Silk Sonic Announces Vegas Residency

Published: Wednesday 19th Jan 2022 by Rashad

After closing 2021 with one of the most talked about albums of the year, ‘Leave the Door Open’ duo Silk Sonic is opening 2022 with news they’ll be bringing hits found aboard their debut album – ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic’ –  to the Las Vegas Strip.

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Taking to social media early Wednesday morning (January 19), Anderson. Paak – one-half of Sonic – announced to his 2.7 million followers that he and bandmate Bruno Mars will be taking over Sin City via the forthcoming residency ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic:  Live in Las Vegas.’

Performing 13 concerts at the 5,200-capacity Dolby Live theatre between February 25 and April 2, tickets are available starting today at 6pm EST here.

The news comes just weeks after Mars wrapped a solo residency at Vegas hot spot Dolby Live at Park MGM in late 2021, which kicked off in March 2020, was halted due to the global health crisis, then picked up again last summer.


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  1. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 19, 2022

    Yesssss💅🏾 Diva is here for it!

    • Dc January 19, 2022

      That Album was a flop who wants a residence from a made up flop group 😂😂😂

  2. Mostly blue January 19, 2022

    Who cares really?

  3. Blow January 19, 2022

    Why are these artist giving all this money to Vegas?!? I get Côvid makes it hard to tour around the country but their preventing potential profit and jobs from city venues and stadiums. These artist are just looking for a check and don’t truly care about their fans these days.

    • Danny Bey January 19, 2022

      You sound dumb. The only way artists make money right now is through TOURING and LIVE SHOWS! Nobody makes it off music anymore especially since y’all don’t buy their sh*t. So they have to make a living somehow!! TF. And touring is hard cuz of C**** so residencies are the next best thing and they’re not the taboo they used to be. You sound slow. And selfish.

      • Blow January 19, 2022

        Lol did you not read my comment? You sound slow to me. The short bus is on it’s way 😂😂😂

    • Luxe January 19, 2022

      Actually Blow made a lot of sense Danny Bey. I am so tired of everyone getting a Vegas residency. It used to be people went to Vegas when they were in a career slump. Now since Celine Dion made that $500 million with her decade long Vegas stint everyone wants a piece of the pie. No one was doing Vegas like that until Celine made that crazy amount of money. I think Toni had done it before Celine and her career was in the dumps and the residency actually ended up putting her in bankruptcy because she got sick.

      I agree there is a way to tour with C0v1d happening and artists don’t care about their fans anymore they are just after a quick dollar. Back in the day if you were a big artist instead of touring a lot of artists just did an HBO special and got a few million so they didn’t have to tour as heavy. Now they are just jumping on Vegas because they can stay in one spot and make the same money as if they were going to tour. It is easy for them.

      The only residency I would even consider going to would have been Mariah (she says she is never touring again due to C0v1d) and Xtina…that’s it. If Brandy ever does one I would support but all these other mainstream artists…I ain’t supporting that. Not even Jazmin Sullivan and I fux with her. I am just tired of these artists running to Vegas for quick change! Bruno just left Vegas his ass is greedy!

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