Taylor Swift Named Greatest Pop Star Of 2021

Published: Saturday 18th Dec 2021 by Ryan

Taylor Swift‘s monumental year continues.

This time around, the ‘All Too Well’ songstress has been named the greatest pop star of the year.

Full story below…

Billboard has unleashed this year’s list of the greatest pop stars, where Swift sits at the #1 position. In their reasoning, they listed her several chart-topping albums, from ‘Evermore’ to ‘Red (Taylor’s Version),’ as well as her third Album of the Year win at the GRAMMY Awards. According to the publication:

“No other popular artist harnessed that type of fan energy with as much passion and imagination in 2021 as Swift, across albums and platforms, on projects that challenged the modern music industry while still succeeding wildly within it.”

“While other popular artists are rightfully celebrating award nominations and chart achievements, Swift can do both, while also credibly changing the way artists can approach creative ownership and sonic shifts.”

“Taylor Swift is making the type of moves within and outside of her music that elevate an artist from superstar to legend. “

This is not the first time that Swift has received this honor. She also did so in 2015 after the blockbuster success of her acclaimed ‘1989’ album.

Other artists featured are: Adele, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, & more.

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  1. Blow December 18, 2021

    Off topic: Can we start awarding people for vocals because being pop and trending these days seems generic and waters down music lately? These days if you’re trending your an “icon”

    Who had the best vocals of 2021?!? Best performance of 2021? Best song writing? You is an actual artist ?

    • Tori December 18, 2021

      Being in the industry has become the equivalent of being a McDonald’s manager!

    • Clarks0o00ñ December 18, 2021

      Must u be a hater?

      Taylor may not be the strongest vocalist but shes one of the best song writers the music industry has ever seen.

      Just because ur faves wasnt given best pop star of 2021 that doesnt mean u should hate

      • Tori December 18, 2021

        Honey, you ONLY talk, because it damn sure ain’t support, Taylor because she let Camilla test the the stage while she was getting dressed. You’re so eager to bring up someone who out charted your fav with her gorilla calling single and video, and movie that flopped, you cant admit tye truth. Go stream “Wild Side” remix why cuttung your wrist.

      • Blow December 18, 2021

        Clarky takes everything soo personal lmaooo

        I never took her accolades away. I clearly said off topic

        But you don’t read

      • Clarks0o00ñ December 18, 2021


        We are talking about girls with albums, diamond plaques and Grammy nominations.

        Normani has no album
        Be quiet.
        Normani has been in the industry for almost 10 years and this girl doesnt even know how to hold a simple note.

        Beyonce is coming next year, who would care about normani (walmart beyonce) when beyonce drops her album?

      • Tori December 18, 2021

        You can cling to every female artist and Camillas success still falls terribly short. You can cling to Grammy noms, certifications, canceled tour tickets, Camilla still falls short. She hasn’t even be a priority this year, she QUIETLY came and went an NO ONE NOTICED. You should follow.

      • Clarks0o00ñ December 19, 2021

        Clinging on to what exactly?

        I’m stating my girl’s achievements and u mad.

        U can not speak to me cause that rat u stan hasnt put out an album after 4 years of going solo.

        No Grammy nominations = no opinions
        No album = no opinions
        No number one song = no opinions
        No solo top 10 hit= no opinion
        No diamond plaque =no opinion

        What did normani achieve this year?

        Number one on urban radio
        Best dance performance at the soul train award

        The bìtch couldn’t even post her spotify wrapped for 2021 cause she’s embarrassed of her numbers. Lol
        Even cardi couldn’t help the rat.

  2. Monica Stan December 18, 2021

    UGGmillia could never!!!!!!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 December 18, 2021

      Monica never HAS!!!!!

  3. MessyBoots December 18, 2021

    Facts. 💯

  4. True Tea December 18, 2021

    Just read Taylor’s Swift Australian show was a super spreader event. 😷🤢

    • J December 18, 2021

      All shows are during a f****** pandemic

      • True Tea December 18, 2021

        And too risk it all for Taylor…

  5. Tori December 18, 2021

    Imagine working your ass off and being told you’re not important because a whote woman with no vocal talent has teenage fans and a “I got robbed but I reclaimed my musoc” story❗

    • J December 18, 2021

      Kanye was right in taking her VMA that night, nobody remembers what she won for. Everyone remembers Beyonce’s video. What’s the most annoying about her is the surprise she always has when she wins 😂 She should definitely become an actress

      • Yo December 19, 2021

        You belong with me was taylor’s win. It has a story, Beyoncé video is just dancing. That’s why she didn’t win. People still sore after all this time lmao.

  6. Huh? December 18, 2021

    A BIG NO!! The suck is real. Lol!! So many more deserving Artist who are actual vocalist. Not dry singing swift. To each their own cause I’m not into her music either.

    • Huh? December 18, 2021

      ***the suck up is real!!

  7. Clarks0o00ñ December 18, 2021

    Shes doing numbers.
    She has improved vocally
    Her song writing is top notch as usual.

    Her songs are more mature and adult.
    Willow is such a bop.
    Even tho radio has abounded her because she’s in her 30s, her songs are still topping the charts.

  8. Lol December 18, 2021

    She’s not a vocalist. The music is so childish, it’s ridiculous.

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