Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande Announce Duet ‘Stuck With U’

Published: Friday 1st May 2020 by Rashad

#Arianators and #Beliebers rejoice!

Beyond sharing the same longtime manager in industry powerhouse Scooter Braun, Pop titans Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber share a longtime friendship that – over the years – has seen them collaborate many times via a live format.

Now, after many requests to record those coactions, the duo have announced a  joint single for charity – ‘Stuck With U.’

Read details inside on how the duo are joining forces for COVID-19 relief:

Taking to Instagram moments ago, Bieber revealed the snap above with the caption:

“I’m releasing a new song #StuckwithU with my friend @ArianaGrande.
Working with our family at @sb_projects and universal music group proceeds from the sales and streams of #StuckwithU will fund grants and scholarships for children of first responders who have been impacted by COVID-19 in partnership with the First Responders Children’s Foundation @1strcf


The new song premieres Friday, May 8!

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  1. 1988 May 1, 2020

    Finally together!! And what an awesome charity! ❤️😎

  2. Only Facts May 1, 2020

    Ariana. B****. I love you. But GO AWAY!!!!!! Give us time to miss you! Damn

  3. Only Facts May 1, 2020

    Give us clarity on how much is going to charity! Knowing Justin and scooter, only .1% of the proceeds with go to charity.

  4. Susan May 1, 2020

    Nicki shaded Beyoncé!!!

    There’s several reasons why fans believe Nicki might be shading Beyonce:

    1.) A version of the remix leaked prior to the one that dropped on Friday. The official version featured a new verse that wasn’t included on the leak, leading fans to believe Nicki added it in the eleventh hour because it makes mention of a lyric featured on the “Savage” remix Beyonce did with rap’s fastest-rising female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion.

    Beyonce’s lyric: “If you wanna see some real @$$ baby here’s your chance”

    Nicki’s lyric: “Why you talkin’ about who ‘body fake, with all the fillers in your face you’re just full of hate. Real @$$ can’t keep ya n**** home, now you looking silly, that’s word to silicone.”

    2.) Before the final version was released, Nicki made it a point to tell fans to “make sure you listen to the outro.” The outro features the newly-added line.

    3.) Some thought it might be about Wendy Williams, but Nicki denied it.

    If Nicki is indeed coming for Beyonce, this won’t end well…

    • Sean May 1, 2020

      Nicki don’t won’t no smoke with Bey, The beehive will devour Nicki teenie Barb minions..This is a war Nicki is not prepared for.She better be more direct who she’s talking about because it’s about to get real messy.The beehive bout to be on her ass.

      • Susan May 1, 2020

        They’re already starting. Sites have picked up on this. The hike has been awakened

    • Tyty May 1, 2020

      Nicki would never!! She might be crazy but she ain’t that crazy. Nicki wouldn’t even shade Rihanna and they don’t actually like each other let alone BEYONCÉ!! I’m not a fan of Nicki but it seems there is a calculated effort to obliterate her career. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      • Just Sayin’ May 1, 2020

        I don’t think that plastic hoê Nicki can be that crazy. If she even thinks to try and cross Bey then that is it for her and we know she needs them coins to support her rapïst husband.

    • LoverBoy May 1, 2020

      Its not about Beyonce. The diss is for Wendy Williams. Check Nicki’s ig stories.

      • Susan May 1, 2020

        Nicki confirmed on ig that it’s NOT about Wendy! It’s clearly about Beyoncé!

      • Bogus May 1, 2020

        Ok but she still follows her on insta so I doubt that why would they be dissing each other ?

      • Susan May 1, 2020

        Nicki followed cardi all the way up until the shoe attack even though they were each throwing subs at each other in songs. The remix is clearly taking a jab at bey. Why else would she change the lyrics after hearing the savage remix? Nicki just thinks the bey hive is too stupid to read between the lines

    • PinotNoir May 1, 2020

      😲 Oh füçķ! Bey ft. Remy next? 😲

  5. Ugghh May 1, 2020

    We all know this track about to be low energy and basic

  6. I+love+big+black+c** May 1, 2020

    U know they stuck each other’s with little pink sausage and panocha. Cheating alert!!!

  7. PinotNoir May 1, 2020

    Who wrote his press release?

    Her orthophonist?

    *wobbly jaw*

  8. Snuggle May 2, 2020

    Next önes:
    A riana ft. Dan + shay
    Dan + shay ft. Demi
    Demi ft. Justin
    Ari ft. Demi

    • I+love+big+black+c** May 2, 2020

      Thirsty as hell

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