Bernie Sanders: “I’m Running For President”

Published: Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 by David

Bernie Sanders is ready to try again!

Full story below…

Sanders ran in 2016 and, as far as some of his supporters see it, was derailed by Hilary Clinton loyalists  within the Democratic party.

Now, he is ready to take on Donald Trump and every other candidate hoping to replace him.

He is now gearing up to compete against Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Howard Schultz.

Also running?


Your thoughts?

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  1. SMH February 19, 2019

    Sigh. He just guaranteed trump another term. SMDH.

    • JAmice Laws February 19, 2019

      why are you mad????????

      yall mutha facka did not get jobs off of trump

  2. JAmice Laws February 19, 2019

    TRUMP IS #1 BERNIE WAS #2 HE needs to work on his image bernie cut his hair more swallow spit more, his wife needs to help him with his “man “beauty

  3. Casual February 19, 2019

    Are any Democrats running who aren’t socialists? That isht sounds good until you get into it. Our southern border is being saturated with people trying to escape what AOC, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren and others are trying to do here.

    • Paulo February 19, 2019

      Lmao what kind of 1963 b******* is this

  4. Yolanda February 19, 2019

    You can’t fool me twice, Bernie. You were supposed to start a revolution after the election. Instead, you ran to the Democrats and played as their puppet. NOW…you said you want to continue what you started…What did you start? You’re simply going to bid their biddings.

  5. Charli Cheer Up February 19, 2019

    Get ready to #FeelTheBernOut once again. Thanks to his cruel followers, the Democrat party got split and over half of the people in America didn’t bother voting so we ended up with Trump.

    • Caleb February 19, 2019

      Well Trump lost the popular vote and still won the election so blame the electoral college and leave Bernie alone. If you want to blame someone for Hillary Clinton’s defeat blame her for having that stupid email scandal that the Republicans beat her over the head with.

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