En Vogue Star Teases 2020 Reunion Tour

Published: Tuesday 15th Oct 2019 by Sam

En Vogue made headlines last week when all members – past and present – joined forces to honor Sylvia Rhone at the City Of Hope gala.

The surprise appearance sparked calls en masse for a tour featuring all of the ladies.

Well, it appears folks may very well get their wish.

See what we mean below…

Taking to social media, former member Maxine Jones shared a shot of herself with the also departed Dawn Robinson and revealed a 2020 reunion trek may be on the cards:

“No, Dawn and I are not on the road with Cindy and Terry YET, but look out for possible anniversary tour APRIL 2020. Much love to all the fans!! #EnVogue #FunkyDivas ❤️”

A 2020 trek would tally with the 30th anniversary of En Vogue’s debut album ‘Born To Sing,’ which was released in April 1990. Suffice to say, a full circle moment.

We know we’d be here for a tour, would you?

Bonus: Check out the current line-up performing ‘Don’t Let Go’ live on That Grape Juice:

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: En Vogue IG]

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  1. only facts October 15, 2019

    This reunion wont last for long…it never does.

    • Swirly October 15, 2019

      Lol nope. There’s always drama behind the scenes with them mainly w/Dawn & Maxine. Maybe they will prove us wrong this time.

  2. Truth Tea October 15, 2019

    :sips truth tea:

    Dawn is like Kandi and the Xscape reunion. She’ll do it if the money is right. That’s why Dawn left in the first place and trust me, Dawn wants the money.

    Everyone is here for this reunion. The current line up is still good as shown in that video with Rhona Bennett. They’re on par with SWV and Brownstone, but they still aren’t the original En Vogue. Vocally, the original En Vogue was the most powerful of any of these female R&B group of their time. No one could stand toe-to-toe with the original five singing Don’t Let Go and Dawn on lead. Not then. Not now.

    I don’t care what decade it is, get me front row for the original five singing ‘Don’t Let Go’ so I can have my wig snatched multiple times.

    • Truth Tea October 15, 2019

      original four

  3. HOWYOULIKEIT October 15, 2019

    Maxine and Dawn have to read that contract very carefully and avoid being robbed again. History has shown that there’s only greedy people right there.

  4. Are You Kidding Me? October 15, 2019

    Rocket is a solid pop n R&B jam. The video was so Afrofuturistic! <3

  5. only facts October 15, 2019


  6. DC3 FOREVER October 15, 2019

    They need to add more EV3 songs in the setlist. Thats there best album in my opinion

  7. K_man October 15, 2019

    Knowing dawn and maxine there going to mess it up somehow… they always do

    In lil’ mo’s word on R&B Divas LA “I know the real En Vogue Cindy and Terry” while dawn crowded away!

    • Jeans October 15, 2019

      I’m here for it as long as Maxine and Dawn play nice!!

  8. B2J October 15, 2019

    I’d pay to see all 5 members of En Vogue in concert. Hopefully they aren’t still performing at fairs, casinos or some arenas with this 30 year anniversary.

  9. Cory October 16, 2019

    Dawn is already starting mess on her Twitter and Instagram.

    “Several fans have a problem with me saying EV4 and feel that I’m excluding Rhona. I have the right to celebrate the MASSIVE reaction to Maxine Jones and I joining Cindy and Terry as the original 4 Thursday night the way I choose! If you dont like it, simply unfollow. ALL LOVE xo”

    Rhona has been in the group longer than you and has helped keep their/your legacy alive! As much as I’d love to see E4 unite forever, I can see why it never works for too long.

    Dawn, humble yourself a little bit and don’t jump to fight with fans on Social Media. You guys are one of the most important female groups in music history. Own it in a better way than this.

  10. kevin October 16, 2019

    “…not on tour with Cindy and Terry…”

    Umm…no mention of Rhona I see.

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  12. Robert Berry April 4, 2020

    Ladies are still fine as ever . I hope you can go on tour after the virus is killed off.

    Hugs and kissses!!!!


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