Britney Spears Praises Justin Timberlake on Instagram: ‘The Man is a Genius!’

Published: Wednesday 15th Apr 2020 by Rashad

Has Justin Timberlake been “uncancelled” by Pop Princess Britney Spears? If her recent social media post is to judge by, it would seem so.

Though common for her to take to Instagram to show off her latest dance moves, the diva’s fans – affectionately called the #BritneyArmy – were stunned to see her flexing those two-steps and hair whips to the tune of her ex-boyfriend’s 2018 hit, ‘Filthy’ on Wednesday (April 15).

Add to this, the clip was uploaded alongside a caption that praised his musical prowess.  More inside:



Though deleted shortly after, the post may be just what’s needed to put to rest the longstanding disdain the ‘Toxic’ singer’s fans have had for Timberlake for launching what many deemed a “smear campaign” after their highly publicized 2002 breakup.

In recent years, he’s spoken glowingly of Spears – even claiming he wouldn’t mind collaborating with her on a song. Click here to read about that.

Update:  JT and Spears current boyfriend, Sam Asghari, responded:

[main photo source:  Getty Images]

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ April 15, 2020

    “I know we had one of the world’s biggest breakups 20 years ago”

    Gurl you’re doing the MOST.
    Nobody cares.

    Britney I hope ur teaching ur sons tolerance.
    Cause I watch the clip of one of your sons talking and he kept on using the word gay as an insult.

    U better teach them well , that calling someone gay as an insult is wrong.

    • Only Facts April 15, 2020

      Nobody cares about Britney? ? I see you’re not eating your pills and are still having delusions of grandeur. Britney Spears is a star and has star power. Something your fave doesn’t know anything about and will never possess. Why did I even respond to an imbecile like you. Foolish of me to give a nut like you attention. Go suck a doorknob

      • Clarks0o0ñ April 15, 2020

        Why are u talking to me?

        Ur obsessed with me.

      • C**-ila April 15, 2020

        Clarkbitch are u mad? She’s adored by millions one of the world best selling singers, whom of the most awarded singers in history and you dare to say nobody cares?
        Go back to your grandma’s basement spilling 8 abt everybody else to defend C**-illa’s racism and keep Britney’s name out of your mouth!

        Ur the one obsessed with everyone out here, get a life you c**-illa loving troll!

  2. Nicky April 15, 2020

    She has a nice spirit. Please don’t promote that mantrash though

  3. Only Facts April 15, 2020

    B****. I’m dead. Deceased. I’ve expired. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

  4. Onika The R***** Whisperer April 15, 2020

    Britney honey, no one cares about your head shaving, car with an umbrella attacking bipolar ass. This ain’t 1999 when you used to be popular. Time to practice on your zumba dance moves while on quarantine.

    • C**-ila April 15, 2020

      ahahahaha you’re wrong honey! Just go on her ig and check it and plz tell me what solo singer from the 90’s still have the reach she has nowadays and without releasing nothing for 4 years!
      She’s a living legend like Madonna, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey…you can try to cancel them time and time around but they’ll be famous and influential long after we’re all dead!

      • Onika The R***** Whisperer April 16, 2020

        The only people caring about Shîtney are her non-friends having fäg fans like you

  5. Shayla Queen ? April 15, 2020

    This is cute, Britney!

  6. eric April 15, 2020

    No doubt he reached out to her asking for a favor like he did Janet the other year and now his bandmates. He has reached the bottom, because you know all these people were last on his list.

  7. Charli Cheer Up April 15, 2020

    Sounds like she’s regaining control over her life again. Now this is a good sign!

  8. Shayla Queen ? April 15, 2020

    A Britney and Bhad Bhabie collab would be lit af ????

    • Lanafan1 April 15, 2020

      No. Tf wrong with you?

  9. Daniel April 15, 2020

    Poor Britney she is so sick. I hope she gets the mental health and care she deserves. Unfortunately her family and the conservatorship isn’t beneficial to her anymore. No one in their right mind would speak highly of a now married ex especially when they are in a relationship with a man as handsome and mentally put together as Sam Asghari. In addition Britney’s Instagram is very sad to look at and all the videos and photos she posts with those eyes… just makes me think of her appearances in “South Park”

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 15, 2020

      That “poor britney ” narrative is so 2015.
      Give it up
      She’s living her best life.

      She look a mess in her Instagram photos, but she’s happy

      It’s like she is stuck in the early 2000’s when it comes to clothes.

    • Only Facts April 15, 2020

      Sam commented on Britney’s post about Justin. STFU. Britney is doing what she wants. She doesn’t want Justin back especially now that he’s a CONFIRMED cheater

    • eric April 15, 2020

      She added it back with a part 2. Something definitely ain’t right.

  10. Chained to The Rhythm April 15, 2020

    Britney And Justin looked old

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 15, 2020

      Because they are
      Let’s not forget the white genes they both have.

      • C**-ila April 15, 2020

        just like C**-illa’s genes she looks 30’s now 🙁
        Melanin helps look at normani looking young and fresh, the other one drips on every show like she’s dying ahahaha

  11. Lala April 15, 2020

    No he’s not, he’s just white! Trash

  12. I love big black c** April 15, 2020

    Btw Britney’s new boy toy is super delicious, young, hot with a big package.

    • PinotNoir April 16, 2020

      She does have a thing for Afghan Opium. First Adnan Ghalib, then this set-for-life-if-Brit-says-I-Do groupie.

  13. Only Facts April 15, 2020


    • Chained to The Rhythm April 15, 2020


      I’m a genie in a bottle, u gotta rub me the right way?

  14. Susan April 15, 2020

    This means we’re finally getting Britney and Justin’s new hot single featuring Mariah Carey:

    ”Oops!…I Did Him Again because We Belong Together”

    • PinotNoir April 16, 2020


  15. Chained to The Rhythm April 15, 2020

    I love Britney’s song “ Sometimes” and “Lucky”
    Also Christina’s “I Turned To You” and “Fighter”

    • PinotNoir April 16, 2020

      I like Sometimes, too.

  16. LOL April 15, 2020

    Love them both that is all.

    • Onika The R***** Whisperer April 16, 2020

      You lack taste and you should be ashamed.

  17. Gworl Bye April 16, 2020

    C******* clearly has everyone bored out of their minds lol.

    • Blabla bla April 16, 2020

      Go lick doorknob shitty

  18. Blabla bla April 16, 2020

    Dont b surprise if she praises k-fed.. cry him a river robotney

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