Predictions Are In: Shawn Mendes Set To Collect Fourth Billboard 200 #1 with ‘Wonder’

Published: Tuesday 8th Dec 2020 by Rashad

Shawn Mendes’ fourth studio album ‘Wonder’ – kicked off by its title track and the Justin Bieber-assisted follow-up, ‘Monster’ – is certainly scaring off the competition, a feat industry analysts are sure will lead to a victory lap on next week’s Billboard 200.

Released December 4, ‘Wonder’ marvels as one of the season’s most highly anticipated Pop projects as it comes as the long-awaited follow-up to Mendes’ 2018 self-titled project.  Like the latter LP, ‘Wonder’ is headed to chart battle with two Hot 100 top 20 hits to its credit.

Also like its predecessor, the latest Mendes effort has been supported by a juggernaut of promotional jaunts including a Netflix special, award show performances, and a slew of high profile appearances on late nite TV and more.

Look inside to see just what insiders believe will be the fruit of his labor:

Shawn Mendes’ ‘Wonder’ 

First Week Sales Prediction (SPS):  85k-95k units

First Week Sales Prediction (Pure): 45k-55k units

Predicted Billboard 200 Debut:  #1

If the numbers above ring true, they – despite being his lowest first-week album sales to date – should secure Shawn his fourth consecutive Billboard 200 chart-topper.

Though pacing to be the singer’s first LP to land less than a 6-figure sales mark its inaugural sales rung, a recently released deluxe edition should help provide the padding necessary to ensure such isn’t the case.

Click here to stream ‘Wonder: the Deluxe Edition.’


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  1. Nicky December 8, 2020

    😂😂😂 did more than Camicky The Clown

    I thought Camicky was responsible for his success

    But these numbers are still bad considering all the tracks, Bieber collab, added bonuses etc.

  2. Nicky December 8, 2020

    Anyone notice Gayla Queef (Shayla Queen) disappeared since Biden-Harris won


    The losers are scattering.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ December 8, 2020


    He may hit 100k eventually
    I hope he does, so the haters can cry plenty

    If this album didnt hit number one, they would have blamed Camila.
    Bunch of ràts

    • Nicky December 8, 2020

      Well it surely didn’t hit #1 Bc of Camicky

      Camicky Christmas Song- US Itunes #64

      Falling hard. I’m so so sorry.


      Gwen Stefani #1
      Jennifer Hudson #5

      • Bl0wMyBu$$y 🤑 December 8, 2020


  4. Paulo December 8, 2020

    He went from over 200k to less than 100k so fast. The Crowmila Effect 😫

    • Nicky December 8, 2020

      When you lay with a racist dog, you lose fans. Guilty as charged

      Ask Camicky – flop songs, album, canceled tour, no noms

      We truly love to see it.

    • Clarks0o0ñ December 8, 2020

      None of shawn Mendes albums has ever sold 200k first week

      U have to lie to push a false narrative
      Ur a loser.
      I hope u dìe

      • Paulo December 8, 2020

        Ooops someone got triggered hard! 🤣 Your fav clinged to her boyfriend to save her career but all she did was harm his now cry about it 😘

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 8, 2020

        Triggered? 🤣🤣

        U said it was going to flop, dont make me pull out the receipts 💅

        but here we are, A NUMBER ONE ALBUM.

        I know u hate to see it but u will deal.

        I hope u die in 2021. 😌

        Look at normani she attacked Camila, now her mamas cancèr is back 😭
        Go against Camila, its going to cost u 😌💅

      • Paulo December 8, 2020

        I said his team is clearly scared his relationship would harm his career and now they have proof 😫 so you’re spiteful, a lowlife AND dumb? Can’t read? Pick a struggle ho

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 8, 2020

        Ur still crying
        Sorry for u

        4th number one album for mr Mendes

        Go back to Twitter and continue crying about shawn and Camila’s success
        They are not going anywhere .

        Deal with it 😌💅

  5. Bl0wMyBu$$y 🤑 December 8, 2020

    meanwhile camilo had nothing to do with this 😭😂 their song is sittin pretty at #64 on iTunes 💀his lowest sales to date. I guess they are perfect for each other. Two racist flops

  6. Susan December 8, 2020

    The smoke and mirrors worked I see. Because that album is definitely #14 on US iTunes. An absolute embarrassment of epic proportions

  7. HavanaOnana December 8, 2020

    Congratulations Shawn Mendes!!!! Album is lit. And also to your gurl Camila Cabello 😘

  8. Pat December 8, 2020

    Subpar. He’s too high profile for these numbers

  9. WTRW? December 8, 2020

    That’s low for a white artist that uses payola, back to the studio just like Justin Bieber you go

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