Janet Jackson Teases Comeback With Splits Pic

Published: Saturday 10th Apr 2021 by Sam

Is Janet Jackson cooking up that new-new?

Join us after the jump…

Moments ago the Pop queen took to social media to share snaps of herself in what looked to be a rehearsal space.

Flaunting her flexibility, many interpreted the snap as the star teasing…something. 

It’s with good reason too.

Jackson has been hard at work on her 12th studio album ‘Black Diamond,’ which was announced before the grip of the global health crisis saw much of the music industry grind to a halt.

Could it finally be time? Stay tuned.

In the interim, what is for sure is that Jackson is set to tell her story in a major way in 2022 with the premiere of a self-produced four-hour documentary event, which will air over two nights on Lifetime. 

Per the network, the legend will leave no stone unturned as she relays her narrative on her terms. The special has been filming over the last three years.

We’re buzzed about Ms. Jackson’s return to the spotlight. Are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. eric April 10, 2021

    Jennifer and Madonna have the bar set when it comes to physicality in the 50+ age group of performers. This photo gives me hope that Janet will be able to roll back the clock and do a little more on stage.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 April 10, 2021

      Honey, Janet is Janet. Remember that.

    • Troy April 11, 2021

      Uh J-Ho and GRANDMAdonna are two attention whores who seek the limelight and pull stunts to stay relevant. J-Ho pretending to be engaged with various men over the past 5 years to keep herself relevant, and GRANDMAdonna still being obnoxious at her age instead of mellowing out as she approaches 60, is all about self promotion and narcissistic behavior at it’s worse. You don’t see Janet pulling stunts and faking elevator fights, showing her ass and tits all over the place just to stay in the limelight and relevant. During this whole pandemic and even before Janet stayed on the low, even when she was touring, or releasing an album, she didn’t go all out…because she’s not that chic. She low-key, relevant, and the Icon and Legend that she’s meant to be. And this pic in itself shows how she has class with what she does, Unlike J-Ho and GRANDMAdonna those two ho’s would’ve been in a leotard or naked doing a split…Janet it covered and still s***.

  2. Pat April 10, 2021

    Janet is a dancers dancer. An athlete with crazy discipline. She’ll be dancing into her 60s if she chooses

  3. DC3 FOREVER April 10, 2021

    I saw her on her METAMORPHOSIS residency and I have to say that I was sadden how low energy she was because I know she was going to be like a JLO or MADONNA. Hopefully she is back and will dance more and show more skin this covered up baggy clothes JANET has ran its corse. Not saying she has to be sexual but show off those curves! JANET has always had one of the best bodies and I know when you have a child things change but again this is JANET we are talking about the QUEEN of getting in great shape. Lastly with this BLACK DIAMOND album we need TEMPO! doesn’t have to be THROB tempo but a YOU WANT THIS and EMPTY tempo will be more than acceptable. Give it to us JANET even if this so happens to be your last album

    • Shayla Queen 👑 April 10, 2021

      She was married to a Muslim so she had to wear clothes that would cover her up but yes, I agree and hope she can go back to being herself again now. Even the Unbreakable album, while a good album, felt way too held back and diluted.

  4. Danyboo April 10, 2021

    I just wish she show some leg or her six pack… her and her dancers be making me hot and not in the good way🔥

  5. Michael Garcia April 10, 2021

    Can’t wait to see what Janet has been working on.. hopefully we get a single soon.. Jam and Lewis album comes out in June!

  6. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) April 10, 2021

    Damn! You can tell miss janet is super h o r n y in that pic. She needs some Young pink d I c k s💅🏿💅🏿

  7. Levi April 10, 2021

    🗣It’s the dance heels for me‼️ 👠✨

  8. Keith April 10, 2021

    It’s good to see a fresh picture of Ms. Jackson…

  9. BoyToy1814 April 11, 2021


  10. KCOOLMUZIQ777 April 11, 2021

    Janet(whom I worked with) has been showing glimpses of her sensual side lately. I hope she shows that U can still be sexually alluring and a mom @ the same time on this new project “Black Diamond” and peel back the “Velvet Rope” again. 50’s can still be hot also.

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