New Song: Lauren Jauregui & Vic Mensa – ‘Scattered’

Published: Friday 15th Oct 2021 by Ryan

Lauren Jauregui continues to roll out the new tunes.

This time around, she has teamed up with Vic Mensa for her new song ‘Scattered.’ 

The fall-infused ballad sees the duo confront emotional demons as they find their way to trusting another on their journey. Across the song, Jauregui sings:

“Scattered like the leaves upon the wind / When seasons must begin to change again / Shattered, pointed shards, a heart is broken, left in patterns on the carpet where she wept.”

The former Fifth Harmony member’s latest tune comes after she released the track ‘Colors’ last week. Both songs are set to appear on her upcoming ‘Prelude’ project.

Listen to ‘Scattered’ below…

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 15, 2021


  2. marilyn monh-O-E 👠(DIVA got da Real Groove💃🏼) October 15, 2021

    The one song I know from her is That Halsey stranger song 💅🏿 It was a bop 🤳🏻💋

  3. Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

    Every girl from 5th harmony has been dropped

    Dinah, ally and lauren have all been dropped by their respective labels.
    Normani is next

    Wild side us still struggling to crack 50 million streams. This is a whole cardi feature
    This song also charted in only 5 countries overseas.
    A FLOP

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      You continue to ignore the fact Wildstyle’s core sound is Contempary R&B NOT Pop/Trap/Hip-Hop/EDM.

      When Cardi B released “Ring”, it became her lowest charting single because it was more R&B.

      Only a very few artists have scored Top 20 hits with a more Contempary R&B sound in recent months…Chris Brown being the more recent with “No Guidance” which has surpassed most of previous hits in terms of streams & sales.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “You continue to ignore the fact Wildstyle’s core sound is Contempary R&B ”

        Sza’s good day is more rnb than wild side and it charted in 19 countries overseas, 2x platinum in the USA. This is a SOLO song. Top 10 hit. No extreme vulgar nudìty in the video unlike wild side

        Giveon- heartbreak anniversary. A solo song. This song is more rnb than wild side. Charted in 20 countries overseas. 2x platinum is the USA. Peaked at number 16.

        None of these songs had the hype or industry support wild side received when it was released. Black tiktokers literally made this song go viral on tiktok but nobody bothered to go to spotify to stream. wild side sound has been used over 1 million times on tiktok thanks to black tiktok influencers who made the song popular because they wanted to help normani get a hit but it didnt translate into streams.

        “When Cardi B released “Ring”,”

        Ring was cardi’s 5th and final single from her album, of cause its gonna not do well.
        Ur literally trying to blame cardi for wild side charting in only 5 countries overseas, if cardi wasnt on this song, it wouldn’t even chart anywhere.

        Wild side is rising on billboard hot 100 because of urban radio stations playing this song non stop in the middle of the night when everyone is fast asleep and that’s why this song cant crack 50 million streams after 3 months of release.

        Normani said she was gonna drop her album this year during the fall, but there every plan for a release has been scrapped, ask urself why?

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        “No Guidance” was releasd as the 4th single & has sold around 8M to date. So there is no excuse why Cardi B couldn’t do numbers with “Ring”. She’s definitely more popular than Breezy nowadays.

        The fact is, the vast majority of songs within’ the Top 20 are POP/HipHop. Now if we’re talking about Chloe here, that is a different story. Despite her being a better singer, she cannot chart with a R&B/POP record hence her current single choice.

        Chloe current song has far more mainstream appeal. Givon & SZA singles wasn’t Contempary R&B. Both where Indie R&B tracks.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        ““No Guidance” was releasd as the 4th single & has sold around 8M to date. ”

        How many number 1 hits did chris brown on indigo before he released no guidance? None. The highest charting single previous released was undecided that peaked at number 35.

        Cardi had multiple number 1’s from her album before she released ring, she was already burnt out. besides ring is 2x platinum, u really think wild side will see 2x platinum? Lol

        Continue making excuses.

        Assuming this song wild side has cracked 100 million streams, there wouldn’t be a problem but this song cant even crack 50 million streams after 3 months of release.
        With the rate this song is going, it’s not even gonna crack 80 million streams before the year is over.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        Not making excuses. Just pointing out that Genre often plays a role when it comes to music charting. When Normani released “Motivation”, there was absolutely no excuse why the single underperformed since POP music has aislways been her core sound.

        Clearly Normani released Wildstyle as a way of gaining support from Urban radio. Hun I’ve already stated I do not see Normani as a Superstar & my comments are in response to some of ur viewpoints which I see as flawed.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “Not making excuses. Just pointing out that Genre often plays a role when it comes to music charting. ”

        Has nothing to do with genre.
        Country music isnt hot at the moment, but certain country songs are doing well with little or no push at all.

        Its demand for normani’s music. There is no demand. People are not checking for her. And even with a big name like cardi attached people are still not interested.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        But most songs in the Top 20 are NOT Country thus a Country artist has a much greater chance of scoring a Top 20 if they record POP/HipHop or incorporate those elements within’ their own music hence successful records like “Old Town Road”.

        So yes genre indeed plays a role hun.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 15, 2021

        But True Tea, you said yourself that Motivation, a pop record, charted lower than Wild Side, which is an R&B record. So it’s more subjective to the artist than the genre itself. There are many many factors that play into a song’s success.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “But most songs in the Top 20 are NOT Country ”

        There are 2 country songs in the top 20 right now. Genre has nothing to do with success.

        This is problem when it comes to normani and her being a failure, somebody always has to be blamed.
        If you guys dont blame Camila or beyonce for sabotaging normani , u guys blame the label and manager.
        Now ur blaming the rnb genre even tho I have given u examples of much slower rnb songs that did well overseas and on spotify.

        Somebody has to always be blamed when it comes to normani’s failure, u guys just cant admit the fact that she is not IT.

        2022 will make it 5 years since she started teasing that album.

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      To extent…Yes!!!

      Overall Normani has had more success with POP music. “Wildstyle” still hasn’t outperformed her previous collaborations.

      Motivation is the exception here but has still sold a 1M.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021


        2 records out of how many that are currently on the Billboards? Country artists whom are charting within’ the Top 20 are blending POP/Hip-Hop elements. The core sound is NOT Country.

        Again SZA & Givon released Indie R&B records. Their pace/speed is Irrelevant here.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        The 2 country songs currently in the top 20 are typical barn yard southern country songs

        Fancy like and that jason aldean carrie Underwood collaboration. Nothing rnb or pop about them. Are u deaf?
        U normani stans are ridiculous I swear.

        As I said earlier, when it comes to normani, something is always to be blamed.

        I’m still waiting for you to start blaming her skin colour.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        You’re delusional if think those 2 records represent authentic Country music especially “Fancy Like”. That’s like saying OTR is authentic Country.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        Those songs are country songs , sang by country artists.
        Lil nas x is not a country singer. Otr is a rap pop song with country influences , not the other way round.

        U normani stans will do everything but just admit that truth.

        First u said there are no country songs in the top 20, and then I actually showed u that there are indeed 2 country songs in the top 20, now ur claiming they are not real country songs. Smh

        U are literally trying to go of topic but u just cant admit it that normani is a non event.

        genre has nothing to do with why wild side charted at the bottom of the charts in only 5 countries overseas.

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      Look up how Fancy Like & OTR are categorized.

      Overall Normani has had more success with POP music. Wildstyle hasn’t outperformed her previous collaborations nor outsold Motivation. My argument is supported by this fact.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        I did look up fancy like and it’s a country song being played on country radio , sang by a white male country singer.

        Ur arguments are deflecting, and pushing blame. Lol

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        You clearly did not look it up because the song is said to have POP/Hip-Hop elements. So I guess the critics are wrong & you’re correct here, lol

        1st L

        Meanwhile “Wild side” is Normani’s least successful collaboration. Again backing my statements, lol

        2nd L

        You haven’t shown any examples of Wildside outselling any of her previous records on Billboard.

        All you have is your “opinion” of Normani….No real FACTS!!!

        3rd L

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “You clearly did not look it up”

        I literally downloaded these 2 songs several months ago ,especially when fancy like was going viral on tik tok
        There is nothing hiphop or pop about fancy like or the jason aldean carrie Underwood collaboration.

        Normani stans= SMH.
        Genre has nothing to do with normani flopping neither does race or skin colour, or management or record label or an unknown person sabotaging normani.

        Normani music just ain’t it.
        People are only supporting her cause they want to see a dark skin girl win and because they hate Camila.

        And this is the problem, cause this is music, if u want to succeed u have to give people something that would make them come back again and again and again.

        Camila is doing that with her songs, Havana, senorita, never be the same, my oh my, bad things, dont go yet.

        Normani isnt doing this. She’s relying on sympathy, pity, victimhood, Camila cabello hate train etc to get her thru but she dossnt know shes setting herself up for failure in the long run.

        Wild side debuted at number 14 but hasnt cracked 50 million streams after 3 months ofrelease. This should be concerning to her and her management. A cardi feature for that matter.

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      You type a whole lot of nothing about Normani. At this point, you’re only convincing yourself. You’re so overly opinionated because you have nothing concrete to fully back most of your statements.

      You downloading his music has nothing to do with the subject but I understand deflection when you fail to keep up.

      Here’s “L” #4

      …And 5 in case you decide to respond with yet another recycled essay about Normani because we all know there will be another & another….

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “You type a whole lot of nothing about Normani”

        Presented you with facts, now u MAD
        A song rising on the charts but cant crack 50 million streams after 3 months of release. Lol

        “You downloading his music has nothing to do with the subject”

        Bìtch,u spoke to me first. Lol

        U came under my comment trying to sound intelligent but u ended sounding dumb, making a fool of urself , and u got burned, now u mad.
        U should have sat down there and ate ur food.
        Now ur gonna hold them Ls.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        No facts dear. Just you sharing your overall opinion once again. We’ve been through this so many times already. And yes I’m a b*tch…quite obvious from all my comments here.

        This is a public forum, expect people to respond however they choose. How dumb are you to think you want get a response on a public forum? The jokes write themselves, lol

        You could never hand me an L, not with those overly emotional replies & not a shred of evidence brought forth.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        I deal with facts but u cant handle it, so u mad.

        U should have stayed in ur lane but no, u decided to come for me, now see the outcome, u ended up making a fool of urself.

        I dont need to hand u an L, ur a walking L on ur own.

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      Pot…Kettle. Someone who makes it their hobby to complain about specific celebrities should definitely look at themselves first & foremost. You are the very definition of a fool especially since you actually believe you have convinced us with ur “opinion” NOT facts.

      And you should have stopped speaking on Normani since you haven’t made anyone stan you’re fav darling, lol You’re back at square one each time you mention Normani.

      Another “L”

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        Your fav*

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        I dont need to make anybody stan Camila.
        I dont need to convince anybody to stan Camila. Her music is out there for people to listen to it, if they like it, FINE, if they dont like it, FINE

        Unlike u normani stans who have to literally push all sorts of false narratives to get people to support normani.
        Always using sympathy, and pity and emotional manipulation to get people into stanning normani, cause you guys are not confident in normani and her music.
        Its sad

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      The are many people who support Normani because they actually like her. You simply need a reason to justify why she has her own fanbase. And you clearly have an issue with anyone who dislike Camila & favor Normani.

      No amount of success is going to make us view Camila as the better artist hun. Clearly you feel Camila having one diamond single is going to make everyone see her as this amazing POP star, lol


      Camila simply got lucky like so many one hit wonders & than crashed prematurely. Now that’s the real tea. Not the incoherent rambles regarding Normani’s fans or you streaming bubblegum county music.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        Country music*

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “The are many people who support Normani because they actually like her.”

        A big lie
        Everybody is supporting normani because they want to see a black female pop singer win and because they hate Camila.
        Normani has no genuine fans.
        Normani fans are Camila cabello haters.
        These are not real fans.
        Normani exists only because of Camila.

        “Camila simply got lucky like so many one hit wonders”

        2 number 1 songs.
        4 top 10 hits
        6 top 20 hits
        I hit wonder indeed.
        Camila has multiple number 1’s, one hit wonders dont have multiple number 1’s. Lol

        The stats are there.
        Having 1 number 1 song is LUCK, having multiple number 1’s is talent. Camila has multiple number 1’s.
        Deal with it

        U guys have been crying ” Camila is over” ever since she went solo in 2015, fast forward 6 years later my girl has a diamond certified plaque with multiple platinum singles.

        Normani is never gonna see half of these achievements. Deep down in ur hearts u know it and that is why you mad.

        U better go back to Twitter and continue pushing those lame àss conspiracy theories about how Camila is sabotaging normani behind the scenes. Loser

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        @Camila_Cabello’s new US certifications:

        Havana — DIAMOND
        Never Be The Same — 4x PLATINUM
        Real Friends — PLATINUM
        Consequences — PLATINUM
        She Loves Control — GOLD
        I Have Questions — GOLD
        Shameless — GOLD
        Senorita- 6x platinum
        I know what you dud last summer-2x platinum
        Liar- platinum
        Find you again- gold
        Crying in the club- platinum
        Know no better- gold
        Easy- gold
        Bad things-4x platinum
        My oh my- 2x platinum
        Beautiful 4x platinum
        South of the border- gold
        Mi persona favourita- gold
        Hey ma- gold


        Yes, 1 hit wonder indeed.
        She over
        Shes done

        I haven’t even losted her sales in overseas countries like UK, Brazil, spain, canada, Australia, and other latin speaking countries

        Normani will never have any of these and this is what annoys u normani stans.
        Normani is going to be popular only among the BET crowd, that’s if she’s even lucky

        5 years to make 1 album. 😂😂
        And the album hasnt still dropped.

      • True Tea October 15, 2021

        YASSS!!! You are Triggered darling, lol

        Indeed there are people who actually like Normani & would rather stan her than Camila. No amount of accolades given to Camila is going to change this.

        You’re the one who is always bringing up her race because you secretly hate the idea of people preferring Normani.

        You’re basically projecting & looking for excuses to prey upon this young woman daily.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        Triggered? Lol
        Ur the rat who came under my comment trying to act slick but I put you in ur place, now u mad

        U said Camila is a 1 hit wonder, I refused those false claims with facts and evidence now u mad.

        Real facts with evidence gets u mad. We love to see it

        U have done nothing but deflect, and push blame on everybody including the rnb genre 😂😂 for the reason wild side a whole cardi feature charted in only 5 countries overseas.
        The song is rising on the chart but it’s still struggling to hit 50 million streams after 3 months of release. Now make that make sense

        You urself are stanning normani because you want to see a black woman win in pop music and u hate Camila cabello, this is basically all normani stans in a nutshell.
        U are never gonna admit it but you and I know this is the reason .

        I am bringing up normani race cause that is the only card u normani stans love to play. U make everything about her being dark skin and shes not even that dark skin. 😂😂

        Nobody genuinely like normani. And this is why her career isnt taking of after all the hype. She’s hot for some few weeks but people eventually move on from her and she’s back at Square 1 again. Lol

    • True Tea October 16, 2021

      You can’t read, so let me put you in ur place. I didn’t call her a one hit wonder, I said she crashed prematurly like a one hit wonder. In other words, your so called Queen served for 15 minutes & than tapped out.

      As far as everything else you’ve stated, it’s pretty much recycled. No need to address it.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        “I didn’t call her a one hit wonder, ”


        “Camila simply got lucky like so many one hit wonders & than crashed prematurely.

        These are ur words not mine.
        These are ur words in plain simple English.

        U have painted urself in a corner and u dont know how to get out of it, so ur just digging urself deeper and deeper.

        U normani stans are ridiculous.

      • True Tea October 16, 2021


        You can’t comprehend. The comment here is basically stating her overall success isn’t based on having the ” It” factor hence the comparison.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        Gurl, u dont know what ur saying anymore. 😂

        U insinuated she was a 1 hit wonder who got lucky and I presented u with facts and evidence proving otherwise, so u back tracked. LOL

        Poor dude.

        These were ur words, not mine.

        U can beat around the Bush all u like, u can deflect and play the blame game, but my first comment about normani still stands.

      • True Tea October 16, 2021

        Not my words which I clearly explained what the statement was implying. I’ll keep it extra simple next time since you’re not smarter than a 4th grader.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        “Not my words”

        Girl,ur still lying?
        It’s written in plain ink for everyone to see

      • True Tea October 16, 2021

        Your interpretation…are NOT my words.

        You failed the assignment. All your energy wasted on a bubblegum artist who will never be a superstar, and not enough energy on basic comprehension skills. Your priorities are f*cked boo.

        You really showed out in this thread & not in a good way of course.

        The back & forth….& for what?? Camila served bare minimum yesterday, she’ll serve it today & most certainly tomorrow. Do you see a pattern here with ur so called Queen… The jokes indeed write themselves, lol

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        “All your energy wasted on a bubblegum artist who will never be a superstar”

        I dont need her to be a superstar.
        U got it all wrong.
        All I need is for her to keep proving u haters wrong.
        U sound unhinged ever since I posted her certification plaques. Lol

        U should have stayed in ur lane but instead u came under my comment to act slick and now you got burned.


      • True Tea October 16, 2021

        What is she proving?? She has a few awards but is absolutely replaceable?? Is that real tea here??

        You sure do put in work for mediocrity. Any Queen I support…their spot is secured. No need for the constant reinforcement.

        Take a page out my book & get better taste. You clearly have very little when
        It comes to quality & definitely beauty.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        “What is she proving?? She has a few awards ”

        FEW? Lop
        All those certifications and u called them few. Lol and that’s only in USA.
        U mad but u will deal.
        A diamond certification is not replaceable.
        Senorita is also coming, that’s another diamond plaque incoming.

        This is why I’m stanning Camila, cause her success get yall mad that’s why you guys try to downplay her wins. Lol

        U stan f******* so I expect u to be delusional.

        U have done nothing but throw tantrums, deflect and blame everyone for normani lack of success.
        After 5 years of leaving 5th harmony no album, shes still only popular on Twitter.

        Now ur blaming the rnb genre for her flopping😂,

      • True Tea October 16, 2021

        Hun no one is mimicking Camilla….she’s absolutely replaceable in music, dance & definitely looks.

        And nothing you’ve stated thus far has refuted this reality. Your so called Queen is mediocre at best!!!

        And that’s okay… We all can’t have the finer things in life such as real talent. But Congrats to Camila & her token awards.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 16, 2021

        Who is going to replace Camila?
        Ur consoling yourself

        Normani is the one that has already been replaced by chloe bailey. 😂
        Cant sincant even lip sync properly
        Boring song
        Forgettable face
        Bland personality.

        They have tried and tried to make her happen on 4 separate occasions but it has been failure each time.

        She has worked with every big name in the business from cardi, to megan to ariana to max martin to Calvin Harris to sam smith and Khalid but still career cant take of.

        She has been given a shoutout and hype and endorsements from everybody in the industry but the general public is still saying a huge NO.

        She has appeared on numerous big name magazines but still no career. shes still a Twitter celebrity. Lol

        Having 1 number 1 song is luck
        Having 2 or more number 1 songs is TALENT.

        It takes talent to write and sing songs everybody knows the words to.
        Everybody knows the words to Havana, senorita, my oh my, bad things, never be the same etc. 😌
        This is why when Camila os performing the crowd sings along.
        I cant say the same for normani. She keeps points her mic to the crowd to sing along but its crickets. Nobody knows her or her songs…people in the crowd are always confused anytime she tells them to sing along.

  4. Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

    5th harmony are definitely gonna reunite in the next 12-24 months, but Camila will never ever join them cause she doesnt need them.
    She has her 2 number 1 songs, her diamond plaque and 2 platinum albums.

    And without Camila, those 4 girls are gonna flop hard like their last album without Camila.
    Cause Camila is the only 1 from that group that know what a hit sounds like.
    Those other 4 girls dont have any musicality. They dont know what’s hot musically.

    • True Tea October 15, 2021

      What’s consider hot for this generation may not be hot for the next generations.

    • @Clarkson October 15, 2021

      You literally don’t have a f****** life! Again you don’t have any accomplishments in life except this blog comment section. I do believe you are autistic there is no way that someone can be so obsessed with people they claim not to like. Also Camila new music ain’t doing s*** nobody cares about Havana anymore that was a few years ago now. F*** off loser

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 15, 2021

        If nobody cared about Havana, it wouldn’t still be gaining views, streams and sales, leading it to still being certified and JUST being certified Diamond. So stop with your nonsense 🤡

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        I got that normani stan from Twitter TRIGGERED. My power.

        U only know 1 Camila cabello song havana that’s why you will say stupid shìt like that.

        U mad and I love it.
        I spoke the truth and u are angered by it, that shows u have severe mental issues.

        When normani gets drops from RCA, u will suffer a mental breakdown and I just cant wait. 😂

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 15, 2021

        “. I do believe you are autistic ”

        U should have called me a racist or a colourist instead. Normani stans we all know that’s yall favourite cards to play anytime somebody says the truth about this ugly flop girl who’s only talent is lip syncing and doing that tired àss cartwheel


      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 15, 2021

        When someone is as arrogant as Normani, you just can’t help but wait on their downfall. Not that Normani’s fall will be significant as she’s not falling from very high to begin with.

      • @Shayla @Clarkson October 15, 2021

        Shayla stfu you’re just as bad as Clarkson. You both have sewn a lot of negative karma for yourselves you trash talk Normani as if you know her you call her racist slurs and demean her. You’re both obsessed with someone you claim not to like. Someone who is a flop, if she’s such a flop whey for you 2 knuckle heads talk about her so much? ?? Also Clarkson I’m not triggered clearly you are you being up normani when the topic is Adele how stupid are you? Shayla tend to your fake child lmao

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 15, 2021

        Actually, the topic is Lauren Jauregui but go off… Shows you have no idea what you’re even talking about. What an idiot. But even more of an idiot for exposing that you’re an idiot. Idiot.

  5. Gorgeous Gab October 15, 2021

    I didn’t make it to the end of the song zzzz

  6. Ana October 15, 2021

    The reading of the song is good, the rhythm is different, I like it, I celebrate that it is not the same as the others, she knows that it is commercial, but she wants to make the music as she feels it.

    congratulations Lauren for being a real and authentic artist.

  7. HELLOKITTY October 16, 2021

    I like it but I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

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