Chart Check [Hot 100]: Pure Sales of Beyonce’s ‘Cuff It’ Outsold This Week’s Entire Top 10 Combined

Published: Saturday 18th Feb 2023 by Rashad

To say the ‘Wetter‘ remix of Beyonce‘s ‘Cuff It’ made a splash on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 is quite the understatement.

As reported here, the ‘Renaissance’-housed song was already enjoying an impressive run on the tally thanks to exploding on Tik Tok but its impact was only amplified once the diva dropped its bedroom-ready revamp.

Sending it to a new chart peak, ‘Cuff’ is linked to #6 on the hitlist’s refreshed edition with sales figures that outshine all of her top 10 competitors combined.

Details inside.

As previously reported, the updated Hot 100 reveals ‘Cuff It’ bested its prior #10 peak by sailing to #6.  Here are the numbers that fueled its jump.

  • Streams: 9.4 million U.S.-based streams
  • Digital Downloads: 78,000 copies sold
  • Radio Airplay: 55.8 million audience impressions

While the radio airplay and streams were nothing to shake a stick at, the standout figure is attached to the tune’s pure sales (digital downloads).  For context, the week’s sales sums attached to the other nine songs in the top 10 equaled approximately 76,300 combined while ‘Cuff It’ managed to ship 78,000 copies off digital shelves.

The win also planted the 41-year-old at #1 on the week’s Digital Song Sales chart, marking her 11th reign there.  The only women to have collected as many or more #1s on that chart are Taylor Swift (25), Rihanna (14), Nicki Minaj (12), and Katy Perry (11).

The supercharged sales are not only attributed to the range of remixes available for purchase but also the buzz earned from the GRAMMYs (February 5) that saw the mega diva make history when ‘Cuff’ won Best R&B Song at the ceremony.

Look below to see who joins Bey in the top 10 on this week’s updated TGJ Chart Check: Hot 100 edition.

Hot 100 This Week

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  1. Are You Kidding Me? February 18, 2023

    Hating on Beyonce reminds me of the popular kids in highschool that said Harry Potter was lame.

    Girl, if you think like everyone else, you’re not unique or original.

    Hating bandwagons are tired.

    I wish I’d waste my life writing paragraphs about someone I claim to not care off. It’s called scrolling past.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 18, 2023

      Maybe some people just don’t like her and are just “hating on” having her literally FORCED down their throats every single day. Even when she DOESN’T have a new or recent album out. Everywhere you look, every got damn day, it’s “Beyoncé this, Beyoncé that.” It’s enough to turn anybody off, including fans, of which I used to be one. But, too much of anything can make you feel sick.

      • QUEEN BEY February 18, 2023

        Yet here you are CHECKING FOR THE QUEEN🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

        25 years into her career STILL STOMPING ON NECKS, STILL TOPPING THE CHARTS, STILL SELLING OUT STADIUMS. Who else but KING BEY b**** u mad🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🐝🐝🐝🐝

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 18, 2023

        And STILL only platinum with Renaissance 8 months after it’s release. What a King!

    • Chanze February 18, 2023

      Beyonce and her fans are annoying af. Maybe if y’all stop acting like she’s some kind of untouchable deity then people wouldn’t be so put off by her. Plus her music is garbage for the most part and the perfect pageant queen mysterious image is boring. She’s no Sade.

      • QUEEN BEY February 18, 2023

        Yet here you are CHECKING FOR THE QUEEN🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

        25 years into her career STILL STOMPING ON NECKS, STILL TOPPING THE CHARTS, STILL SELLING OUT ARENAS. Who else but KING BEY b**** u mad🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🐝🐝🐝🐝

  2. H** on the Rag 🩸 February 18, 2023

    This will totally take Beyoncé’s career out of the dumpster!

    [UPDATE: No, it won’t]

    • DC3 FORVER February 19, 2023

      And what dumpster would that be? You clearly must live in a 3rd world poverty stricken country

  3. FAF February 18, 2023

    Ok. She dropped a remix. Most of These songs have all been out for months. Except Miley

  4. Travyj37 February 19, 2023

    I hate this song, I barely understand what she’s saying. It’s constantly on the radio every 5 minutes over and over. I don’t understand why, she has other songs that are 10 times better than “Cuff it” SMH.🙄

  5. YAHSHUA IS COMING February 25, 2023

    Breezy is STILL on the charts at #25. Living legend fasho

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