#BETAwards: Lil Kim Reveals She Wants #VERZUZ Battle With Nicki Minaj

Published: Sunday 27th Jun 2021 by Sam

Lil Kim is no stranger to shocking the masses. And she lived up to said billing moments ago when she left jaws ajar by naming nemesis Nicki Minaj as her opponent on #VERZUZ.

Full story below…

Speaking as she arrived at the BET Awards 2021, the Queen Bee did not hesitate when naming Onika as her desired sparring partner on the popular battle platform.

The move surprised many given that there’s no love lost between the pair, who have traded jabs over respect, relevance, and more over the last decade.


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Surely this may be a hint at something. Possibly a reconciliation, given that the mere mention of Nicki’s name used to irk Kim in earnest.

In any case, we’d be here for it. Would you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Zion June 27, 2021

    It’s gonna be cringe when Nicki plays her bubblegum pop tunes while Kim has legitimate rap records

  2. Credits June 27, 2021

    People are going to hate in these comments, but I think it’s a good match up. Kim has timeless classics.

  3. Hand Sanitizer June 27, 2021

    Why the hell would Nicki participate in Verzuz? She’s still relevant and making hits! Verzuz is for has beens and artists ‘lno longer in their prime. Kim better find Foxy Brown and do one with her.

  4. Credits June 27, 2021

    Oh and Kim had better producers back then, Kanye, timbo, diddy etc…

  5. AnonymousTruth June 27, 2021

    It’s the only true match tbh.
    Nicki’s catalogue/library is wild tho. With all the direct Kim disses, It could get awkward real quick.
    Also I just can’t imagine Nicki working alongside another female well for something like this , the energy would be off, like She’d be a zillion hours late for one & I just think the whole thing would be a drama filled mess. But I’m here for it 😂 it would no doubt be the most viewed verzuz battle ever .

    • Chris June 28, 2021

      True Nicki has big catalog but so does Kim (not as exstensive) 4 albums and atleast 4 mix tapes that were fire , and if Nicki wanna trade diss tracks kims got a whole mixtape dedicated too dissing her Black Friday, check it out sometime!!

      • akathexfactor June 29, 2021

        Kim mixtape was trash nobody paid it any mind!

  6. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 27, 2021

    Bye Kim💅🏿 20 years ago maybe? u ain’t Nicki’s level 🤳🏿

    • Chris June 28, 2021

      Nicki a bubblegum sellout and a p**** who almost got smacked up by cardi b and was shook silent in the corner so any tracks shes made claiming to be hard is out the window so she’ll have to stick to songs like starships which is a joke , kim keeps it real been through jail shootouts and more

  7. JadenHefner June 27, 2021

    It’s great for the culture please stop with the foxy s*** it will never happen plus name 20 classic Nick records I’ll wait if there wasn’t a Kim there would be no nicki period

  8. Keyshia June 27, 2021

    I dont think Nicki would take the challenge. She has features thats cute but her songs by herself is a NO.
    Lil kim has classics so thats a easy win. However, this is what Nicki could do and just pay respects the right way.
    All in all it could actually go right…but Nicki idk music wise your catalog aint got NO classics

  9. Bardi Gangsta June 27, 2021

    Nicki would NEVERRRRRRR. She’s way too chicken. This isn’t an Instance where she could have Rah Ali and bug-face-Brooke up there to help her so there’s no way she would do it. Let’s be honest, the girl is a coward and thinks way too highly of herself. Now maybe after this next album flops and she realizes that the days of her putting out hit records are LOOONNNGGG GONEEEE, she might entertain the idea a few years after the shame wears off, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, she’s never been the type of girl to step up when she’s being called out (coward). 😆

  10. 🐝 June 28, 2021

    Calm down guys…I think everyone took her response a bit too literal. You can literally hear in the tone of her voice and in her facial expressions she was only challenging Nicki or bringing up her name for such a platform just so she could go toe to toe with her and show her who the real queen is. I love my Queen Bee 🐝 but you can see she still wears a chip on her shoulder for ol’ girl and her making the industry think she’s some new savior to female rap. Ha! The fallacies and fairytales write themselves…

  11. Detruth June 28, 2021

    I still prefer old school Kim over Nicky. Some ppl think Nick flow is so good but haven’t listened to Kim’s albums. She has tracks that aren’t radio singles that smash most of Nickys hits. I’m just saying. It would be the best versus to have them two on there though.

  12. UHoesFunny June 28, 2021


    Kim wants to be relevant again. Y’all came Nicki over, but the “legends” can’t stop talking about her. Her 12 year old mixtape was #2 on the Billboards and sold a 100k. That’s unheard of. But she’s not relevant right? LOL Nicki haters are the dumbest ppl on earth 🌎🤪

    • UHoesFunny June 28, 2021

      Y’all claim*

  13. Mike June 28, 2021

    Talking about breaking the internet!! Hip hop needs this !!
    Everyone keeps bringing up foxy but fox doesn’t have hits past the 90s. Kim has hits in different eras. Same with Nicki she started out at end of album sales , she’s transitioned to the streaming era and still dominated. They both reign over female rap at times and both was with groups.

  14. Slim June 28, 2021

    Will murder Nicki. She hype the crowd more and got hardcore raps on every cd. Accept Nicki and let the queen be crowned for real. People better YouTube all Kim shyt. She won’t nothing to play with . Dissed male rappers . Will call u out by name. Please accept nicki

    • UHoesFunny June 28, 2021

      LOL not gonna happen. Kim’s career been dead. Nicki killed it 💀

      • Bow Down June 28, 2021

        Just like Cardi killed Nicki’s….that part. And the Cardi reign still wont let up.
        Nicki is still on life support as we speak with not one solo #1 hit to her name…oopity oop!
        In fact, Cardi took Nicki out worse than Nicki did to Kim without any subliminal diss records needed…damn bruh.
        So sad. Too Bad.


      • UHoesFunny June 28, 2021

        Lmfaoo who gives a fck. Going #1 doesn’t make you a good rapper. Your fav doesn’t even write her own music. That #1 isn’t hers 🥱😂😂😂 BIG BANK TAKE LIL BANK HEAUX. Step ya pssy up ⬆️

      • Bow Down June 28, 2021

        As if Nicki writes her own raps either…ha! That was cute, unlike you.
        And Cardi is far from my fav but facts are facts and hits are hits. Nicki hasnt had a real hit by herself since Anaconda. Lets be real…Chun-Li only took off because of the hype she surrounded around it with her association with Fendi.
        The b**ch is used and abused like your mothers dirty v*****…just face it.
        Kim exposed her…Remy murdered her and Cardi finished her. And now the new girls are running wild in here like wild stock and no one even remembers her.
        Shes a mother now…she needs to just continue breast feeding her fetus with them orangutan titties.
        Oopity oop!

      • UHoesFunny June 29, 2021

        Lmfaooo you so mad. My job here is done ✅ 💅🏽

  15. akathexfactor June 29, 2021

    I thought Kim didn’t know who Nicki was lol 🤡 now you dropping names for clout cuz ther bills due 💅🏾

  16. Alex June 29, 2021

    Yes,,, I would love that I got Kim tho

  17. Sean Franklin June 30, 2021

    Lil Kim will kill Nikki wake ass rap game

  18. John Bryant June 30, 2021

    Kim can do two verzuz, her catalog is crazy, Nicki got a lot of banging features but my money on QBee

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