Marianne Williamson Soars During Latest Democratic Debates / Makes A Strong Case For Reparations

Published: Wednesday 31st Jul 2019 by David

Marianne Williamson stands tall as the star of the latest round of Democratic primary debates following a game-changing performance on Tuesday night.

How? By detailing her plans to eradicate the disease that is systemic racism and urging her fellow Democrats to address racism, bigotry and injustice freely and openly to address the needs of an electorate who many believe has been taken for granted.

Watch highlights below…


Well, first of all, it’s not $500 billion in financial assistance, it’s $200 to $500 billion payment of a debt that is owed. That is what reparations is. We need deep truth-telling when it comes, we don’t need another commission to look at evidence. I appreciate what Congressman O’Rourke has said. It is time for us to simply realize that this country will not heal. All that a country is, is a collection of people. People heal when there’s some deep truth-telling. We need to recognize, when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites in America, it does come from a great injustice that has never been dealt with. That great injustice has had to do with the fact that there was 250 years of slavery followed by another hundred years of domestic terrorism.



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  1. Clarkson July 31, 2019

    Blacks always looking for freebies and giveaways. Go work for your money u lazy pieces of sh1ts.

    No white person is going to vote for a politician who will give the black community 500billion dollars for slavery that happened 200 years ago. Only 1 percent of Americans owned slaves.

    • The Disrespectful Poet July 31, 2019

      How interesting, the misinformed route you’ve taken. This stereotype is harmful as a result of its incompleteness. How lazy.

      Black folk have never been lazy. Not on the plantation, not working multiple jobs, not in the classrooms not built with them in mind, not in love and most definitely not in raising children who have every right to be angry given the way they are discussed as a monolith—just as you’ve done here. Black folk continue to excel despite injustice, despite unequal conditions and in a lack of equity. It stands to reason that people approach such conversations with more nuance moving forward.

      • Clarkson July 31, 2019

        Black folks excel in what exactly? Science? Engineering? Arts? Ecommerce?
        how many African Americans have won a noble prize in chemistry or physics?
        U guys hate hearing the painful truth. All African Americans do is steal and sell drugs and fight on the streets, screaming WORLDSTAR WORLDSTAR. Ew a complete disgrace to the black race, no wonder Africans from Africa dont associate with yall

      • Fancy BISH July 31, 2019

        @Clarkson, you are a steaming pile of funky, hot, stank Honey Boo Boo shiiit! ? All you want is a BBC up your fishy twaat! You’re obsessed, depressed and smell like dumpster juice and wet dog ? That’s all you’re getting from me with your ignorant comments! I’m giving your heffa asss what you give out! You come to this site every damn day, so stay obsessed with black people…you stank ole HOEE…and ya shiiity asss racist mama passed that stankness down to your sorry ugly asss ?

      • Oh plz July 31, 2019

        @Fancy….THANK YOU. That Clarkson thing is an uneducated pile of brontosaurus ? ? ?. Only IGNORANT, foolhardy LESSERS make generalizations about entire groups of people.

    • The Disrespectful Poet July 31, 2019

      Speaking of lazy, I meant to add that your numbers are from a viral post which lacks a thorough look at said data. It takes into consideration how many individuals had personal slaves rather than how many households had them. One must also take into consideration that slavery was outlawed in most states when this census was conducted.

      So while 1.4% of individual Americans after slavery was outlawed conveniently helps your argument, a more thorough look would place this number closer to 25%. Given the context and lack of humanity, this figure could very well be a conservative one.

      Work for your knowledge Beloved. Google ain’t free but your public library should be.

      • SMH July 31, 2019

        It really wasn’t necessary to respond to that idiot, but I’m glad you did. It’s probably not even gonna take the time to read all these facts, it’s little brain won’t be able to process lol.

    • Nicky July 31, 2019

      People like Clarkson need to be k i l l e d immediately.

      • Clarkson July 31, 2019

        I SAID WHAT I SAID. Periodt
        Blacks are the laziest group of people in America. Always complaining.
        Go to any black neighbourhoods during the day, lots of black people sitting around doing nothing, waiting for hand outs.

    • Lana Del Fan July 31, 2019

      “Go work for your money”

      Isn’t that the whole friqqin point of reparations? The slaves didn’t get paid for their work, but mega corporations that exist to this day still benefit off of that slavery labor. I for one don’t beg for handouts, but if I took a dna test and it showed that my ancestors were slaves, I’m not going to turn down payment of debt just like if you’re the co-signer on a loan and the person dies, you’d still have to pay their debt. Not sure why when it comes to black people, were the only ones “guilty” of doing things that everyone in earth does.

    • Lana Del Fan July 31, 2019

      Yo you’re ignorant as hell.

    • Are you Kidding Me? July 31, 2019

      There are more White people on welfare than Black people. Also, nothing is lazier than traveling to another continent to get people to do your work out of here. You have been dismissed.

      • Tyty July 31, 2019

        Don’t reply to that loose booty idiot. Every other race that’s ever been put through crap by white people has received reparations. It’s only an issue when African-Americans ask for what’s rightfully theirs? For the most part, people who received reparations were able to use them to uplift their race or communities. These white m************ don’t want blacks to have the means or opportunities to get from under their foot so of course, they will refuse to even discuss reparations. Them fake jews got reparations and even land that wasn’t theirs nobody called them lazy.

    • Lanafan1 July 31, 2019

      There are tons of black engineers and scientists. You’re an idiot. ? Also, there are more white people on welfare than blacks. Back in the day, white people stole ideas and parents from black people and other white people. Look at Tesla. White people took weapons from the Asians. That’s how they took slaves. White people never invented anything. They just stole. You guys dragged your knuckles out of Africa and mutated. There’s nothing special about you.

      • Clarkson July 31, 2019

        “There are tons of black engineers and scientists.”

        B1tch where? I have never seen one before.
        U still didn’t mention one African American who has won a noble prize in chemistry or physics.

        African Americans take take take, they never contribute anything to society.
        Silicon valley is full of white people and asians cause they are intelligent.

        The only thing black Americans are good at is jumping high. LOL

  2. Bey Best July 31, 2019

    I’m intrigued.

  3. Willie July 31, 2019

    the idea that the vast majority of Confederate soldiers were men of modest means rather than large plantation owners is usually used to reinforce the contention that the South wouldn’t have gone to war to protect slavery. The 1860 census shows that in the states that would soon secede from the Union, an average of more than 32 percent of white families owned slaves. Some states had far more slave owners (46 percent in South Carolina, 49 percent in Mississippi) while some had far less (20 percent in Arkansas).
    But as Jamelle Bouie and Rebecca Onion point out in Slate, the percentages don’t fully express the extent to which the antebellum South was a slave society, built on a foundation of slavery. Many of those white families who couldn’t afford slaves aspired to, as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In addition, the essential ideology of white supremacy that served as a rationale for slavery, made it extremely difficult—and terrifying—for white Southerners to imagine life alongside a black majority population that was not in bondage. In this way, many non-slave-owning Confederates went to war to protect not only slavery, but to preserve the foundation of the only way of life they knew.

  4. Are you Kidding Me? July 31, 2019

    Why are people feeding the troll, Clarkson?

    The word Chemistry comes from Kemet. That’s what “Egpytians” called themselves. At every great discovery, a Black person is responsible and a White person stole credit.

    We had to teach them our washcloths and seasoning. The first car? An African nation.

    They shot the noses off of the Sphinxes to hide their ethnicity. Buddha? BLACK. Asian people do not have curly hair like that, nor do they originate the elongated earlobe. Jesus? Go to any Russian church and look at the icons (pictures of religious figures) He was Black.

    We are the most genetically diverse people as everyone..COMES FROM US.
    Don’t get me started.

  5. stan July 31, 2019

    STOP giving this woo-woo bullsh*t candidate exposure. she’s a joke.

  6. Keisha July 31, 2019

    More pandering and offering free shi#

  7. Jasmine July 31, 2019

    White devil

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