Katy Perry “Announces” Pregnancy In Music Video

Published: Wednesday 4th Mar 2020 by Sam

Katy Perry is pregnant!

The Pop star used the unique medium of the video teaser for new single ‘Never Worn White’ to reveal the news.

Details below…

The singer shared the reveal via a preview of the visual and paired it with confirmation that it’ll premiere midnight tonight:

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You are cordially invited to the premiere of #NeverWornWhite 🤍 Join me on the @YouTube watch page tonight at 8:30pm PT and chat with me (promise not a bot! 😛) before the video premieres at 9pm PT!

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The baby will be the first for Perry, who got engaged to actor Orlando Bloom a year ago.


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  1. Queen Nicki Minaj March 4, 2020


    • Ugghh March 4, 2020

      To those in the comments below congratulating her in the form of “you had a great career and you did well, etc.” y’all need to check your misogynistic “f*** boy” behavior.

      She is pregnant (possibly). Not retired. Not dead. PREGNANT. A women becoming pregnant isn’t the end of her career, aspirations and capabilities of releasing quality material for the charts.

      Katy has had and will have more longevity than the new coming artist you all Stan everyday in the comment section.

      This site kills me on the negative and passive aggressive intentions you all put on the careers and lives of other’s while riding on the struggle bus called your own life.

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 4, 2020

        YOU need to CALM TF DOWN ??‍?✋?What are you all up in her publicists DM’s? Even Stevie Wonder can see that Katy has PEAKED ?and has been transparent about her struggles with music industry expectations after the UNDERPERFORMANCE of her last album Witness – as well as her decision to release singles she feels like putting out there.

        She made her mark but ain’t nobody got time for her first world struggles ☝? People are happy she’s with child and wishing her luck with the next chapter of her life which can be complete WITHOUT MUSIC. So before you break your waters running in here to judge – perhaps you should consider people are acknowledging her contribution to Pop and wishing her the best with her new family instead of being self centered enough to wish she keep recording music no one is checkin for. ????

      • CDW March 4, 2020

        Lol her music career has been “over”… not over like she ain’t ish but over as in she won’t ever match her previous successes. This is the right time for her to be pregnant… and maybe it’ll help the song and give her some buzz, musically?

        Bc now she is a personality who has accolades but is a judge on a singing competition.
        No shade, she making her coin but that’s the reality.

  2. Queen Nicki Minaj March 4, 2020

    Congrats Katy ????
    Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck
    Silly rap beefs just get me more checks
    My life is a movie, I’m never off set
    Me and my amigos (no, not Offset)
    Swish swish, aww I got them upset
    But my shooters’ll make ’em dance like dubstep
    Swish, swish, aww, my haters is obsessed
    ‘Cause I make M’s, they get much less
    Don’t be tryna double back
    I already despise you
    All that fake love you showin’
    Couldn’t even disguise you
    Ran? When? Nicki gettin’ tan
    Mirror mirror who’s the fairest b**** in all the land?
    Damn, man, this b**** is a Stan
    Muah, muah, the generous queen will kiss a fan
    Ass goodbye, I’ma be riding by
    I’ma tell my —– Biggz, yeah that’s tha guy
    A star’s a star, da ha da ha
    They never thought the swish god would take it this far
    Get my pimp cup, this is pimp s***, baby
    I only rock with Queens, so I’m makin’ hits with

  3. Around the way filet March 4, 2020

    Camila could NEVER!!!

    • Katy Cat March 4, 2020

      Stop! I like camila too so stop this nonsense

    • Fanciest BISH March 4, 2020

      Oop I think she will be a Surrogate to that gay man he is “dating”.

    • I love big black c** March 4, 2020

      Bet shawn is more interested in D-I-c-k-s than c-u-m-ila’s yeast infection bean bun

  4. Katy Cat March 4, 2020

    Congratulationsy fave! The 2nd artist of the Decade!!!
    #Harleys ln Hawaii
    #Chained To The Rhythm

    • Fanciest BISH March 4, 2020

      On what planet?

      The leading trinity is Slaylor, Drake and Rihenna

  5. High Price March 4, 2020

    Aaaaw! Congratulations Ms. Katy Perry! ? Katy is so sweet! ?

  6. Only Facts March 4, 2020

    Congrats to Katy. Now that the music is not taking off anymore, it was time to settle down and start a family.

  7. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 4, 2020

    She’s not even married yet. Wow

    • Only Facts March 4, 2020

      And? It’s 2020. Being married isn’t a pre-requisite for having a baby. You idiot.

  8. Prism March 4, 2020

    I’m happy for you Katy!!! You did great in your career! With 10 #1 singles in the history you are a true popstar! I grow up listening to your music from “Hot N Cold” to “Roar” to “Small Talk”. Gurl enjoy your new life???????♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Only Facts March 4, 2020

      Katy has NINE (9) #1 singles. Don’t add salt to her stats. Congrats indeed to Ms. Katy.

      • Prism March 4, 2020

        oops sorry. You’re right. Thanks for correction.
        I just realized “Wide Awake” peaked at #2 blocked by Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe”.

      • I love big black c** March 4, 2020

        Carly Rae Jepsen is the most underrated pop artist ever! The G-A-Y-s Love her tho!!! She had tons of catchy sync pop!!!!

  9. Fancy BISH March 4, 2020

    Congrats! ? ?

  10. Ugghh March 4, 2020

    Sorry but she never said in her comments that she was pregnant. This could just be a visual for her song.

    I’m excited if she is but she could just be fûcking with you all.

  11. Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 4, 2020

    Clearly she gets there’s more to life than BB hot 100 no.1’s – and lawd knows she’s had her fair share of them. She has had a great run – a legacy to be proud of (and tell the kid about) ? Camicky COULD NEVA ?#facts

  12. Clarks0o0ñ March 4, 2020

    That’s tacky
    Announcing ur pregnancy to sell ur flop song.
    The desperation jumped out
    This is suppose to be intimate and special, not a publicity stunt to sell ur crappy pop song

    What’s next? Announcing ur divorce in a music video.

    The song will still flop.

    Not here for this.

  13. I love big black c** March 4, 2020

    Her music career is officially OVER!!!!!!! Gurl tell yo boo use rubber next time, ok?

  14. PinotNoir March 7, 2020

    He got cold feet, grew complacent getting all the milk for an engagement ring, so you stopped the pill and tricked his uncut peen into formalizing the relationship? Old trick from Scorpio Kathryn. Will it make it to an altar and last, tho? I mean he divorced Miranda Kerr!

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