Report: Cardi B Signs Deal With Warner Chappell Music Publishing

Published: Saturday 14th Aug 2021 by Ryan

Cardi B is making money moves.

The ‘WAP’ rapper has signed a new publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music, according to a new report.

Full story below…

Variety confirmed the news, in which Cardi – who was previously signed to Sony Music Publishing – has moved to Warner Chappell Music.

The transition comes ahead of the release of her sophomore album, the follow-up to her 2018 debut album ‘Invasion Of Privacy.’

Since then she’s released a string of singles, including: ‘Press,’ ‘Please Me’ with Bruno Mars, and ‘Money’ among others.

The move is the latest from Warner Chappell’s leadership team, who have recently made deals with Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, and Saweetie.

Warner Chappell posted solid results in Warner Music Group’s earnings report last month, with a 27% revenue gain over last year, to $189 million.

Representatives for both Sony and Warner Chappell have yet to comment on the matter.

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  1. Keeping it real 💯💯 August 14, 2021

    Yayyy congrats cardi. Hopefully she can drop that album sooner now

  2. celetia August 14, 2021

    she got pregnant because she scared her next album will flop

    • Dc August 14, 2021

      Up was just number 1 why would she think that?????????????

      • celetia August 14, 2021

        wild side flop hard number 14

      • No sir August 14, 2021

        A vlarckson fake account you tried it. Top 15 hit isn’t a flop in any universe sis Lmaoo. Go stream that actual flop. Don’t flop yet? Is it?
        Below top 50 debut that declined each week.😭😭

    • Dc August 14, 2021

      Stfu and FYI the new lizzo collabo will debut in top 5 keep hating 5 number 1 s 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • celetia August 14, 2021

        Cardi know she bout to have that sophomore slump and will flop harder than romance

    • Dc August 14, 2021

      Yep flop Just like up and wap flopped at number 1 huh

      • celetia August 14, 2021

        Yeah flop just like press, money and wild side

    • Bardii August 14, 2021

      U a delusional b**** to think her next album will flop. 🤣 Cardi wants to do a huge album campaign and doesn’t want C**** to dampen it. Unfortunately with this new variant that doesn’t seem possible. She had #1 hits in 2020 and 2021 without a new album. Who TF else is doing it? Bookmark this b****.

      • celetia August 14, 2021

        b**** you falling for the conspiracy you dumb b**** and cardi say herself she gets scared to put music out so stfu

      • Bardii August 14, 2021

        Eat a d*** b****. You gonna be eating crow and gagging when that album debuts at #1 in multiple countries. Stay tuned ashy

      • celetia August 14, 2021

        and nicki had two number ones in a month last year with say so and trollz so stfu about cardi had 2 number ones a year apart

      • celetia August 14, 2021

        nicki had two number ones in a month last year with say so and trollz so stfu

      • Bardii August 14, 2021

        LMAO!!!! 💀 Goodbye!

  3. celetia August 14, 2021

    3 and half years since debut album and year later since wap and still no album. She scared to flop that’s why she get pregnant again for excuse not to release

    • Keeping it real 💯💯 August 15, 2021

      You mean Doja and 69 number ones lmao.
      Nicki 14 years in the game and still yet to get a #1 hit
      Eat that delusional psycho #tragic 🎤 drop ✌️

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