Lady Gaga On Response To George Floyd’s Death: “Black Voices Have Been Silenced For Too Long”

Published: Sunday 31st May 2020 by Sam

Lady Gaga is the latest star to publicly stand in unison with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The shocking death of unarmed Black man George Floyd at the hands of a Minnesota police officer has caused  international fury and renewed calls for an end to racism (especially within institutions that ought to be protecting the masses).

Using her platform, the singer acknowledged her privilege while unpacking the importance of everyone joining Black people to demand equality.

Her open letter awaits below…

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  1. Only Facts May 31, 2020

    Gaga. A little late. You only released this because black twister was dragging you the day of your albums release because you said you’re so happy right now. Meanwhile, black America and America in general are mourning George Floyd and scared about what this means for the rest of us

    So respectfully, shut THE F*CK UP and go stream your own album you privileged b*tch!

    • OnlyFaggots May 31, 2020

      Shut the f*** up you mess

    • Paul 😔 May 31, 2020

      What a disgusting thing to say. She has admitted that she is privileged, she has taken a stand with the black community, as have I. You might not like her as a person but do not get personal and berate her…. how is that any different than what people are fighting for at the moment. I am white but I am no where privileged, I work my a*** off in a hospital for the most shittiest pay.

      It’s a little different here in the UK. We have racism, we have discrimination, but it’s nothing at all like the USA. I feel for all the POC families that have had someone taken away from them simply because of the colour of their skin. It makes me sick….. I have shared my opinion on things from all over, I am very open with my thoughts and will always stand up for justice. I will not be silenced. We need to be more kind to people to humans and flush out the negative, disgusting, bigoted arseholes. I hope you have a lovely day.

      • PettySpaghetti May 31, 2020

        You’re saying you’re white but aren’t privileged…privilege extends far beyond the workplace. It’s because YOU ARE WHITE that you don’t have to worry about walking down the street getting stopped by officers because “they think” you are someone they were looking for because of their skin color. Because you are white, you don’t have to worry about educational advantages that have been given to you. Because you are white, affirmative action has never affected y’all. So don’t say you’re not privileged when it’s your very existence because of the color of your skin

      • Jam May 31, 2020

        As a person of color who is happens to be black, I love Gaga and feel this is truly genuine. Even if somehow it isn’t, it’s good she is using her platform the way Billie is. I feel happiness with her album and also feel all types of sadness and anger with what is going on. Human emotions aren’t one way or the other. Call all those who are truly problematic, like Kylie Jenner’s dumb as$

    • I+love+big+black+c** May 31, 2020

      U delusional b-i-t-c-h! U need mentally Help, can someone just lock only flop up in asylum. She’s gonna shave her head like Britney pretty soon.

      • Paul May 31, 2020

        @pettyspaghetti I don’t see myself as having white privilege at all. But since you put it that way I guess you’re right. But NOTHING has been handed to me, (I have had to fight for whatever I have got) I didn’t mean to cause offence and I’m sorry if I did.

        TBH I had never heard of white privilege over here in the U.K. Sure there are plenty racist people here but I pay them no mind, as it is disgusting and offensive to me. The police over here don’t just stop people for nothing. I did notice though when I came to the USA I was pulled out of the line at the airports during every check in, but I have a feeling that has something to do with my partner who is black. I am not blind to what happens and as I said before I will NOT stay silent to what’s happening.

  2. ugo May 31, 2020

    Well said Gaga,people are just so coldhearted honestly,otherwise why would anyone go to such lengths to show their hatred for another human being who has personally done nothing wrong to you. We all need Jesus…

  3. J May 31, 2020

    In case y’all didn’t know, Gaga wrote “Angel Down” from Joanne and it’s about this very issue. Take a listen. She hasn’t been silent about this. Please don’t drag our allies before looking into them first. 🖤

  4. Brown Eyes May 31, 2020

    Gaga has been a humanitarian, philanthropist, human rights activist and civil rights activist for many years. She has always used her voice to speak up for the unheard LGBTQ+, women and POC. I appreciate her continuing to use her platform for change. She could be shamelessly promoting her album right now but she isn’t. She puts people first.

  5. 1988 May 31, 2020

    Love you Gaga! 🙂

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