Little Mix Star Leigh-Anne Pinnock Announces Major Solo Moves

Published: Wednesday 10th Mar 2021 by Sam

Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock is making major moves.

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The singer, who is a founding member of the chart-topping Pop group, has joined Tap Music – who will represent her solo activity across music, film, and television.

Pinnock is in great company on their roster, which includes Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey. 

Tap Music will work alongside Little Mix’s longtime management (Modest), who will oversee Pinnock’s continued work with the band.

Speaking on the deal, the performer said:

“I’m so excited to reveal I am now being represented by Tap Music for all of my solo projects. This is such an incredibly exciting time for me and my career and I can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve got coming up. I will continue to work on my solo endeavours alongside my Little Mix commitments”.

Tap’s co-founders Ed Millett and Ben Mawson said:

“We are really thrilled to welcome Leigh-Anne to the Tap family for all her solo activities. She is an incredibly smart and talented artist with a strong vision and sense of purpose and has numerous fantastic projects across TV, film and music already in the pipeline. We’re really looking forward to working with Leigh-Anne to help realise and achieve all her goals and more”. 

The latter was something the 29-year-old – who has also signed with one of the UK’s leading PR companies – was keen to assure fans was still very active. She took to Instagram to say:

“Perrie, Jade, and I are solid! Yal have nothing to worry about! Little Mix have a big year coming up and we’re super excited. Love you guys so much, thank you for always supporting.”

Her assurance will no doubt be welcomed by fans of the group, who are still processing the shock departure of member Jesy Nelson last December.

The news comes after Little Mix landed their fifth #1 single ‘Sweet Melody’; it also lands on the heels of  confirmation that Pinnock will be starring in Warner Bros’ new movie ‘Boxing Day.’

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  1. truthteller March 10, 2021

    The fans shouldn’t be fooled. If her solo career takes off, she will say goodbye to the group and not look back. How many groups have reassured the fans before? Let’s not forget her bandmate Jesy is already in the studio after claiming she was bullied out of the spotlight

    • Danny Bey March 10, 2021

      Destinys Child

  2. i hate …..bllackk n whhy bitchezzz March 10, 2021

    ewww she is sucking her thumb,,,,,sweatheart
    very unsanitary to put fingers in mouth. the record label should have told her that

  3. Tt March 10, 2021

    This is so exciting… Leigh-Anne will have solo success in the UK with R&B/pop and hopefully a hit DJ song. Perry will be the one the crack America. Jade will bring in millions on somebody’s judge panel.

    • Susan March 10, 2021

      Not judges panel 😂

  4. Shayla Queen 👑 March 10, 2021

    Since Camila’s success, all these run-down chicks from flop girl groups think they can replicate what she’s done. You will never be Camila 💯

    • Keeping it real March 10, 2021

      Facts shayla 💯💯💯

    • Keyword March 11, 2021

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😩😩 chlamydia is a flop stop playing dum on your second TROLL acc

      Every girl is surpassing racist therapy with ease even jhudson is out charting that ugly horse face rat LOL

    • MIXERFORLIFE May 6, 2021

      i love Camila but dont hate on Leigh Anne. so tired of trolls who have no life.

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) March 10, 2021

    Flop! She’s the most ugliest h o e from the group💅🏿

    • MIXERFORLIFE May 6, 2021

      why are you so obsessed with her i literally see u on every LM post….. no one is forcing u to like her but you dont have to troll. also, learn your grammar lmao – you cant be the ‘most ugliest’ the correct wording would be ‘the ugliest’ although Leigh Anne is a stunning queen so clearly you got that wrong. Proving you’re insecure 😂

  6. Keeping it real March 10, 2021

    Watch her surpass f******* though

    • Shayla Queen 👑 March 10, 2021

      A junkie in the hood could surpass F******* 💯🤣 (except Trashy BISH)

  7. LM March 10, 2021

    This young lady is super talented. Her commitment to the group, her documentary on racism, her swimsuit n clothing line, her upcoming movie
    Then there are her vocals and beauty.
    I’m definitely a fan.
    I love that altho being around snow bunnies all day she stayed honest to her black Caribbean roots and herself.
    Oh yes and She’s marrying a black man..
    But all of the LM girls like them some n*****
    I see her being the biggest success and crossing over to USA

    • Shayla Queen 👑 March 10, 2021

      She ugly as hell and has the features of a man

      • MIXERFORLIFE May 6, 2021

        @Shayla Queen (shayla b****) so tired of haters. go hate on yourself and leave Leigh alone. She is beautiful and a talented queen worth more than you will ever be. so just go.

  8. truthteller March 10, 2021

    Some of the comments are hilarious. She’s going to make it in America, when her group couldn’t, really? There’s more chance of Normani having a Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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