#DemiLovatoIsOverParty: Singer Disables IG Page After Selena Gomez Hate Messages Surface

Published: Friday 17th Apr 2020 by Rashad

‘Give Your Heart a Break’ beauty Demi Lovato is giving social media a break after Selena Gomez fans – affectionately called #Selenators – discovered her alleged private Instagram page was filled with hate messages against her fellow singer-actress.

Having just made headlines for announcing she was no longer chummy with Gomez, her former Disney friend (as we reported here), now Lovato is on the receiving end of harsh criticism for reportedly using secondary social media pages to ridicule her.

Details inside:


As of time reported, #DemiLovatoisOverParty – with over 54,000 active tweets – is one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter thanks to a number of anti-Selena Gomez posts found on an account many believe is linked to the ‘I Love Me’ maestra.

While fans say its fake, others have pointed to live videos launched from the page featuring Lovato as proof it’s real.  Either way, she is well aware of the hoopla as she’s disabled comments on her official  Instagram page.  Interestingly, after the hashtag reached viral status, the original “private” account was deleted.

At writing, Gomez nor Lovato have made a statement regarding the matter.

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  1. Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

    Demi has always been a fake spiteful b**** anyways.

  2. Only Facts April 17, 2020

    What is up with this generation of pop idiots?! Do they all have fake instagrams where they spew hate? Pray for Demi…I hope her fat ass makes it through this. You know the girl isn’t mentally prepared for anything negative. She went to rehab again last year after the 21 savage dragging she got on Twitter. Demo is canceled.

  3. Only Facts April 17, 2020

    Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, this generations Christina Aguilera. Except, Demi doesn’t have any hits…and at least Xtina had hits (in the beginning).

    • HavanaONana April 17, 2020

      And Normani is the generations’ Teairra Marí ???

      • BeyRihCi April 17, 2020

        You sound so stupid.

      • putrespectonhername April 17, 2020

        this ia actually accurate! lmaoo talented af and going nowhere

      • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

        Yessssss chile!! ???

      • Buzz Off April 17, 2020

        ? ? You so??‍♂️.. I cannot —

      • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

        You must be camilla too.. lame q****

    • Xtina4ever@gmail.com April 18, 2020

      Not matter what Christina will always be around cause of her voice. She’s a chameleon who can’t sing any genre. Christina will always be around not matter how much people wanna say negative things about her. She has proven herself time and time again she will keep singing her songs. Years to come

      • Xtina4ever@gmail.com April 18, 2020

        Who can*

  4. Susan April 17, 2020

    TGJ this is sloppy reporting. Demi did a live on the Instagram and exposed herself as being behind the account. Why leave out the most important part? And damn, Demi is a dumb b****. Get in the treadmill girl. Good luck getting another Song in the top 40 after this. Better just focus on heading to get some food instead

  5. BeyRihCi April 17, 2020

    Can we all congratulate Demi on getting her first #1, since this hashtag is trending #1? Last time her name and that number will ever be side by side

  6. Clarksooon April 17, 2020

    When u do clownery the clown comes back to bite

    She was name dropping Selena in a magazine interview some few days ago.
    Karma dont have an expiring date

    Normani u are next.

    Flops attacking successful queens in magazine interviews.
    Flops = normani, demi
    Successful queens- Camila, Selena

    Successful queens will continue to pay the flops dust. We would let karma do her thing.

    God dont like dirty.

    • BeyRihCi April 17, 2020

      You sound so stupid.

    • Nosir April 17, 2020

      Gurl go worry about YOUR status
      F*king poz guys
      Normanis still rich And booked without any album out Hows camila doing tho sis? Didnt she cancel tht tour becuase she didnt sell enough tickets??

      • HavanaONana April 17, 2020

        Normani rich and booked? ???????? Lmfaoooooooooo
        The delusion is real
        Oh wow I had a good laugh
        Thank you I needed it

      • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

        The only place Normani will soon be booked is her local homeless shelter because she’s a broke hoee

      • Buzz Off April 17, 2020

        Normani Rich?? do you see what she be wearing for her performances?

      • It’s a shame April 18, 2020

        This is the most trash statement… f***** plz guys? How educated are you on H**? Because spreading negative stereotypes and stigma that way you are…

        TGJ I know y’all need comments but do better at filtering out trash. And hold people accountable for wtf they say.

  7. I love big black c** April 17, 2020

    Don’t tell me Demi mad coz Selena chose Justina over her???? remember the old Disney days that they scissoring each others at night

  8. Pop Lock Drop April 17, 2020

    *Alexa, play “ANYONE“ by the now canceled Demi Lovato* This is your final act Demi. The grande finale. You’re over, boo.

  9. Pop Lock Drop April 17, 2020

    So, I wonder what Sam Smith’s team is going to do with the new song he released with Demi today. #yikes.

    • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

      Chile ??? “They” just can’t catch a break right now ?

      • Fancy BISH April 18, 2020


  10. Selenator or Deminator or seledeminatralovea April 17, 2020

    Wow! I hope this isn’t true, I always feel bad for Demi and the things she’s gone through with her mental health. Selena doesn’t deserve that.

    • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

      Demi was a troll like f*ggots in this page .. kent believe

      • Shayla Queen ? April 18, 2020

        Imitated but never duplicated ?

  11. #TheTruth April 17, 2020

    If this is true, she had it coming. How stupid is she thinking it would not come out ?!

    And in general : I don’t understand why people need to put their lives online. And even worse, criticize online the people they dislike.
    If you don’t like someone, then ignore them. Don’t act like a stupid brat.

    • Xtina4ever@gmail.com April 18, 2020

      Well I mean come on you guys wanna say negative things, but come on Demi can sing circles around Selena gomeZ. Are we gonna act like Selena can sing a single not. Nothing again Selena she’s been through a lot. But Demi can sing.

  12. Charli Cheer Up April 18, 2020

    They’re fake and so what if she’s not close to Selena ? Anyways looking forward to her new album and if things don’t workout then hope to see her on The Voice as coach next year!

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