Beyoncé Hit With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over ‘Break My Soul’ Lyrics

Published: Wednesday 22nd May 2024 by Rashad

Beyoncé may have already saddled up to gallop to ‘Cowboy Carter,’ her current history-making musical era, but there are a few people – fans and foes alike – who are still fixated on its predecessor: ‘Renaissance.’

Among the latter is a little-known New Orleans group that claims the 2022-released album’s chart-topping lead single, ‘Break My Soul,’ is breaking copyright infringement laws by including some of their lyrics without permission.

Details inside.

In a complaint filed in Louisiana federal court on Wednesday (May 22), members of Da Showstoppaz alleged Bey unlawfully swiped components of their 2002 song ‘Release a Wiggle’ to use on ‘Break.’

The twist? Instead of stealing it directly they claim she legally sampled the 2014 Big Freedia track ‘Explode‘ which also includes aspects of their ‘Wiggle.’

“While Mrs. Carter … and others have received many accolades and substantial profits … Da Showstoppaz’s have received nothing—no acknowledgment, no credit, no remuneration of any kind,” their attorney relayed before sharing, “The infringing phrase ‘release yo’ wiggle’ and several other substantially similar phrases are featured prominently in the song and evenly spread out across ‘Explode’s two-minute and forty-seven second runtime. Any reasonable person listening to ‘Release A Wiggle’ and ‘Explode’ would conclude that the songs are substantially similar.”

Freedia, a contributor to ‘Break,’ is also listed as a defendant in the suit that further claims the plaintiffs notified Beyoncé’s team about the allegations of infringement infringement last month but no action was taken.

Fans of ‘Break’ know its primary sample is pulled from the Robin S. 1993 House classic ‘Show Me Love’ (which is credited by Bey).

Showstoppaz join Kelis and Right Said Fred as artists who have taken to press over the last two years to slam ‘Renaissance’ for allegedly including samples or interpolations of their work without permission.


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  1. detruth May 23, 2024

    Still thieving eh?

    • Lanafan1 May 23, 2024

      Did you read it? She LEGALLY sampled the song. This is a cash grab.

      • Audiobully May 23, 2024

        Nah, she always be stealing. She’s been thieving since thieving was a thang. Nothing of hers is EVER original lol

  2. Keith May 23, 2024

    These types of lawsuits seem to continue to haunt her…

  3. Yo May 23, 2024

    Beyonce D S “Cowboy Carter’ has the WORST
    average daily streams per track by any major
    release in 2024 with 199k avg streams.
    It also experienced the worst DECLINE in
    streams for any 2024 album after losing 93%
    of its streams in only 53 days since debut,
    going from 76M to just 5M

    • Bye girl May 23, 2024

      Where can I find this information? I’m very interested in reading stuff like this.

      • Yo May 23, 2024

        @Thepopstuff on twitter.

  4. MecostaDenada May 23, 2024

    Good. Get Beyonce’s thieving ash. She stole, and bullied her way to the top behind the scenes while having a squeaky clean image in front of the scenes.

  5. Kelly Rowland Cannes May 23, 2024

    Here we go again LOL

  6. Ms.Ling Ling 🤰🏻🥠🥡🥢 May 23, 2024

    sue that thief

  7. Roxie May 23, 2024

    And folks get pissed and wonder why she can’t win a AOTY Grammy… cuz everyone in the industry knows that it would be a big joke to give her that win when she’s always stealing s***

    • Audiobully May 23, 2024

      Right? Give it to the damn people who earned it

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