump on the wagon… Rhianna the same gal that you neve4 post and have tried to mute her career for ten years

    • Caribbean Native February 17, 2020

      They really tried and it back fired ?

      • Here we go again February 18, 2020

        Fr ??? but how could they cage a hurricane

  3. Only Facts February 17, 2020

    Queen things!!!

  4. KingBey February 17, 2020

    Ariana Is listed as the most stream female artiste thou!!

    • Rihanna the King!! February 17, 2020

      no try again bew! Rihanna Reigns supreme in music, fashion and beauty!! That RIHANNA REIGN JUST WON’T LET UP!

  5. frost February 17, 2020

    That’s Calvin Harris and Taylor swift song so they get most of the money

    • Rihboy February 17, 2020

      That’s not the point tho! So stay mad lol! The point is she is the most streamed. The song was nothing without her being the vessel of delivery. So??‍♂️

  6. Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

    Top 10 most streamed songs by female artists on spotify:

    1. Havana (1.38B)
    2. New Rules (1.28B)
    3. Señorita (1.20B)
    4. bad guy (1.15B)
    5. Cheap Trills (1.11B)
    6. 7 rings (1.03B)
    7. (NEW) Dance Monkey (1.01B)
    8. Shallow (1.01B)
    9. Thank U, Next (1.01B)
    10. I Like It (1.0B)

    Camila cabello with 2 songs in the top 3.

    Dua lipa u better get ready, cause Camila about yo snatch ur wig in the next 2 months.

    Senorita coming for new rules next.
    We like to see it

    • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

      She’s a racist!

    • MichelleBranchHotelPaper February 17, 2020

      Congrats Camila the current Queen of Spotify

  7. Tori February 17, 2020

    Keep streaming that old s***, cause you ain’t getting this new s***! Bisshhhesss ?????!

    • Beylover February 17, 2020


      • Rihanna the King!! February 17, 2020


  8. Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

    Monthly listeners Female artist Feb 16

    #1 @billieeilish 59M [+489k]
    #2 Camila Cabello 56.5M
    #3 @DUALIPA 50.6M
    #4 Nicki Minaj 50.2M
    #5 Tones and I 47.2M
    #6 Selena Gomez 45.7M
    #7 Halsey 45.3M
    #8 Ariana Grande 43M
    #9 @taylorswift13 38.2M
    #10 Karol G 35.2M

    Camila at number 2.

    Now I understand why you guys are mad,
    We like to see it

    Now cry about it

    Stupid rats

    Twitter is such a funny app.
    One minute everybody on twitter can love u and praise u and another minute everybody on Twitter can start dragging u.

    Normani was the most loved person on twitter but every thing went crashing down today when she embarrassed herself during that NBA performance. Everybody dragging normani right now on twitter. Lol

    Now that’s what I call karma.

    The bìtch is OVER.
    Normani stans on twitter have been humbled today. We like to see it.

    People are going back to stanning Camila.

    How the tables have turned

    • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

      Camila is a racist c***!

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        Do you have an illness? Flopping around like a fish out of water, repeating the same line like a senile old woman who can’t find her way back to old people’s home, wandering around the streets at 12am in her nightgown “she’s a racist c***! She’s a racist c***!”

        Bye HOEE ???

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        She’s still a racist c***!

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        SEEK HELP old broad!

    • Bogus February 17, 2020

      Karma is gonna get you! You’re calling her a b**** because her fans and everybody ended drags Camila what a loser

  9. Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

    Romance has sold 700k in the US

    .@Camila_Cabello’s ‘Romance’ rises to #27 on this week’s Billboard 200 (20.2K sold).

    Queen of flourishing.
    We like to see it

    A flop album did that after 2 months of release.

  10. Holliewuudd February 17, 2020

    I do hope that she releases before Adele! Good luck, Rihanna! I’m rooting for you! We need an album STAT

    • Mark111 February 17, 2020

      WHy? Anti came out two months after 35 and was still successful. Rihanna also release before and after 21 and still, successful. Adelephant ain’t stopping Rihanna.

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020


      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        Don’t come for Adele. You pathetic twat

      • Only Facts February 17, 2020

        I laughed COMPLETELY too hard at you typing 35. LOL!

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        @Only Flops

        Wow, it doesn’t take much. Just goes to show what a sad, pathetic “life” you lead…

    • Rihanna the King!! February 17, 2020

      Anti has officially sold 7 million copies worldwide and it’s still on the charts 4 yrs later. I think that’s good considering Adele is overrated and the gp is gonna shove her down our throats.

  11. Susan February 17, 2020

    ATTENTION EVERYONE: Contact your local radio stations and email them requesting that they stop playing Camila Cabello’s music because she is a racist. I just reached out to 102.7 here in LA and they responded saying they are looking into it and contacting corporate so they “do not offend or alienate any of their listening audience”. If we do this throughout the country, maybe we can get this racist blacklisted from radio.

    • Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020


      PAINED !!!!!!!!

      Let me assist u.

      Try these radio stations.
      1. 103.7 Q
      2. Kiss Radio
      3. Wape:
      4. Z104
      5. Q93.5

      A stupid bàstard rat

      • Susan February 17, 2020

        “Rat” is the only insult you have isn’t it? You’ll be pained when karma comes back around 😉 I’m on the phone with SiriusXM Hits1 now. I have the day off for President’s day so I have time to get this RACIST off radio today. Thanks for the clicks you always give my comments, boo!

      • Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

        Omg I’m so scared, because of u they are gonna stop playing Camila on the radio

        Dear Karen who always likes to speak to the manager, pls dont stop calling radio stations to stop playing Camila cabello. Lol

        Let’s see how far u will get with that.

        #MyOhMy Radio Update
        ?? Pop Radio #14 (+1)
        *New Peak*
        — Spins: 7.618 (+0.072)
        — Aud: 30.534 (+0.062)

        Cry about it cause we like to see it

      • Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020

        Dear Karen who likes to always speak to the manager,

        Dont forget to contact ticket master, so they can stop selling Camila cabello romance tickets cause she’s a racist.

        Dont forget to call spotify, tell them to close Camila’s spotify account cause she’s a racist

        Dont forget to call itunes, tell them to wipe Camila’s account cause she’s a racist

        Also call billboard.com, tell them to remove Camila’s chart history cause she’s a racist.


        This stupid bìtch think she can do something.

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        Nawwww this bïtch be crazy yo! ??? Trippin for REAL!!! Who she gon get taken off radio with her one stank pü$$? HOLLERING ??? Normani ain’t on NO radio because she got no hits ???

  12. Clarks0oñ February 17, 2020


    I’m waiting……….

    How did the boycott Camila cabello from radio phone call go?

    We want answers.

    • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020


  13. Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

    Only Flops is also Susan? ????

  14. Nicky February 17, 2020


    Camicky will never achieve Rihanna status.

    Her fans said she was next Beyonce. ????????????????


    Maybe she’s next Meghan Trainor


    • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

      Y’all him b****** said Normani was the next Beyoncé…

      Also, Camila already DID that.

      Next caller…

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        Clarkson, get a job

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        Didn’t I tell you BYE HOEE? BYE HOEE!

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        Shayla kill yourself. We all know you’re Clarkson

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        You’d love that, wouldn’t you? ??? Shayla the mf QUEEN ain’t going nowhere and you will DEAL, peasant ????

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        I would love that. I would love for you to admit you’re Clarkson. Y’all have the same writing style. You’re not fooling anyone ?

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        Oh bïtch, so you saying I’m a man?! Oh HOEE hold up right quick!!! ??? I think you love me! “The taste, the touch, the way we love, it all comes down to make the sound of our… love song!” I’m a Lana stan hoee!

      • Lanafan1 February 17, 2020

        You’re clearly insane

      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020


      • Shayla Queen ? February 17, 2020

        Unfortunately, Shayla Queen is otherwise occupied with her busy schedule, in high demand and is therefore unable to respond at this time.

        If you wish to speak with the Queen, please submit your contact information to be entered into a queuing system.

        We will notify you in due time of your position in said queue.

        Shayla Queen


        P.S. The Queen does respond to belligerent höes ?

  15. MichelleBranchHotelPaper February 17, 2020

    Since Normani is not that busy
    She can be one of CamilaCabello’s opening act in Romance World Your
    It will help here for international exposure

  16. HavanaONana February 17, 2020

    Riri is cool
    Can’t wait for her new singles

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