‘Savage’: Megan Thee Stallion Hit Makes 100,000 Dollars In A Week

Megan Thee Stallion‘s ‘Savage‘ is generating serious cash in the United States.

Full story below…

The track’s success is powered by its success on Tik Tok and now stands as one of her fastest-rising singles thanks to the money it is generating in the United States.

It swept up $100,000 in the last week.

$100,424 to be exact.

The single is currently outperforming Doja Cat‘s ‘Say So’, Dua Lipa‘s ‘Break My Heart’ and The Weeknd’s ‘Heartless’ and Camila Cabello’s ‘My oh My.’


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  1. Nicky April 12, 2020


    No remixes. No collabs. No fake apology. No fake relationship. No huge budget. No musicvideo. No performance.

    Certain people were making fun of Megan not getting a solo smash.

    Another L for Camicky The Clown & her fans.

    • I love big black c** April 12, 2020

      Meanwhile her song diamond with normonkey is certified aluminum foil…..

    • Xyz April 13, 2020

      No bla bla no bla bla … Yes tiktok

  2. Nicky April 12, 2020

    The new generation of Girls:

    Megan The Stallion
    Doja Cat
    Dua Lipa

    Solo Hits. Critical Acclaim. Independent women.

    • Nicky April 12, 2020


    • I love big black c** April 12, 2020

      Independent my a-s-s. They all have big labels backing em up. Megan the t***** still hasn’t achieved any top 10 hits. Thanks to Nicki, the song peaked #11

      • Xtina4ever April 12, 2020

        I had to laugh cause she does look trans. Nothing against them or anything I love my lgbtq. Something about her face doesn’t make her that pretty compared to others. She may be making money from the song but it’s not whwre a big hit like cardi b songs or Doja cat who gots a top 10.

      • Xyz April 13, 2020

        Nicki is dead loafer b*tch.. first she has to find a hit..

  3. k’man April 12, 2020

    Knowing how F’Up her contact is shes probably going to get 20 dollars and free coupon for an expired pizza.

    • I love big black c** April 12, 2020

      Still better than tinashe and with her 0.56 cents paycheck from streaming

      • my name April 12, 2020

        y’all f****** are miserable

  4. my name April 12, 2020

    meanwhile half of america has been laid off. at this point it’s hard to care what celebrities music make when the rest of the world is suffering to put food on the table. insensitive site

    • I love big black c** April 12, 2020

      U r right. She better donated some of her money to the community. Selfish trashy rapper

      • Xyz April 13, 2020

        Before her garbaj must do it

  5. Sweetnothings78 April 12, 2020

    Will we ever remember her and Dojo in a few years. Nothing memorable at all from either.

    That say so song and outfits are a rip off of Solange.

    Bye girls.

    • I love big black c** April 12, 2020

      At least nicki borrowed her gimmick outfits from Gaga. Zero effort!!

      • Justmeeeee April 12, 2020

        Gaga is the great white hope…
        She is EXTREMELY unattractive even with make-up Facts
        Gaga is a knockoff & a copycat
        All she did was study Grace Jones and imitate Kelis.
        She is ALL Hype
        That is why she has limited appeal
        She is a female Elvis
        With an asymmetric face
        All Facts All Day

  6. RacismIsDead April 12, 2020

    Her music is trash….

    • Xyz April 13, 2020

      Not trasher than garbaj

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