New Video: Brandy – ‘Baby Mama (ft. Chance The Rapper)’

Published: Monday 4th May 2020 by Sam

Brandy is back and blazing with new single ‘Baby Mama’ featuring Chance The Rapper.

And the vocal bible is wasted no time lighting a flame underneath the track, because just days after its initial premiere, she’s unleashed its accompanying video.

Directed by Derek Blanks and with creative direction from Frank Gatson, the vivid visual sees B-Rocka dance up a storm.

‘Mama,’ holistically, pays homage to the mothers making a way against the odds. It aptly arrives just before Mother’s Day in the US.

Check out the video below…

Check out That Grape Juice‘s recent interview with Brandy:

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  1. Keith May 4, 2020

    Ok…I like the video. Let me watch a few more times and perhaps I will feel better about the song.


      Same here. The video is nice. The song I’m still trying to have it grow on me.

    • Only Facts May 4, 2020

      Say it again for the people in the back!! 💯

  2. Erica May 4, 2020

    The video is cute, but I can’t get pass this song

  3. MsMay May 4, 2020

    Buzz single, I hope. Cute video

  4. Pat May 4, 2020

    Her performance skills have always been underrated. Wish I liked the song

  5. Only Facts May 4, 2020

    Brandy!!!!! This was CUTE!!! The song has grown on me and I love that the braids are back! Yasssss!!! And before the haters say anything, brandy has been in the game for 25 years and is now an independent artist…nobody gives AF of this charts or not. It’s for the fans. VOCAL BIBLE!

    • Bogus May 4, 2020

      Beyoncé has been in for a while now too but still gets hate for not having a number one recently I don’t get the hypocrisy

      • Only Facts May 4, 2020

        Beyoncé is a bigger name, and is not independent. She’s still very much associated with Columbia records. Brandy, while she’s been in the game for 25 years, she isn’t a pop star and is no longer as big as she once was. Stop comparing women. That’s what’s wrong with the world.

      • Pat May 4, 2020

        Her face overrate her impact. She should be still having number ones n mulltiplatinim albums based on her hype

      • Bogus May 4, 2020

        I’m not comparing them people on this site always attacking Bey because their favs don’t have the same hype when in truth all these performers are successful in their own right but to some people billboard dictates who’s talented and successful which is an arbitrary way to think especially in the age of streaming when they all make money and have fan bases

      • James May 4, 2020

        Loved it!!

  6. Bogus May 4, 2020

    First time listening to the song actually and it’s not as bad as the people on TGJ have made it out to be

    • High Price May 4, 2020

      They always make things seem to be worst off than the actual reality of it. Smh. A bunch of bitter queens.

  7. Tori May 4, 2020

    🤦🏾‍♂️ all that good money, time and energy waisted on a song that will struggles to see 2M views or the Top 40. I know for hod damn sure there were better single choice than this, this is barely an album track. Is she independent now because this is definitely not a business choice but more of an artistic choice that will fail.

    • G-bby May 4, 2020

      If a buzz single like “Freedom Rings” can get over 1M views, so can this. YES Brandy is independent and she’s doing things her way. I love that she’s standing by her art. Some will love it and some will hate it. That’s just the nature of the business. She will be fine.

      • Tori May 4, 2020

        She created a small amount of hype for Freedom Rings. She .ade it seems as if it would be the best song and most personal piece of art shes ever released and it was a complete let down, nor did she promote it and let the small hype die down. It was released nearly a year ago and made no impact anywhere, only has 1.2M views and received no official concept video nor was it billed as a buzz single

      • G-bby May 4, 2020

        It wasn’t billed as anything other than a song. I didn’t care for it either, but that’s all it was. She declared her freedom and dedicated it to LaShawn Daniels after his untimely death. The song dropped, and she disappeared into the shadows to continue working on her album and prepare for the era that’s finally here. Let’s not forget “Love Again” went #1 on the Urban AC charts for weeks and she didn’t promote that either.

        My point is, this is her era and she’s getting to work. Whether this is a mega success or not, Brandy is here and her art will be shared regardless. As a fan, I will support.

  8. eric May 4, 2020

    I don’t think the choreography works, and the chemistry between Brandy and Chance is weak. It was still a good effort though with some cool outfits and great use of color. Reminds me of the bright color scheme Janet used to always have in her videos.

    • Pat May 4, 2020

      Janet went two whole albums using only black N white motifs basically. What do U mean always

      • eric May 4, 2020

        What I mean is there was a period where her videos were always colorful, the All for You years – “All for You”, “Doesn’t Really Matter”, “Someone to Call My Lover”.

      • High Price May 4, 2020

        Lmaoooo! @Pat ….. I personally think “color scheme” wise, Janet’s was different anyways but that suit Brandy wore did give me a vibe.. and how she kind moved dramatically in it in scenes..

  9. Señorita May 4, 2020

    I love Brandy, she is humble and cool unlike F*******


    @billboard @camila_cabello’s “Romance” is now certified as PLATINUM for selling over 1,000,000 units in the USA. All albums released by
    are certified platinum in the United States.

    Congrats Queen🥰🥰🥰

    • Omarosa May 4, 2020

      Damn girl! Congrats Camilla

    • Ariana Grande May 4, 2020

      Vavabooommmm! She is a mainpop girl! Sorry normani

    • Fancier Bish🤳🏽 May 4, 2020

      Congrats CamilaCabello. Im an undercover fan since Havana Oh NaNa 🤳🏽🍎🗽

  10. DC3+FOREVER May 4, 2020

    Video is a good one!! Made the song grow a little more for me

    • PinotNoir May 4, 2020

      Though the stacked ethnic choker hid B-Rocka’s beautifully long neck, the vid made me like the sing better, too. Yay!

  11. G-bby May 4, 2020

    Cute video! Fun and colorful. Brandy looks amazing. 41 where?

    I love how Brandy isn’t afraid to be different 26 years into her career. She’s always ahead of her time.

  12. Tyty May 4, 2020

    Cute…personally think she could have spent her budget on a better single 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • PinotNoir May 4, 2020

      The song is poignant for single moms esp. those feeling alone in these times.

  13. James May 4, 2020

    Loved it!! I’ve always liked Brandy!!

  14. Haterz+Gon‘+Hate May 4, 2020

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Loved the song 😍 Video was fun colourful and I was not expecting the different treatments/styling/dancers 🤩🤩🤩🤩 I don’t give A Fūçk what the haterz say – this video (25 years deep) was what “I” a “fan” wanted. So much negativity in the world right now – I’m good – why don’t the haterz get right wit they life 🖕🏾This video done made and your chicken heads can’t do a damn thing about it 😎🔊🔊🔊

  15. Nippian May 4, 2020

    This is an album track not a single. She needed to do a video for Love Again with Daniel Caesar and release a BOP as a single. I prefer Fantasia’s Baby Mama song.

  16. Just Leezy May 4, 2020

    Song has a great message, about the acknowledgment of single mothers. The video is number 1 on Itunes.

  17. PinotNoir May 4, 2020

    Oh, vid’s made this a bop! 💃

  18. Interac May 4, 2020

    I’m a huge Brandy fan but the choreography and outfits look awkward.

  19. just+saying May 4, 2020

    Brandy is amazing! I’ll start by saying that. I’ve loved every single album of hers. I’m a huge fan…

    …But this video isn’t good; it lacks a vision and clear direction. Derek Blanks is possibly the worst choice to direct any video. I don’t understand why people are still using him in 2020. His work is gimmicky, messy and always looks cheap.

    The styling of this video is horrible. Who approved any of this? Brandy is a legend; an artist of her caliber deserves better. I’ve seen indie artists with zero budget put out better videos than this. These days, you can get major label quality without paying major label money. So honestly, there’s no excuse.

    She needs a better creative team around her, people with artistic integrity and dope aesthetics.

  20. Thiago Ozaias May 4, 2020

    I’ve been a fan of Brandy since the first album. And I confess that the last release that touched me was “Human” (which also did not have a great performance but has good songs).
    I find the collaboration with Chance lackluster, the music is lukewarm. I read comments above saying “Listening a few more times to see if I get used to it”, people if the music was really good, nobody would need to listen hundreds of times to enjoy it at some point.
    Is it impossible to do great works like “Never say never” as an independent artist?
    The same happened with “freedom rings”, everyone expected something great because it was the celebration of 25 years of career and look, weak music, without a clip, without disclosure and dragging their visualizations. It seems less and less possible for big names from 20 years ago to achieve a top 30 that is, or at least be known by the new generation.

    • PinotNoir May 4, 2020

      I hated My Heart Will Go On since 98 and only started appreciating it the night poofy-shouldered Céline sang it at the BMAs. Some songs are growers … even if takes a decade. 😊

    • Haterz+Gon‘+Hate May 4, 2020

      It’s the same as Mariah Carey – this deep in the game with that flawless a discography WHO is trying to achieve “top 30”???? Many artists make their coin off of music and touring (Faith Evans, Teedra Moses, Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan) and never see the inside of the “The Top 30” ever again – but the fans are happy. If you don’t like Brandy’s material go by Selena Gomez’s shît instead – that goes “top 30” and look how that turned out…. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

      • PinotNoir May 5, 2020

        Agreed A to Y. 😊 Z would be Mimi not secretly dreaming of another #1.

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