Petitions To Ban Travis Scott From Performing In Texas, At Coachella, & More Surge Past 25,000 Signees

Published: Wednesday 10th Nov 2021 by Rashad

After at least eight people were killed and hundreds more injured at Travis Scott‘s Astroworld festival in Houston Friday night (November 5), thousands are calling for the GRAMMY-nominated rapper to be held responsible.

In addition to extending his condolences to the fallen concertgoers, Scott (born Jacques Webster II) also offered to pay for their funeral expenses (as we reported here).

As evidenced by a number of petitions and lawsuits rising against the ‘Antidote’ star, however, his public demonstrations of sympathy aren’t remedy enough.

See what we mean inside:

Due to the devastation of the ‘Astroworld’ Festival, several digital petitions have hit the net calling for Webster to be removed from the lineups of future concert festivals.

Ahead of calls for his removal from the upcoming weekend’s ‘Day N Vegas’ festival, the 30-year-old proactively pulled out of the performance roster (as we reported here).  Yet, that event’s organizers – Goldenvoice – are still fielding thousands of requests to remove him as the headliner of next year’s Coachella festival.  As of time reported, a petition demanding his ousting from that lineup sits at nearly 24,000 signatures.

That’s not all.

Another petition – sent the way of Texas governor Greg Abbott – asserts Webster should be banned from performing in the state all together.  At writing, that digital tally sits at over 2,500 signatures.

Abbott, who released a statement about the ‘tragic’ incident over the weekend, has yet to respond to the hoopla around the latter petition.

[Photo source: Rick Kern/Getty Images]

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  1. DC3 FOREVER November 10, 2021

    I bet it’s nothing but white people doing this. Y’all act like he took a gun tho their heads and killed them. Smh y’all do the most ever since Trump got yall hyped

    • Emma November 13, 2021

      That’s because of his persona, also you can’t have respect for a person that has this stink to his name. you can’t compare him to anyone becouse he makes money encouraging anarchy.You say but white people doing this, jezz get your head outa the sand and watch the videos that have been posted. Most celebs are smart but Travis is not one of them given he was filmed by thousends and even his own security are against him.

  2. Bettie Clayton November 12, 2021


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