Khia Criticises Barack Obama

Published: Saturday 13th Jun 2020 by David

Khia is unhappy with Barack Obama.

Find out why below….

Obama is the latest public figure to find himself in Khia’s line of criticsm because he, as far as she sees it, did not do enough to fight for the rights of African-Americans during his time in office.


Her remarks sparked an intense debate on social media.

See below…

Do you agree with her estimation of his Presidential run?

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  1. I+love+big+black+c** June 13, 2020

    My neck my back is still remain a special place in my heart but gurl u need to calm yo a-s-s down. Please make more dirty rap songs like CUPCAKKE instead of just talking smacks about other people

    • Bogus June 14, 2020

      Cupcakke is disgusting porrn rapper as yours.

      • I+love+big+black+c** June 14, 2020

        Don’t coming for my gurl like that. She is the most hardcore rapper on the planet and I love her attitude. How come TGJ never post anything from her? I thought she’s black unless y’all considered she’s doing white music then

  2. Only Facts June 13, 2020

    She’s such an embarrassment.

  3. ME+YOU+US June 13, 2020

    Yes she is 100% right BO is a typical cloon who shucks and jives..

  4. Lyka June 13, 2020

    She is uneducated she didnt even know enough about politics to speak on it.

  5. Sam June 13, 2020

    Why 👏 does 👏 she 👏 keep 👏 opening 👏 her 👏 mouth?!?!?! As a black person, I do not want her speaking for me. She’s making us all look bad; part of the problem, not the solution.

    • I+love+big+black+c** June 13, 2020

      She isn’t the first one and won’t be the last one, so…. keep embarrassing for life

    • PinotNoir June 13, 2020

      It’s people who take her as a bad representation of an entire race that should look bad. Not you. Not she. Think ’bout it.

  6. Section8DaGreat June 13, 2020

    She is a negative spirit.

  7. Section8DaGreat June 13, 2020

    Thatgrapejuice y’all need to fix all these cookies on your website. GHETTO

  8. Fancy BISH June 13, 2020

    Now, see y’all done gassed this bish up 😂 This is what happens when a bish gets a lil platform and a dusty shelf 📚 🤣 President Obama and Michelle have inspired me for a LIFETIME and Khia has a few cute bops, written reads and THAT shelf lol…I can’t

    • I+love+big+black+c** June 13, 2020

      Bet Michelle was jamming my neck my back when she was in college😂🤣😂🤣maybe it’s was their wedding song

      • Neon June 13, 2020


      • PinotNoir June 14, 2020

        More like my teeth, my arms. 😊 Like, darn 1st lady, fix that underbite.

  9. High Price June 13, 2020

    NOW HOLD TF UP! Barack Hussein Obama II is OFF LIMITS! She is out of line. She also needs to do her research.

  10. Tori June 13, 2020

    Prs. Obama did ALOT for the black community, thats why he’s one of the most celebrated presidents. Most of all, he actually gave the community a voice and a seat at a table where we were only allowed to be ‘the help’ so that we could be ‘The Head’. NO HE DID NOT DO THE S*** LOW CLASS, FAKE ASZ “POWER FOR THE PEOPLE” BLACK PEOPLE WANTED HIM TO DO! No he did not send out stimulus checks but gave your aszes better health insurance, no he did not put people in high places just because they were black but because they actually worked for it.

  11. “GG” June 13, 2020

    First of all we voted him into office without voting in the Senate election therefore he was sent to the White House with no friends in the senate there for every bill he suggest it was denied

  12. Dear Black People June 13, 2020

    You go Khia speak that truth honey.

    • Jam June 15, 2020

      b**** bye.

  13. Huh? June 13, 2020

    Stop reporting news about her. Stop giving her a platform. She isn’t worth it

  14. PinotNoir June 13, 2020

    Careful, Ms. Next Caller. Hussein could have your phone line cut live on IG (again) or drone-torch your van while playing “You betta R.E.S.P-respect Me” 😊

  15. Neon June 13, 2020

    What has SHE done for the black community?

  16. Clarks0o0ñ June 13, 2020

    Nobody in the comment section has mentioned any tangible thing barrack did for black people

    The press loves obama that’s why he got away with so much when he was in office.

    The idiot destabilize Syria
    The idiot also put immigrant children in cages
    The idiot deported 3 million people

    • eric June 13, 2020

      Let me help you. For starters, we can look at Obama granting clemency to 1,927 people, most of whom are from the minority group we are trying to protect from being victims of miscarriages of justice. In 4 years, Trump has granted clemency to just 25 people… TWENTY FIVE!

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 14, 2020

        Now tell us about the millions he bombed overseas

        Or the children he locked in cages

    • PinotNoir June 14, 2020


      You left out Snowden …

      • PinotNoir June 14, 2020

        … and Assange

    • Jam June 15, 2020

      @Clarkson, yes those last two points you made are disappointing, but he hs been an effective president for the most part when you consider he had to navigate a controlled republican house and constant forced compromise thanks to Mitch McConnell, but I assume most of you wouldn’t realize that.

      Increased funding to HBCU’s year over year, doubled the stock market, cut black unemployment in half, ended federal use of for-profit prisons, created ConnectED and My Brother’s Keeper, 20 million more people with health insurance.

      — besides all of this

      To add to this, he signed New START Treaty, first President to endorse Same-S** Marraige; LGBTQ were able to openly serve in the military thanks to him, igned the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, restoring basic protections against pay discrimination for women and other workers.

      Like girl, don’t play yourself trying to go in on him.


    THIS B**** WAS ONLY GOOD FOR Motivational Speeches

  18. Lanafan1 June 13, 2020

    She’s right about this!

  19. 4U2SEE June 13, 2020

    Obama could’ve handled the injustice for black people. I guess that was just too much, huh?

    Dump still be hatin on him but Obama didn’t even do anything for us and he’s a leo also, Obama could have at least gave Dump a real reason to hate. I’m Glad Obama was shocked at this generation effort to say, “Enough is Enough” cause his lion paws was short.

    • PinotNoir June 14, 2020

      I always said US presidency attracts Leos like rimmers to a bootyhole. Nobody believes me. Both Trump and Hilary are Leo rising.

  20. 1988 June 13, 2020

    She’s still right about 50 year old Katrina… 🙂

  21. My neck, my crack June 13, 2020

    I would LOVE to hear the conversation explaining who Khia is to Mr. Obama. If youtube was pulled up then I want to SEE his reaction.

  22. Truth June 14, 2020

    Ummm that’s because everything he tried to do he had a racist ass republican senate that blocked everything.. where the f*** was she those eight years.. and what has she done for her community??

    • PinotNoir June 14, 2020

      Fair point.

      The poor guy had to guzzle champagne in public JUST to prove he’s not Muslim. 😂

  23. ThatGrapeJuiceLies June 14, 2020

    I see no lies… Obama didn’t do s*** for the black community and the “Clapback”
    example above in the tweet That Grape Juice chose to highlight is misleading when you actually dig into the numbers. Obama was the president for Muslims, not blacks, and not average Americans.

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