Meghan Markle’s Sister Officially Named As Risk To The Royal Family

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019 by David

Samantha Markle, sister of the beloved British royal Meghan Markle, has officially been named as a risk to the royal family by officials who feel she is simply out of control!

Full story below….

Samantha has used the press to antagonise, defame and harass her sister learning she was to wed Prince Harry of England and even went as far as to pen a salacious book about her named ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.’

Meghan has chosen not to respond to her troublesome sibling, and has now learned that the Metropolitan Police have placed her on a “fixated persons list” because her outrageous antics give them reason to believe she is a threat to the royal family.


The list was created to keep an eye on “those who have an obsessional preoccupation (often delusional) with a person or a perceived grievance, which they pursue to an irrational degree.



What would you do if you were in Meghan’s shoes?

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  1. Audreyherbsburn January 2, 2019

    Whoop my sister ass

    • SMH January 2, 2019

      Yup lmao.

  2. marija January 2, 2019


  3. SMH January 2, 2019

    LOL looks like someone is mad because her white privilege couldn’t get her a wedding ring from a Prince lol.

    • See truth January 2, 2019

      YOU SOUND DUMB MEGHAN MARKLE IS ONLY THERE BECAUSE SHE IS MULLATO !! SHE IS LATINA LOOKING, if she looked like a black woman he would not be with her . Period but go ahead ………. keep lying to yourself

  4. Leslie Mink January 2, 2019

    I’d pray Samantha goes away. Perhaps she won’t be able to enter Commonwealth countries with this designation. She’s probably also a menace to their father.
    If news sources would get smart, they’d quit giving this woman a soapbox for her vitriol.

  5. Shirley Parrett January 3, 2019

    Well from all that i have read on the news Meghan Markle is a bigger problem for the Queen. Meghan wants to be the next Queen and she is driveing a wedges in the family.God Bless The Queen.

  6. Susan March 4, 2019

    “Beloved royal Meghan Markle..” seriously? This women is beloved by only one person…herself. She has brought nothing but trouble to the royal family with her continual demands. She hasn’t an ounce of humility or gratitude for the incredible, and completely unearned, good fortune that has come to her from winning the lottery as a child and the education it afforded her to her snagging the world’s most eligible bachelor by using every fraudulent trick in her extensive toolbox. This is a woman of meager accomplishment who grew up in a garage apartment and has looks so common and ordinary that she never got a second look when she walked down the street yet has an ego that makes her think she’s as beautiful as Grace Kelly and as brilliant as Winston Churchill. She is what happens when a child is giving too much confidence by her parents.

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