Usher Performs ‘I Cry’ Live On ‘Global Goal: Unite for Our Future’ [Video]

Published: Sunday 28th Jun 2020 by Sam

Usher is wasting no time driving home his message on powerful new song ‘I Cry.’

For, just a day after releasing the track, the icon took to the stage at ‘Global Goal: Unite for Our Future’ fundraiser to perform it.

Watch below…


Speaking on his rationale for releasing the song, Usher said:

“This song was inspired by wanting to teach my sons that it is ok for a man to feel emotions deeply and to cry. Like many men, I was raised to believe that we have to be “tough” and not show our vulnerability, which I don’t want to teach them. While I was shut in during the pandemic and watching the death of George Floyd, the ongoing slaughter of Black men and women, the protests and the events that unfolded, I became very connected to the wider universal feeling of hopelessness. Like many, I grew increasingly frustrated by how slow things have been to change.  I became very depressed thinking about all the sons who have lost their fathers to police brutality, social injustice and violence; the daughters and mothers too. So I returned to this song and realized it was intended for this time, so I finished it and here it is.

Proceeds from ‘I Cry’ are being donated to to LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) in support of Black-owned small businesses and community organizations.

More power to him and Global Citizen too.

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  1. Ugghh June 28, 2020

    Lol gurl, were the tears real or part of the performance because they fell right on queue

    • king c June 28, 2020

      LMAO. It was a moving performance anyway. Lol I was wondering if they were real or fake tears cuz it’s extremely difficult to sing while crying (I know from experience) but I’m just gonna believe it’s real as a fan lol

    • Truth June 28, 2020

      Out of all the important lyrics in this song and the fact that he made this powerful song but you choose to highlight that?? SMH some black people kill me.

  2. marilyn monh-O-E June 28, 2020

    I miss my man dancing on the stage like a raining men. I would totally lick his sweat off from top to bottom.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ June 28, 2020

    He still has it
    He will always have it

    He needs to collaborate with one of the new pop boys, drake or post malone or khalid or even ariana so he can get a streaming hit.

    • king c June 28, 2020

      He should do another Beyonce collab. They’re both past their selling prime but if they did a more upbeat track that had killer choreography, kind of dance battle-ish, and dropped out of nowhere, I swear it would break the internet lol. Both artists have fans from all generations and are the two best selling r&b artists of the century (so far) so it only makes sense.

      • marilyn monh-O-E June 28, 2020

        Jay-z won’t allowed that happen again. Say no to her-pes

  4. eric June 28, 2020

    Sounds better than the recording.

  5. CALICO KIDD June 28, 2020

    The crying bit was a too much bro.

  6. CALICO KIDD June 28, 2020

    The crying bit was too much bro.

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