#JusticeForGlitter! Mariah Carey Surprise Releases ‘Glitter’ To Streaming Services [Listen]

Published: Friday 22nd May 2020 by Sam


Mariah Carey sprung a surprise on fans by honoring the much-demanded release of 2001 album ‘Glitter’ on streaming services.

Details below…

As widely known, the project – which was an album soundtrack for its like-titled movie – was initially released on September 11th 2001.

A combination of national panic, poor reviews of the film, and disproportionate critique saw the set sink before it could swim.

Its tanking torpedoed Carey’s then groundbreaking deal with Virgin Records and is widely attributed to being one of the core catalysts for her public breakdown.

In the years that the followed, ‘Glitter’ would begin to shine again – as the internet helped audiences became more autonomous with their taste and do-away with the spoon-fed approach of yesteryear.

This birthed the #JusticeForGlitter campaign amongst the star’s fanbase and saw Mimi herself re-embrace the album, regularly performing its songs during her live shows.

Now, almost 20 years since its release, the project has been made available on all streaming services.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the diva purchased the masters herself, with the label attribution on the Spotify’s and co simply reading “© 2001 Mariah.” If so, a boss move!

In any case, we’ve long loved the gems on ‘Glitter’ and hope this wide-release forms part of a bigger salute for its 20th anniversary next year.

Talk about rewriting a narrative! Go Mimi!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bluebird May 22, 2020

    Lead the Way rivals all I ever Wanted as her BEST VOCALS of her career. This album rocks. Still think Mariah and her Team, miss out on Hits — Last Night a DJ saved my life is bop and Faded is the hit she needed. Just saying. MARIAH continues to shine.

  2. MusicEnthusiast May 22, 2020

    Happy that people who are not as familiar with Mariah’s work get to hear this underrated gem of her catalog. Some of her best vocals and ballads are on this album: Lead The Way, Never Too Far & Reflections (Care Enough). And great 80’s R&B inspired dance tunes: Didn’t Mean To Turn You On, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life & Want You!!!

    • Celine Dion May 22, 2020

      Lies flop

      • Jigglypuff May 23, 2020

        Shutup rat, getaway

  3. #TheTruth May 22, 2020

    People associate the music with the movie… And Loverboy didn’t help, with the whispery vocals and the video, that’s basically everything people disliked with the « new Mariah ».

    There’s indeed some of her best studio vocals.
    And I’m very pleased to hear her on Funk songs, even tho they are covers.

  4. Really? May 22, 2020

    A waste

  5. MessyBoots May 22, 2020


    Now I can go ahead and update my Mariah playlists w/ Glitter bops!

    Thank you Queen MC! 🙌🏾❤🙌🏾

  6. PinotNoir May 22, 2020

    WTF is going on?

    All I did yeaterday was hum Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

    And today THIS?

    First Kandi, now Mimi?

    Lemme go play the lottery, chiiile. Manifesting outta my double bubble these days!

  7. Happy+n+Rich May 22, 2020

    Dice to Billie (Mariah) in Glitter:

    “Do you really think inside your mind that because you swing your ass around on stage and you hit a couple of high notes here and there, that you are some colossal success?”

    I LMAO when I saw the movie and had to give Mariah mad props for approving that line in the move, b/c we all know Tommy Mottola said that isht to her in real life.

    • PinotNoir May 22, 2020

      Rat-faced Motolla said THAT?


      Her memoir is gon’ be L-I-T!

      (She’d reveal more if he died)

  8. Gigi May 22, 2020

    Queen !

  9. Natedog May 23, 2020

    “I didn’t mean to turn you on!” – sang along while dancing my b*** off as a kid.

  10. PinotNoir May 23, 2020

    Even B-side “There For Me” is🔥

  11. Kelly fornia May 23, 2020

    Glitter > Future nostalgia

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