Tomi Lahren Slams Black Lives Matter & MN Riots / Cardi B Responds

Published: Thursday 28th May 2020 by Rashad

A year after Cardi B slammed political commentator and television personality, Tomi Lahren,’ and threatened to “dog walk” her for her controversial views on 21 Savage‘s U.S. citizenship status (click here to read), the two are at war again – this time over insensitive remarks Lahren made regarding the Minneapolis riots stemming from the death of George Floyd (click here to read).

The police officers responsible for the man’s death are still free and uncharged and, as a result, citizens have taken to the streets via protests and riots to demand justice.

Taking to Twitter Thursday (May 28), Lahren reprimanded the ‘Twin City’ residents for their handling of the subject matter and condemned them for reports of looting.  Her comments landed on the desk of Cardi, who rebutted with fiery remarks of her own.

See the exchange inside:


Once Lahren’s comments (seen above) made their way to the desk of Cardi, the GRAMMY winner responded:


To which Lahren clapped back:

[photo source: Rich Polk / Getty Images]

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  1. Rashad May 28, 2020

    Love when Cardi drags this ignorant heifer

  2. Brandon32 May 28, 2020

    I hate this b****!!!! Not Cardi B tho✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  3. Hated for my opinion May 28, 2020

    Her response to that should be… oh you wanna be cumbaya when your party breeds separation.

  4. High Price May 28, 2020

    Cardi always speaking facts! Gather HA!

  5. Only Facts May 28, 2020

    Welcome to Drump’s country. He’s made these racists feel too comfortable showing their hatred towards us.

  6. IG: mixedboy May 28, 2020


  7. .. May 28, 2020

    She’s telling the truth. All it does is p*** people off and then turn them off. Signs, protests, refusal to go to work, boycotting things, that’s a protest. Breaking windows and stealing s*** literally just reinforces the African stereotype. How does ruining your OWN community solve anything. Cool, that’s just one store you ALSO won’t be able to go. That’s just a handful of fellow neighbors who now no longer have a job to go to, to pay bills and take care of their families. It’s pretty selfish and barbaric. I’m actually embarrassed by my community. This solves nothing. No wonder we get called animals.

    • Dee May 29, 2020

      Don’t talk about us being barbaric. There is no group of people more barbaric, more savage that these whites that call us animals. Maybe just maybe if you read a little history you would know this.

    • Juju May 29, 2020

      I personally agree with you. We are turning into a third world nation when it comes to a way of reacting. The situation sucks but people stealing are looking out for themselves and not the cause. People were unemployed. Now more people may be unemployed now because of the harm. They already call us animal and every name on the book. We are only proving her point. This should have been handled in a different manner from the public and not as if we are living in a third world country.

  8. Yo May 29, 2020

    Strange 10 black people got shot dead in Chicago by a black guy and doesn’t even make anything like the amount of news that the women calling the police on the guy or the guy that got killed by the white police guy

    Further prrof that black lives only matter to black people when white people take them.

    • Dee May 29, 2020

      There is plenty of white on white killing as well, Mexican on Mexican killing, Arab on Arab killing. That didn’t make the headlines either. The topic is white police killing unarmed black people repeatedly and there is no recourse from the justice system. None. Damn near every riot black people have started in this America has related to this issue of white police brutality.

    • vv May 29, 2020

      Black on black crime is the result of white supremacy setting us up to fail. When you live in poverty, it spells the recipe for these types of crimes to exist. Also, comparing black on black crimes should not take away from police brutality. It’s disgusting that you are even being distracted by this.

      What you’re really doing, is revealing how disadvantaged it can be to be a black man in USA. You have to watch out for people in all types of way. The trauma this can cause is too real.

  9. Rainonme May 29, 2020

    Black lives matter I have family, but I do agree with her that if your gonna protest for someone then protest don’t go stealing while protesting. Then it’s not really for the cause.

  10. D May 29, 2020

    How about WHITE members of the local police force in Minneapolis went undercover in face masks / riot gear and started smashing the windows of businesses in an attempt to take the heat off of them and make black protestors look like savages??? Someone literally caught one of the officers, ON TAPE, smashing the windows…the video is being pulled from social media. Monsters.

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