Lady Gaga Readying ‘Chromatica’ Companion Project?

Published: Monday 15th Jun 2020 by Sam

Lady Gaga may have just topped the charts with ‘Chromatica,’ but it appears there are plans in place to add to the project in unique way.

Full story below…

Mother Monster teamed with hitmaker BloodPop to craft the project, which birthed #1 bop ‘Rain On Me,’ and in a new interview he’s opening up about the process of piecing the LP together.

Fans who followed its pre-release trajectory lauded the news that the likes of Max Martin and Ryan Tedder were present on the set. Also exciting the Monsters was confirmation that Gaga had hit the studio with creative SOPHIE.

Yet, when ‘Chromatica’ landed, tracks with the latter were notably absent.

Well, according BloodPop, it appears the masses will hear them as part of an extension of the campaign:

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly:

“We worked with SOPHIE very early on. [She was] the first collaborator of those sessions. Those days were fun. We set up six microphones and recorded [Gaga’s] Lamborghini exhaust, and SOPHIE cut it up into samples. [Though they didn’t make the album], we still plan to finish those songs and present something special within the Chromatica universe.”


We’re still bopping to ‘Chromatica’ and are elated to hear + see Gaga embracing “the dancefloor she fought for.”

She’s a proven Pop shapeshifter, hence it’s anyone’s guess what the ‘Chromatica’ follow-up will be. As such, we’re all for her staying in this sonic “universe” for a while.

In today’s streaming led arena, many acts are tossing the rulebook to the side and finding innovative ways to feed fans and extend product lifecycles. Case in point, The Weeknd’s “expansion pack” of songs he bolted on to new album ‘After Hours’ – a mere week after the original release.

Hence, we’d love to see Gaga conjure up something similar. Especially in light of the promotional limitations the present global health crisis has put on her campaign.

Your thoughts?

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  1. freefallqueen June 15, 2020

    She has to do something!! I love Gag’s but gurllllll you’re not Beyonce. You can’t just drop an album and disappear. Where’s the promotion, where are the performances, why aren’t you interacting with your fans?

    • DC3 FOREVER June 15, 2020

      Because we are still quarantine. Where she gonna perform at at protest?

      • Bravo!! June 15, 2020


      • PinotNoir June 15, 2020

        😂😂😂😂😂 not at protests, chiiiile!

      • POPS+Muva June 15, 2020


      • freefallqueen June 16, 2020

        Girl – BYEEE! Katy has managed to pull multiple performances. My point still stands, no televised interviews, minimal promotional posts, NOTHING. She dropped the album and disappeared.

  2. DC3 FOREVER June 15, 2020

    All I know is we’re better get BABYLON (haus labs version) ASAP!!!

    • POPS+Muva June 15, 2020

      He confirmed that we are ksksksk imagine

      • DC3 FOREVER June 15, 2020


    • Lmfao_Hoe June 17, 2020

      THAT SONG ALONE SHOULDVE BEEN THE FRST DAMN SINGLE ! I was like Gaga really Stupid Love over This? smh well thankfully its not too late.

  3. Onika+The+R*****+Whisperer June 15, 2020

    Is Ariana on board? Otherwise she’ll flop horrendously.

    • POPS+Muva June 15, 2020

      girl Gaga a POP force. not in her prime anymore but shes still a force

      • Onika+The+R*****+Whisperer June 15, 2020

        I think the word you were looking for is ugly HORSE. Not force.

  4. I+love+big+black+c** June 15, 2020

    Y’all mad b-I-t-c-h-e-s & haters, u suck GAGA’s donkey d-I-c-k.

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