New Song: Toni Braxton – ‘Do It’

Published: Monday 6th Apr 2020 by Sam

Toni Braxton is back!

The R&B legend delivers a care package in the form of new single ‘Do It.’

A delicious slice of grown R&B, the track is the first offering from the GRAMMY winning icon since 2018 album ‘Sex & Cigarettes.’

Speaking on the song, Braxton said:

I wrote this song about a year ago when a friend was going through the struggles of trying to end a relationship that wasn’t good for her. We have all been through situations like this, when there is really nothing more to say, you know he’s not right and you just need to do what you need to do. There is also an element of hope in the song, that after you do what you need to do things will get better.
During these unprecedented times, make the most of your time indoors with some self-reflection. Now might be a good time to quarantine your heart as well in order to examine what it really needs.”​

What are you waiting for? Listen to new Toni below…

Simple, yet stunning.

The piano-led anthem makes for an engaging listen; Braxton’s butter-smooth baritone melts effortlessly over the stripped-back production as she belts lyrics of encouragement to move on from toxic matters of the heart.

Over three decades into her career, this songbird continues to hatch gems and we can’t wait for more of what’s to come.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Andrew April 6, 2020

    Great stuff sis

  2. KeepingItReal April 6, 2020

    My legendary queen, I’ve been in love with your music since your first album ❤️

  3. Toni is Life April 6, 2020

    Simple yet stunning ❣️
    And a great song to add to her discography. She has one of the best discographies EVER!!
    And her smooth tone has always been exceptional ???

  4. Tori April 6, 2020

    Great album track, maybe even promo single but lead single?

    • Danny Bey April 6, 2020

      Who said it’s a lead single? Could just be a song she’s releasing for the hell of it.

  5. Bluebird April 6, 2020


  6. #TheTruth April 6, 2020

    Toni is one of my favorite voices.

    I’ve played out « Long as I live ».
    Her albums have been quite inconsistent to me but her voice makes it up when the material is so so.

    This song is beautiful, I hope we’l have a new album this year.

  7. Kay for braxton April 6, 2020

    Oh I Stan this song it’s so easy to memorize and it’s effortlessly stunning…. The right add lips and nothing like over doing it…. She is just a queen in her own right

    • Jay Alford April 8, 2020

      *ad libs

      • Kay for braxton April 8, 2020

        Lol! Thank you for the correction

  8. Chileplease April 6, 2020

    This easily could fit on the Secrets album. That’s a good thing.

    And is that “friends” name start with a Ta- and end with a -mar. Tell us sis…

    • Chileplease April 6, 2020


  9. Shayla Queen ? April 6, 2020

    Can NEVER get enough Toni! She has and always be up there as one of the best!

  10. Beylover April 6, 2020

    Love this song!

    Very mature song for Toni and has a relatable message for anyone who is in a TOXIC relationship with a significant other, friend, or family member!

    Great job Toni ??

  11. PinotNoir April 6, 2020

    Cool tune. Came 4 days too late. I ditched whoever needed to be let go and won’t be going back on my decision.

    Dear Sam – a woman Baritone? Never will exist. Toni is a full-lyric Mezzo-Soprano whose lows sit within the Contralto tessitura.

    • Will_xo April 6, 2020

      Thank you thought I was the only one that noticed that

  12. Gee April 6, 2020

    A/C Toni on the frontline. However this feels like more of an album cut, then the actual first single. But there is nothing wrong with some new Toni vibes.

  13. Cassie April 6, 2020

    So GREAT !! Toni Braxton did it again !!!

  14. JA_LA April 6, 2020

    I think this song is very timely when you think of people who may be stuck in quarantine with mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive partners.

  15. 2bad2bme April 6, 2020

    Now THIS is R&B. Not that fake trap infused mess I’m tired of hearing. Go Toni! ??????

    • Jeans April 6, 2020

      Wow, all the comments are positive. That’s a first. I love it Toni! Great job!

  16. William starks April 6, 2020

    I love it Toni Braxton I can’t wait for your new CD

  17. Redd Vega April 6, 2020

    Amazing ….only two words
    Lovely ….. Powerful
    Toni Braxton Legend….wonderful song.

  18. Synora April 7, 2020

    So love Toni Beautiful music such a classy lady she always will be one of my favorite artist

  19. Ywanna Jones April 7, 2020


  20. brownin329 April 7, 2020

    I like it. Very nicely done.

  21. eric April 7, 2020

    Way too short!! I want a 4-minute cut and a new 15-track album full of songs that aren’t all released before the album comes out! Throw in another tour too! lol

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