Chart Check [Hot 100]: ‘Gasoline,’ ‘Sacrifice’ Lead Slew of New Top 40 Hits for The Weeknd

Published: Friday 21st Jan 2022 by Rashad

The Weeknd‘s ‘Dawn FM’ may have marked his first album in nearly 10 years to miss the Billboard 200’s top spot upon its premiere (as we reported here), but the narrow defeat was still accompanied by a number of notable wins on the Hot 100.

Ahead of the LP’s January 7 release, the singer (born Abel Tesfaye) – with 77 career-wide chart entries to his credit – was already listed in the hit list’s history books among male vocalists with the most cumulative Hot 100 appearances.  With ‘Dawn FM,’ however, he forwarded his ranking on that all-time tally as he placed 14 of the project’s 16 tracks on this week’s singles chart (6 in the top 40 alone).

Hop inside to see which of the set’s fan favorites made the cut.

On this week’s Adele-dominated Hot 100, Tesfaye tallied six new top 40 hits from ‘Dawn’ – #11 (Sacrifice’), #29 (‘Gasoline’), #31 (‘Is There Someone Else?’), #32 (‘Out Of Time’) and #39 (‘How Do I Make You Love Me?’).

Alongside the #22 re-entry of the previously top 10-peaking hit ‘Take My Breath,’ Abel was also found at #52 (‘Here We Go… Again’). #53 (‘Less Than Zero’), #60 (‘Best Friends’), #62 (‘I Heard You’re Married‘), and #65 (‘Dawn FM’ – the title track).

The additions bring his career-long Hot 100 hit total to 91 songs (45 of them in the top 40).  Among male vocalists, only Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Elvis Presley have more entries on the hitlist.  When pared down to ‘most top 40 hits’ among male vocalists, however, only Presley, Brown, Bieber, and Elton John have more.

As his fans celebrate the win, look below to see who joined Tesfaye on this week’s TGJ Chart Check.

Hot 100 This Week

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  1. Tino January 21, 2022

    Lol man and his fans think he’s Michael Jackson but in less than a year after he headlined the Super Bowl his next album couldn’t even debut at number one or produce a top 10 single.

    That horrible Super Bowl performance may have opened people eyes at how generic of a performer and vocalist he is.

    • J January 22, 2022

      Even when he’s winning you hate it


  2. Monica Stan January 21, 2022


    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 22, 2022

      Exactly lol 🤳🏽☕️

  3. Clarks0o00ñ January 22, 2022

    His problem is over confidence.
    Even Taylor isnt over confident. She heard adele was releasing the same week as her, so she moved her date up and scored a number 1 album.

    Gunna announced his album first and picked that date first. The weeknd should have picked another date just to be safe but he didn’t, now see how that turned out. Smh

    Gunna is riding that “I blocked the weeknd from the number 1 spot” train. I love that for him.

  4. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 22, 2022

    Ain’t nobody coming close to The Weeknd’s music lmaooooooooo 🤳🏽💋 A true artist 💯

  5. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 22, 2022

    He’s not even to 10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1 163.5 Drake Canada 2000s–2020s[45]
    2 151.5 Rihanna Barbados 2000s–2020s[53]
    3 134 Taylor Swift US 2000s–2020s[12]
    4 121 Kanye West US 2000s–2020s[47]
    5 107.5 Eminem US 1990s–2020s[20]
    6 106.5 Justin Bieber Canada 2000s–2020s[54]
    7 106 Katy Perry US 2000s–2020s[55]
    8 95 Post Malone US 2010s–2020s[56]
    9 90.5 Chris Brown US 2000s–2020s[57]
    9 90.5 Bruno Mars US 2000s–2020s[58]


    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 22, 2022

      Imposter, The Weeknd is better than everyone you named besides Ye tho lol 😂 I don’t see a 30 million album seller on your list lmaooooooooo…Adele isn’t on ya list, Ed ain’t and The Weeknd ain’t…the REAL ain’t there lmaooooooo..we’ll see who makes a 20 million seller, cause the FACTS DON’T LIE lol…biggest Hot 100 Song Of ALL TIME, quality over quantity 👀 🤣🤳🏽💋

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 22, 2022

        I didn’t call for you peasant, now be gone!

  6. J January 22, 2022

    My twin winning

  7. 1988 January 22, 2022

    King Bieber. On period!!! 💕

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