Cardi B Scores The Longest Charting Album By Female Rapper

Published: Monday 24th Aug 2020 by Ryan

Cardi B continues to set records.

The ‘WAP’ rapper’s debut LP, ‘Invasion of Privacy,’ has now become the longest charting album by a female rapper on the Billboard 200.

More details below…

The set has now spent an impressive 124 weeks on the chart.

It previously scored another milestone when it became the longest charting debut album by a female rapper earlier this year. At that point, it had spent 92 weeks on the chart, allowing it to surpass the previous record Lauryn Hill set with ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’

‘Invasion of Privacy’ housed the hits, ‘Bodak Yellow,’ ‘I Like It,’ and ‘Be Careful’ among others.

The album went on to win the 27-year-old Best Rap Album at the Grammys and scored her a nomination for album of the year.

Clearly, the album continues to resonate with fans as they eagerly await her sophomore effort.

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  1. #WAP August 24, 2020

    Fat old lady Nicki continues to lose relevancy each day 🤣 Congrats Grammy Award winner Cardi B!!!

    “Stupid h** shoulda befriended me, then she prolly coulda come back.” 🤣 Nicki makes it too easy to use her own lyrics against her these days!


    • A…. August 24, 2020

      @Wap, aka Only facts, why don’t you also address your ugly vehicle manslaughter fav dropping off the Billboard 200 in 2 weeks LMAOOOO.

      • Clarks0o0ñ August 24, 2020

        I thought I was the only one that noticed @wap is onlyflops.

        I dragged the idiot so much he fell into depression and changed his name entirely

        My power 😌

      • A…. August 24, 2020

        LMAOOOO facts! Kept that foot on his neck to the point of him changing his name, with his punk ass LMAOOOO.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ August 24, 2020

    Yes the queen of rap stays slaying

  3. A…. August 24, 2020

    Love her!

    • Billboard Queen August 24, 2020

      TGJ, the country’s current Queen of Music Taylor Swift is #1 for four weeks in Billboard 200. I want you guys to post this. This is a good achievement especially for women.

  4. KenDoll August 24, 2020

    The new supreme is HERE.

  5. IG: mixedboy August 24, 2020

    So deserving

  6. DC3 FOREVER August 24, 2020

    I hate to say it but if she wants to have a bigger sophomore album she has to just stay fun and kinda Pop-ish

    • Biancacook August 24, 2020

      Nooooo we like rap that’s why she’s winning

  7. TRANS RACIAL QUEEN August 24, 2020

    Taylor swift still at number one

  8. Billboard Queen August 24, 2020

    Congrats Cardi B

    Meanwhile on Billbord 200, Congrats Taylor for spending 4 weeks at number one!

  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 24, 2020

    RIP Nikki…

    I really hope Cardis sophomore is more sophisticated than IOP cuz Many songs on IOP did NOT age well and there was filler like She Bad I Do and Ring. Be careful and Best life didn’t age well either. It’s STRONG songs were very strong tho which made the album good as a whole. Hope Cardi next album will be more consistent with the Money Bags Presses Bodak Yellows Thru your phone all the way if cardi wants to stay on top cuz Be Careful having 17 different writers lowers her credibility as a writer.

    I’m Definitely rooting for cardi in 2020

    • #WAP August 24, 2020

      I believe you mean 17 different starches with each meal isn’t helping your diabetes.

  10. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 24, 2020

    Forgot to mention Bartier Cardi. Cardis most underrated songs to me are Press and Bartier Cardi. Funny Cardis more overlooked songs are still better than Nikkis ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY (Literally)

  11. Queen said Move ya hips so MOVE August 24, 2020

    But she has t written a single word on her editors payola career?

    • Dc August 24, 2020

      Stfu ascap has awarded her songwriting awards so she don’t have to prove s*** to your hating ass keep watching her shine 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  12. High Price August 24, 2020

    The album is still actually a whole bop. I’m curious to know what’s sophomore year sounding like for Cardi too! So far, I’m loving this Era for her!

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