The Predictions Are In! Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’ Set To Sell…

Published: Saturday 12th Dec 2020 by Sam

Taylor Swift sprung the ultimate surprise on fans this week with the arrival of new album ‘Evermore.’

Serving as the Pop titan’s ninth studio effort, it arrives just five months after predecessor ‘Folklore.’ It’s notably the singer’s third LP in sixteen months!

With such a packed plate of activity of late, how is Taylor’s next musical adventure faring commercially?

The first week sales predictions are in. Details after the jump…

According to Hits Daily Double, ‘Evermore’ is on-course to premiere at #1 with:

[Sales Plus Streaming]


[Pure Sales]

While the numbers pale in comparison to the openings of ‘Folklore’ (846,000) and last year’s ‘Lover’ (867,000), context is key.

It’s the third album from the same artist in a super condensed frame. It’s also of note that this is the first of Swift’s recently released projects that hasn’t arrived with a number of retail configurations (vinyls, cassettes, signed editions, and the like). Given her embrace of said formats and her potency with pure sales, it’s safe to expect additional versions imminently. Which would be all sorts of smart, as it’s holiday season and would gift Swift longevity.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Robin December 12, 2020

    Good numbers

  2. Pat December 12, 2020

    Still more than anybody else. Now stop before u over saturate

  3. J December 12, 2020

    That drop though 😱😱 half lol

  4. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) December 12, 2020

    She’s declining 💅🏿 Adele is coming next year so better watch yo back taylor swish swish bish💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️

  5. Clarks0o0ñ December 12, 2020

    Damn , look at those pure sales. SO HUGE

    Taylor has really reinvented herself

    Everybody criticised her last album for being too generic with childish lyrics like “hey kids spelling is fun”

    She went back to the drawing board and restrategised , and she came back with a new sound, fresh look, deep mature lyrics, fresh aesthetic etc.

    A true artist
    She’s aging, she cant keep releasing radio friendly songs. She’s not a single artist anymore, she’s an album artist.

    • J December 12, 2020

      How Taylor’s BWC feel?

    • Xavier December 13, 2020

      I agree with you. These are solid numbers for an indie album and also considering there are no CDs or vinyl copies to support it.

      Taylor is a true artist. She isn’t chasing trends but still doing good commercially.

      She can’t keep making bubblegum pop the entirety of her career. There is going to be no 1989 or reputation era again. Her latest albums are lyrically driven..

      She’s done with radio hits and she’s at the point of her career where she can do that. Every pop star should learn from her. Taylor is going anywhere. She’ll dictate when her career will end

      • MessyBoots December 13, 2020

        @Xavier Agreed.

  6. Susan December 12, 2020

    Respectable numbers, but PLEASE let this be her last experimental album. Give us another 1989 after this.

    • Xavier December 13, 2020

      1989 contains some of the most generic pop songs in Taylor’s discography.

      Shake it off, Bad blood, you name it.

      1989 is her worst album ever

  7. My oh my December 13, 2020

    She’ll decline after this mark my word! Once you go against Camila it’s a wrap for you career

    • Abel December 13, 2020

      Who is Camila?

    • Susan December 13, 2020

      Against who?! 🧐 Never heard of that woman. Taylor is an unbothered queen 👑

    • C**-ila December 13, 2020

      Camilla Parker Bowles, Camila Mendes or Camila Morrone?
      Which one of them will wrap Taylor’s career?

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) December 13, 2020

      Look at Katy perry😂🤣😂 she hit rock bottom after messing with American sweet heart ❤️

      • Carlitos December 13, 2020

        Katy may not be a big as she used to be (numbers wise), she still pulls in strong numbers, and has a pretty solid fan base. As much as I love Taylor, she was not the reason why Katy’s numbers aren’t as strong. Once Katy changed EVERYTHING so quickly and drastically, that’s when her numbers dropped. Remember, you’re only as good as your last work.

    • Xavier December 13, 2020

      “She’ll decline after this mark my word! Once you mess with Camilla, is a wrap for your career’😹😹😹.

      Lol, what delusion are you in? Come back to reality. This s the best thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Xavier December 13, 2020


  8. Keith December 13, 2020

    Still, respectable pure sales numbers…

  9. Slim December 13, 2020

    Taylor best Nicki fit most hit 100 with her last album. Nicki best her this year with all her collabs . With this Taylor will win again. She ok but does anyone else have talent . Since what 2009 the same 5 – 10 artist only keep winning. Gaga, Taylor, Beyoncé. Arie. Adele. Justin. A few more. Can they take a break for a few years I mean really take a break do we can miss them and bring on the next set of talent.same award winners same nominees. Boring.

  10. Anne December 13, 2020

    Awesome numbers, but she is starting to show signs of a decline from her usual numbers. After all, it’s been months since her previous release so I don’t think the so-called “condensed frame” excuse is valid.

    • Theman December 13, 2020

      She’s not declining. She didn’t release a lot of different versions of this album yet. Also, the physical copies are not out in stores yet. All of her albums have done tremendously well.

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