Avery Wilson: “I’m Bisexual”

Published: Saturday 18th Jul 2020 by Sam

Rising R&B singer Avery Wilson is sharing his truth.

For, in celebration of his 25th birthday, he unwrapped the fact that he is a bisexual man.

Full story below…

Wilson first rose to prominence after vowing millions on The Voice and went on to be signed by Clive Davis at RCA Records. 

And as his star continues to climb to higher heights, it appears he wants fans to know him on a deeper level.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

“I’m bisexual. Ok bye”

Kudos to Avery for his bravery.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Black Music Honors]

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  1. Uh July 18, 2020

    Great another f*****!
    Smh!! Wtf is happening to black men??
    How does a mans sewer turn you on 🤔🤢🤮

    • Uh July 18, 2020

      And his f***** ass loves d*** in his s***** sewer
      2020 failed man

      • Tay July 19, 2020

        As a fellow man myself D 🍆 is just so good. And he never said he took it some dudes just like taking a mans 🍑 🤷🏾‍♂️ It is what it is

    • CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 18, 2020

      🍆🍆🍆🍆 do I need to explain why?

    • Lana Del Fan July 18, 2020

      Okay, Straggot. Go choke on v@ginal discharge.

      • Holliewuudd July 18, 2020


    • Misty Knight July 18, 2020

      It’s tight, unlike your busted out, overflowing puddin’ cup. And the internet knows you’re fat.

    • CS. July 18, 2020

      The real question is what’s wrong with you ? Lol sound well frustrated. Stay peace and chill 🤟🏻
      F****** negative people. Damn.

      • Jay July 19, 2020

        What is the life of a gay man past 50?

    • AJ July 19, 2020

      Why is it any of your business. Allow people to love who they want.

      • Uh July 19, 2020

        It’s disgusting and unholy smh

    • Homeplate July 20, 2020

      Most men just like gettin head on the DL. Gay dudes will suck them up and swallow their s****.

  2. 😒 July 18, 2020

    Not surprised

  3. Lanafan1 July 18, 2020


  4. CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 18, 2020

    Yessssss come to daddy!!!!!!!

  5. dee July 18, 2020

    duh! We already knew.

  6. citygirl July 18, 2020

    we love to see it

  7. Blonde July 18, 2020

    Bisexual???? Boy STFU u FULL-Gay err one knows that.

  8. Misty Knight July 18, 2020

    Straight black men are so fragile they might as well be white suburban soccer moms.
    Oh, lordy, they beez feminizin’ us! C’mon boys, let’s go beat a black woman, shoot each other – or Megan The Stallion – to prove how manly we are.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 July 18, 2020

      Chile 🤣🤣🤣

    • Tay July 19, 2020

      Well damn misty tell me how you really feel lol. It’s not a black thing let’s be clear All races do the same thing. Now when it comes to a numbers then maybe we can have a debate. Definitely a case study because as a knowledgeable individual I could argue the case Hispanics are more feminine and prone to being a bttm meaning the receiver of the D🍆 than black men. I could also argue that most races out side of black are more prone to being a bttm and of sexual servitude. 🤷🏾‍♂️ It is what it is and all opinion based but could definitely be weighed in numbers. I’m sure it’s been done before just google it. Anyway looking forward to your Response

    • Johny5 July 19, 2020

      Sksksksksk okay!

    • Uh July 19, 2020

      Or maybe you’re a f***** who needs to repent before its to late and god forever leaps from out of your sick twisted lifestyle ?🤢🤢🤮

      • Real July 20, 2020

        Oh… you’re one of those hell bound evil people who things their holy and better than everyone…

  9. Holliewuudd July 18, 2020


    • Fancy BISH July 18, 2020

      Your face is yawn

    • Shayla Queen 👑 July 18, 2020

      You feeling tired hoee? From all that hatin?

  10. CHIA July 19, 2020

    I’m sure the people running this site read all there messages of racial, gender insults. Yet they do nothing because they need the clicks and comments. Shame on you because I believe some of you are gay also. TMZ EVEN TURNED OFF ITS COMMENTS. SMH

  11. ~The Arcade~ July 19, 2020


  12. CAN’TBEBANNED July 19, 2020

    sigh! And funny how this the first time I’m seeing Avery featured on TGJ… but yeah this is a sigh.

  13. Kay July 19, 2020

    Stop romanticizing ppls sexuality by calling it brave.

  14. dabratt July 19, 2020


  15. WRTW? July 19, 2020

    Bisexual I thought ga…. nevermind

  16. FMcL July 19, 2020

    Why & how is this news?! In 2020?! Really TGJ?!

  17. BeQuiet!!! July 19, 2020

    I thought he was openly gay

  18. cruz July 20, 2020

    TGJ – The comments on here are incredibly vile and inappropriate. If you want readers to continue to view your blog you need to monitor and block hateful comments. It is unacceptable to allow trolls to spew hate speech.

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