Disability Rights Activist Faces Backlash For Claiming Chris Brown “Mocks People with Physical Impairments”

Published: Saturday 4th Mar 2023 by Rashad

Chris Brown has been no stranger to criticism over his nearly 20-year career, but the latest set of accusations he’s fielding may be a first.

The GRAMMY-winning singer, currently rocking stages on the European leg of his ‘Under the Influence’ tour, saw unusual movement of his actual legs catch the attention of a noted disability activist who has taken to the Web to assert “outrage” should ensue as a result of Brown’s gestures.

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Taking to his official Instagram this week, Brown uploaded footage of himself trying to dodge overzealous fans (affectionately called #TeamBreezy) by walking with a pronounced limp.

“I tried to be slick walking to the merchandise booth,” he captioned the short video. “Fans caught me so I had to hit my walk on em.”

The clip managed to be viewed by Brett Leverton, a self-proclaimed “disability ambassador” who found Breezy’s actions offensive.

Taking to Twitter and LinkedIn Friday (March 3), Leverton uploaded the CB video alongside a lengthy caption explaining why the public should be outraged by it.

“Disappointed last night to log in to Instagram to see Chris Brown casually imitating/mocking people with physical impairments/disability and thinking its ok,” he started the post. “I hope this gets the same outrage and energy towards it as it would if it was discrimination of any other kind.”

Going on to suggest the R&B star’s behavior could wield a negative influence on his 113 million Instagram followers, Leverton concluded his post by inferring Brown should be particularly sensitive to discriminatory behavior given that he’s claimed to be on the receiving end of it himself.

“In the modern world where discrimination is tolerated less and less, why would someone who knows firsthand what it feels like to face discrimination go and do the same behavior to another minority group?” Brett questioned.

-photo: Brett Leverton

Once #TeamBreezy got wind of Leverton’s comments, their collective responses were so brutal it led the man to make his Twitter account private.

Ouch!  See highlights below.

At writing, Chris has not responded to the hoopla.

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  1. Are You Kidding Me? March 4, 2023

    Rolls eyes.

    Out of ALL of the things in the world to pick at? THIS?

    What about Sza saying “I can’t see, I’m blind” in a song lol

    Like..be f*cking for real.

    • Joe March 4, 2023

      When it comes to Chris it’s always coddling and whataboutism. Never any accountability. Clearly he was offensive. At his big old age he knows better than mock those with physical impairments. SZA has nothing to do with it.

  2. XYZ March 4, 2023

    Chris Brown is an a**, but lets be real, thats nothing. This guy just wants clout

    • Joe March 4, 2023

      Doesn’t negate the fact that Chris was highly offensive. He is not 16 anymore. He’s almost 35 years old and still pulling childish stunts. When will y’all require him to finally grow up??? Nvm y’all don’t even expect much from the stunted black men in y’all own families…

  3. True Tea March 4, 2023


    People who have mental illness, speech impediments, drug addictions, hair loss, small breast OR d*cks, etc are mocked all the time.

    If he’s going come for Breezy, come for everyone who mocks individuals with physical flaws, diseases or disabilities.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 March 4, 2023

      Exactly this. Everyone and everything gets mocked in some way or another, no matter how big or small. Is that a good thing? Of course not. But worse s*** happens. People need to grow a backbone and keep it moving.

    • False Tea March 4, 2023

      But baby Chris Brown has a platform and shown himself to be extremely problematic over the years. He deserves to be called out for mocking the physically handicapped. Stop deflecting.

      • True Tea March 4, 2023

        Called out for what? For being immature? lol

        If Breezy was involved in Illegal activities or a danger to society, then I would agree.

        Thankfully the celebrities of yesteryear came up in a different era otherwise most of them would be CANCELED.

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