Exclusive: En Vogue’s Cindy Herron Talks 30th Anniversary, Reunion With Original Members, & More

Published: Friday 3rd Apr 2020 by Rashad

April 3 marks the 30th anniversary of En Vogue‘s debut album, ‘Born to Sing’ – an LP and accompanying era still pointed to by many as the epitome of what a vocal girl group is to look and sound like.

Hatching hit after hit including their breakthrough single, ‘Hold On,’ as well as ‘Lies,’ ‘Don’t Go,’ and more, the Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy-produced effort has stood the test of time thanks to its unaged vocal arrangements decorated with soaring harmonies from each of its songbirds.

To commemorate the occasion, one of the group’s founding members – Cindy Herron – chatted exclusively with That Grape Juice to dish on the timeless project, the future of En Vogue (including that rumored reunion tour with Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones), and so much more.


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That Grape Juice:  Before we talk about the 30th anniversary of the release of En Vogue’s groundbreaking debut album, ‘Born to Sing,’ we wanted to know how quarantining is going for you?

Cindy: It’s going good. I’m staying around the house. I do go out to grocery shop or walk my dog, but I do my part to flatten this curve and help the situation.

That Grape Juice: As are we!  The exciting news we are most elated about, however, is the 30-year anniversary of EV’s first album.  It’s really been 30 years?

Cindy: I can’t believe how fast it flew by.

That Grape Juice: What’s more, three decades later the name En Vogue still commands respect.  How does it feel to still get that kind of reverence in the industry?

Cindy: I feel so blessed to have been a part of a group that has made such a statement musically and fashion wise.  It’s an honor because this can be such a short lived business, so it’s great to still be able to put out music and do live shows.

That Grape Juice: Looking back, if you could go back to 1990 to give Cindy advice, what would you tell her?

Cindy: Probably to buy a lot of stock in Apple (laughs).

That Grape Juice: Having been in the industry for 30 years, you’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly as it relates to the massive shake-ups (i.e. streaming, digital downloads, etc.).  Would you say these changes have hurt or helped?

Cindy: Both. It’s helped because you’ve got all these ways to promote music, be more independent, and connect on a very personal level with fans. But, in a way, it’s hurt because music doesn’t sell like it used to since people can share and stream everything.

That Grape Juice: Speaking of connecting personally with fans, we hear you have a podcast coming.

Cindy: Our “Funky Divas” podcast. We will be doing them to celebrate the journey of En Vogue, revisit the music, tell stories, and so much more.  It starts April 3.

[click here to watch ‘Funky Divas’ podcast]

That Grape Juice:  Now, as with many interviews, we’ve received five questions from our readers for you.  Are you ready for That Grape Juice‘s ‘Five From Fans’?

Cindy: Let’s do it!

     #1 That Grape Juice: An En Vogue biopic.  Is it coming sooner or later?

Cindy: I think we would consider it.  If it is with the right [production] team, then I would say sooner than later.

   #2 That Grape Juice: After 30 years, is there any En Vogue song you hate to perform?

Cindy: No! There are no En Vogue songs that I hate to perform (laughs).

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   #3 That Grape Juice:  At last year’s City of Hope Gala, we saw you pose with all members of the group – past and present.  Later, Dawn Robinson announced there was a possible anniversary tour coming (click here to read more).  Is that still in the works?

Cindy: No, it is not on the books.  We could not make that happen.

  #4 That Grape Juice:  Will we ever see EV on reality TV?

Cindy: No. A hard no.

  #5 That Grape Juice: What’s your favorite song from ‘Born to Sing’?

Cindy:  ‘Part Of Me’ and ‘Just Can’t Stay Away’ are my two.

That Grape Juice: To wrap things up, we recently learned there will be some new EV music coming before the end of the year, right?

Cindy: Yes, that’s our hope. It wouldn’t be a full album, but we are considering either an EP or just releasing maybe two or three singles.

That Grape Juice: Any clues on any collaborators (co-stars, producers, songwriters) we should expect to be working with you on the project?

Cindy: Well, we always start with our usual producers to keep the integrity of the chemistry and the vocal harmonies. Beyond that, we haven’t decided or reached out to who we’d like to work with yet because it’s still just at the beginning stages; it’s just a vision in our heads.


The 30th anniversary expanded edition of
‘Born to Sing’
is available on all platforms now!

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  1. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 3, 2020

    30 freakin’ years!!! Definitely a blue print of quality influenced from trail blazers before them and an inspiration (or imitation) for so many after them. Respect! ????????????

    • Bone April 3, 2020

      Lotta times..these Artist problems are Internal..you know, I, wrote the song, I, should get the most money, No, I sing Lead, I should get the most. If, Tony Toni Tone, A group that’s, two brothers & cousin, can’t stay together..who can

  2. Gee April 3, 2020

    I wish that all the behind the scenes drama didn’t happen because it tore apart one of the great female vocal group.

  3. olusheyi banjo April 3, 2020

    I wish the original 4 would get back together again

  4. IKNOWTHETRUTH April 3, 2020


  5. Shayla Queen ? April 3, 2020

    They can not be touched ❤️

    • Fancy BISH April 3, 2020

      FACTS! ?

  6. Are You Kidding Me? April 3, 2020

    THE FASHION! The Rocket video was a moment in music video history. I. LIVE. FOR. THEM.

  7. Jeans April 3, 2020

    One of my favorite groups EVER!

    • Fancy BISH April 3, 2020

      YES, ✅ ?

  8. Kay April 3, 2020


  9. Fancy BISH April 3, 2020

    Love, love, love En Vogue! ? Nothing but BOPS from these beautiful, talented ladies! ?

  10. eric April 3, 2020

    They’re missing a little too much without the other ladies. I saw them some time around 2007 and they had such a phenomenal sound. I think they should work harder to mend fences. They don’t have to go out like the Supremes with a lot of hurt and regret. It’s really sad.

  11. Re April 4, 2020

    Dont know body want to see them. Hold on to your love is tired. They sang that into the ground.

    • All the smoke April 7, 2020

      This is a bad take.

  12. musiqlovah April 4, 2020

    The 1990s, my era!!! When I think of essential artists of the 1990s, specifically year 1990, En Vogue was such a pivotal group to that era. That accapella piece in the front of Hold On was such a game changer, it came to shape and influence all vocal groups, male or female, there after [SWV, Xscape, Jade, Brownstone, . BoyzIIMen were often describe as the male version of En Vogue. And although TLC and Destiny’s Child experienced greater commercial success, EV’s vocal blend was simply magic, and became the bar to which all in their lane aspired to. They put vocals and tight harmonies on the map in like no other R&B group. En Vogue is to female R&B groups, what Whitney is to female vocalist. They are considered the pinnacle by most. If you remove them from the picture, the landscape drastically changes.

    • G-bby April 4, 2020

      EV is one of the best girl groups the music industry has ever seen. They were well on their way to superstardom, but BTS drama and ultimately their break-up ruined everything. I would love to see a REAL reunion with the original four. That magic could never be duplicated. But these women are pushing their 60’s. If they haven’t gotten it right by now – they never will. I’ve accepted EV3. Rhona has been more of a mainstay and proven herself loyal unlike Dawn and Maxine.

  13. Wwwd What would Whitney Do April 4, 2020

    They are complaining about streaming affecting the checks, they party know they be3n mad about the checks now it’s streaming

  14. Wwwd What would Whitney Do April 5, 2020

    Damn dawn look good, thier management is f***** up I always thought that… Dawn text me

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