Doja Cat Disses Dr. Luke?

Published: Thursday 12th Mar 2020 by David

Doja Cat wants her fans to know that she wants little to do with her label boss Dr. Luke after he was accused of raping the beloved Pop superstar Kesha.

Learn more below…

The success of her breakout hit ‘Say So’ has been followed the stench of negative press its ties to Dr. Luke has brought it once fans learned that he is credited as its producer.

After the tweet below went viral Doja used the Twitter “like” button to endorse tweets which explained that she is contractually obliged to work with Luke because she signed to his label almost a decade ago.


She then shared…



The song is the entertainer’s first Top 20 hit and Luke’s first to impact that space this decade.


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  1. Only Facts March 12, 2020

    But his name is on the credits, and Doja Cat IS a homophobic person

  2. Beyrihci March 12, 2020

    Does this mean he can write and produce for Katy again? Because I need Katy to deliver better than what she’s been putting out

  3. Karma March 12, 2020

    Karma always comes back. She’ll be canceled soon. She’s a nasty, nasty woman.

  4. PinotNoir March 12, 2020

    She may liw-key be one of those “He ain’t r**** ME” materialistic höeš. They exist.

  5. Only Facts March 12, 2020

    Can we get a post on Britney Spears’ team releasing Britney Jean on vinyl? That was her worst album and they think someone will pay for it on vinyl? ??? I live for Britney but her team is ridiculous. Free Britney

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

      Can we get a post on why normani hasnt seen the inside of the billboard hot 100 for the past 4 months now.

      • Only Facts March 12, 2020

        Go stream my oh my. It’s dropping and getting removed from radio stations. It’s peaked boo.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        Atleast Camila has 2 songs in the top 50.

        My oh my eligible for platinum
        220 million streams so far
        13 weeks on the chart.
        Number 10 on pop radio

        Where is normani on the
        iTunes 100 chart
        Spotify 100 chart
        Billboard hot 100

        When last did slùtmani see the inside of the billboard hot 100?
        And u said she was gonna dominate 2020, lol

        After sucking everybody’s dìck , the bìtch is still flopping. ??

      • Only Facts March 12, 2020

        Keep speaking in circles. Keep clinging to the same 2 songs. None of it is going to make Canola Cabullshit a star. Take your medication, Roman

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        Those 2 songs are hers,
        She wrote it and sang it.
        So there’s no clinging .

        She has a solo top 10. Never be the same outpeaked normani’s entire discography

        Normani has zero songs on the charts.
        The only person clinging is normani

        Rolling stone magazine cover was not solo, clinged on to sza and megan

        Top ten hit wasnt solo, clinged onto Sam and Khalid

        Brit award nomination wasnt solo, clinged on to Sam Smith

        Vma award for best rnb wasnt solo, clinged on to 6black.

        Normani = clinger, a person who clings on to others for relevance.

        Now normani want to cling on to dua lipa to get a hit, ain’t never gonna happen.
        A rat that cannot accomplish anything on her own. ???

    • Shayla Queen ? March 12, 2020

      Britney Jean on vinyl? Oh Lord… I love Britney but no lol

      • Only Facts March 12, 2020

        Same. Her team should be ashamed. And they misspelled “Hold On Tight”…the vinyl says “Hold On Tite” #idiots. Check it out on breathe heavy lol

  6. HavanaONana March 12, 2020

    Oh I’m glad we have a healthier alternative of Normani. ??????
    I like Doja Cat and her songs. I never felt that way to Normani. I kinda like Dancing with stranger a little bit because of Sam Smith though. I feel like Miss Sam overpowered Normani on that song.

  7. Wendy Williams March 12, 2020

    Doja Cat is catchy but……..
    If Normani’s next single/video isn’t a hit like just the song itself, she might just be an amazing visual artist. I don’t find myself going back to listen to her songs by themselves. She has great videos. And it’s not like she doesn’t have vocals, but she needs a hit. Like her ex-bandmate Camilla makes hit songs, but videos are okay. But as a musical artist it’s senseless to just have a good video portfolio and no songs that are hits. If this album flops, she’ll have to regroup either find a whole new team or start acting.

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

      Gurl dont even try it

      Camila music videos are 10x better than normani’s music videos

      Camila music videos are visual master pieces. Nobody does it Camila.

      Normani music video are boring after u watch them twice. That’s why motivation flopped.

  8. Nicky March 12, 2020

    Congrats to DOJA Cat for her SOLO hit.

    No collabs.
    No remixes.
    No big budget.
    No payola.

    Pure talent.

  9. Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

    Dear doja, if u really hate dr. Luke, u will pull the song from all platforms, that’s what gaga did with the r.kelly song.

    Ur doing this just to save face. Ur a fake person

    Dr luke worked on juicy feat tyga also if I’m not mistaken.

    • Nicky March 12, 2020

      How Stupid do you sound

      Camicky should pull MOM was well

      It’s clear evidence that Da Baby beat a woman on International Women’s Day.


      Any abuse against women sexual or physical should be punished. Camicky is trash

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        Dumb àss
        That woman hit da baby first u dumb f**** .
        Da baby was defending himself.
        U dont hit people with phones.
        He had every right to act that way.

        Doja cat had no excuse on working with dr. Luke.
        If she really hated him, she will pull this song from all platforms. .

        Stupid rat.
        Normani has no solo achievements
        Rolling stone magazine cover was not solo
        Brit nomination was not solo
        Vma award was not solo.
        No solo top 10.

        Cry about it rat.

      • Nicky March 12, 2020

        Awwwwwww You sounds so upset that Camicky is receiving her Karma

        I got under your skin. Awwwwwww

        Go cry to mama that MOM is NAWT happening

        It’s being dropped from radio.


        Congrats to Doja for a SOLO hit.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        The last time normani appeared on the billboard hot 100 was in November 2019.

        While Camila has charted 4 whole songs in 2020, the most by any female artist

        South of the boarder
        My oh my
        First man.

        Cry cry cry

        Congratulations to doja, no hype, no rolling stone magazine cover, no free promo from 545867434 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. Lol

  10. Shaniqua March 12, 2020

    Normani isn’t gonna go anywhere if she’s not gonna put out more songs.. Motivation is terrible.. It’s unforgettable. Fans didn’t like it. She still hasn’t put out any other solo stuff after that song. Her career is going down hill. I don’t want her to fail because she has so much promise ahead of her. I feel like her label will be the end of her. She should signed with Republic Records. Her current management or even her label isn’t even promoting her!.. When Ariana Grande released her single The Way and debut album Yours Truly. She got tons of promotion from charities, tv appearances, radio interviews. As for Normani.. going on the Zach Zang show will not boost more fans. She needs to go on a huge radio station that people listen too or follow. Where is this album she’s talking about? I noticed she’s been very quiet about. She had not even tweeted or posted anything with snippets or a hint of anything. What’s so sad. She only gets a collaboration or two and suddenly she’s gone. This album should of been released in 2019. It’s now 2020 in February and still no word of a song or album!.. I feel like the community is not interested in her either.. it’s not just the black community. Everyone!.. They only vision her as a Beyoncé!.. People got tired of Beyoncé!

  11. Beyonce Knows March 12, 2020

    Y’all usually hate on Queens in the comment section… ain’t no news here folks

  12. Shayla Queen ? March 12, 2020

    Who cares who produced it? Music isn’t a person. And I’m sorry but I don’t believe Ke$ha whatsoever. Never did, never will.

    • Only Facts March 12, 2020

      Shayla, you know I love you, but may I ask why you don’t believe Kesha? I mean, so many artists came out saying Dr. Luke wasn’t nice to them behind the scenes and even body shamed some of them, including Kelly Clarkson, Bonnie McKee, Demi Lovato, Charli XCX Pink, Becky G, Avril Lavigne, etc. I mean, Kelly Clarkson is so unproblematic, so if she cosigned that he is nasty, I believe it.

      • Shayla Queen ? March 12, 2020

        I believe she genuinely just wanted out of her contract for whatever reason. Yeah, he may have been nasty but that doesn’t translate to r***. Body shaming also doesn’t translate to r*** and is an industry standard, unfortunately.

      • Only Facts March 12, 2020

        I understand your view. But remember, there was a music producer/exec that accused of Kesha of being a victim of sexual assault by Luke (allegedly) and it turned in a big lawsuit before she even released her first album – and unfortunately that’s when Kesha had that deposition where she said he didn’t assault her. So, it is a mess, but I think something did happen. Her deposition transcript is what messed her case up…

  13. Adam April 10, 2020

    Probably an unpopular opinion but I think Kesha’s just made up that full thing to get out her contract. She’s not adverse to making s*** up, look at that text she sent to Lady Gaga claiming Luke r**** Katy Perry, and Katy Perry was just like “whaaaaaa??”. Kesha’s batshit crazy. Doja Cat’s also batshit crazy, I’ve seen her insta stories, one of the most attention seeking people out there, woman’s a snake – she’s just trying to save face. She’s been working with Luke for the last 6 years (even after Kesha made accusations). Not to mention the fact that the court decided that this whole thing was ridiculous (due to lack of evidence and Kesha making statements she could never back up). Now Luke, who could be completely innocent in this whole thing is left with no-one wanting to work with him any more and people thinking he’s a freakin r*****. Just cause the guys powerful (a position he worked his ass off for years to be in) doesn’t mean he’s r**** someone. It’s been interesting how quick the whole world has been just to believe statements from a woman who’s clearly mentally unstable about a guy they don’t even know. Everyone who’s been so quick to just accuse Luke of this should be ashamed of themselves.

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