Kamala Harris Weighs In On Reparations For African-Americans / Criticised For Response

Published: Sunday 3rd Mar 2019 by David

As 2020 draws closer Democrats hoping to usurp Donald Trump and claim the White House find themselves under pressure to explain how a win for them means a win for groups the party has often used, abused and taken for granted.

One of these groups? The African-American community.

This month, a number of people fear candidate Kamala Harris has ruined her chances of winning after she insinuated that she wasn’t interested in creating policies designed specifically for the group’s benefit and would only do so if the fruit of those policies benefitted everyone.

Fair on paper, worrying in reality.

Why? The concern by many black voters that they are being asked, once again, to support a politician who prioritises everyone else but them.

Watch below…


Disappointed voters had this to say…


Bernie Sanders’ ‘View’?

So, what are reparations?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine da bi Asian March 3, 2019

    Girl better get Beyonce or somebody to endorse her chile

    • Casual March 3, 2019

      She already has Beyonce’s endorsement.

    • Clarkson March 3, 2019

      Beyonce endorsed Hillary Clinton, she even performed at hillary’s rally and Hillary still lost. Beyonce doesn’t have power so sit down with your comment.

      • Shayla Queen ? March 4, 2019

        Say it again ?

  2. Edward Norton March 3, 2019

    Kamala is usually an an unabashed panderer, I am surprised she did not just go in for reparations which is a dumb idea for things far in the past and unable to be properly identified. I think black people get some preferences now but also do things to hurt their own lives by having a mentality not conducive to success which is a complex but poverty and lacking is a state of mind. White people have done well, IMO because of their ingenuity, intelligence, and diligence on the acquisition and categorization of all forms of knowledge which they have been able to capitalize on in products, systems, and technology. Slavery and their perfection of it contributed to that but only minutely as all people had indulged in slavery but were unable to parlay it into any substantive long lasting benefit. If blacks are to be payed reparations then all people who have suffered some past wrong including Asian, Natives, descendants of poor whites, etc, would all need to receive something too. Who would pay it? As I said every racial group has dirty hands when it comes to the past as all has done evil but white people just came out of the stew with the most to show for it.

  3. Fancy BISH March 3, 2019

    Forget 40 acres and a mule, that’s too much upkeep…give me 2 acres and a horse ? in upstate New York lmao ? ☕️ ??

  4. Clarkson March 3, 2019

    Kamala is a cop who support cheap prison labour. She has sent so many innocent men to prison. Blacks do not vote for her.

  5. Rob March 3, 2019

    The Democratic party is about to face another national embarrassment.

  6. Caleb March 3, 2019

    This lady worked to keep people in prison after their release dates so they could be used as slave labor.

  7. WakeUpBlackFolk March 4, 2019

    Reparations will never happen; we don’t have race disparity in this country, we have a class issue in this country; broke people come in all colors. The middle class is keeping the country running, and has been taken advantage of for too long. Instead of pandering to minority groups, put forth plans that will benefits ALL of us!

  8. Dru March 4, 2019

    KAMALA IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. Kamala is an indian name from ASIA! She is ASIAN-American of CARIBBEAN DESCENT. Stop letting everyone in and running their mouths. They don’t get it!!!! Just like BARACK!! A KENYAN-American man!!!!

  9. jem March 4, 2019

    honestly, her initiative is basically saying she wants to help poorer families in general, vs this money going to some black families who, at this point, are very well off.

    Think about (politically) how this would look if this check goes to celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will Smith, Oprah, etc. who are dumb rich, but of descendants of slaves. I think the issue is that the other side (Trump Republicans) would scrutinize reparations that are included for families who are super well off.

    I think giving the money to all people is more realistic / makes sense. I would say, that maybe you can say that those from slavery families could maybe get an additional boost ? or something different. How would we go about identifying the right people to give this credit to???

    • Cruz March 4, 2019

      ^ Nailed it.

  10. Shayla Queen ? March 4, 2019

    How about reparations from the Africans who sold their own people as slaves to the Americans to begin with?

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