Watch: Selena Gomez Reveals She Was Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

Published: Friday 3rd Apr 2020 by Rashad

Selena Gomez has seen her journey with mental health well-documented, including a highly publicized stint at a treatment facility for depression and anxiety.

Becoming a champion for related causes as a result, the 27-year-old has not shied away from discussing the topic in interviews – a stance reiterated recently when she visited fellow Pop star Miley Cyrus‘ IGTV talk show, ‘Bright Minded,’ on Friday (April 3).

While there, in addition to dishing on a number of topics including her support for healthcare workers and first responders during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, she also revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Hear it from her inside:

Start at 2 minute mark:

The interview comes as quite the surprise for fans who have long known the one-time Disney divas were feuding.

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  1. I love big black c** April 3, 2020

    She & Demi are both problem gurls, they are physically, mentally, spiritually unstable. Lock them up in asylum please

    • Paulo April 3, 2020

      and that should tell you what child stars go through working in the public eye with huge corporations behind them from such a young age.

      but Demi is talented. she can sing and act. the other one can stick to selling shampoo on Instagram

  2. Meme April 3, 2020

    She could have came to me and I could have diagnose her…she’s bat ish crazy.

    • Only Facts April 3, 2020

      I honestly think she has PTSD from Justin. He was terrible to her and I think he exacerbated her issues (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc). It’s really quite sad.

      • PinotNoir April 3, 2020

        He may have tortured her mentally, but astrologically, she seems the one to have been hard to handle. Cancers need too much reassuring/ coddling/ babying – add her Aries moon and I suspect lots of petty argumentative provocations, sob fests, and scary rages. Bieber did good to get out before his self-sacrificing instincts killed him.

      • Paulo April 3, 2020

        “self-sacrificing instincs” girl bye. if you’re gonna be this general and stereotypical of astrology, Pisces men are cokeheads who need to be pampered constantly and tend to be very passive-agressive until they finally blow up and lay hands on you. they were both equally bad to each other and I’m tired of both of them using each other and their disfunctional antics to chart.

      • PinotNoir April 8, 2020

        @paulo : his libra moon makes him compromise a lot, take forever to decide whether to go or stay, and stay calm in conflict. Her Aried moon opposes his all the way.

  3. Tyty April 3, 2020

    Either her hair is pulled too tight or she done something to her face.

    • Only Facts April 3, 2020

      I don’t think it’s either. When you’re on medication for mental illness, it can impact your appearance over time. It can also severely impact your personality….I mean, look what it’s done to Queen Britney. It’s all sad. All of the media training these young artists are forced to do leads to mental illness. I mean how can one not become bipolar after being forced for years to be a certain way in public that isn’t authentically you. It’s all sad. Hollywood is not the place for young people

  4. Only Facts April 3, 2020

    Praying for Selena. Everything about her career is really such a sad story. Everything about Selena reminds me of Britney. Only thing is Selena’s breakdown was concealed from the public. I still don’t like that she was joking about the c********** and posted a video laughing about it a few weeks ago. Hope she doesn’t think her revealing this will make us forget about that.

    *plays vulnerable*

  5. Only Facts April 3, 2020

    Does Miley have a f*cking mullet???

    • Kel April 3, 2020

      Lol b**** yes ?

  6. Drip April 3, 2020

    Damn b**** how many disorders you gonna have to stay relevant?

  7. PinotNoir April 3, 2020

    Astrology helps spot bipolarism. It’s not a mental disorder. You were just dealt conflicting energies at birth and can’t find an energetic middle ground.

    Take Mariah. She’s an Aries (impatient, childlike pioneer) with Sagittarius moon (humorous, spiritual moralist) double fire with Taurus rising (gluttonous, lazy natural singer) and Capricorn career sector (depressed workaholic with job longevity) double earth. Earth and fire do NOT mix well energetically.

    Selena is a shy, sensitive Cancer (water), but when angry becomes her bratty, combative, me-first, impulsive Aries moon (fire). Water puts out fire. So, Selena likely juggles manic enthusiasm and hide-me-from-the-world depression. Add her health ailments and you can imagine her plight.

    I wish them balance.

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