Donald Trump’s Niece Details Anti-Black Behaviour On ‘The View’

Published: Thursday 23rd Jul 2020 by David

Donald Trump‘s niece Mary Trump has a story to tell.

A story, filled to the brim with a tale of anti-blackness, bigotry, hatred and jealousy.

Watch her appearance on ‘The View’ below…


Mary’s book ‘Too Much and Never Enough’ was penned to give the world access into her family’s world and how its patriarch, Trump’s father, created the supposed monster that is the President.

The book has reportedly sold over 1 million copies to date.

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  1. marilyn mon-H-o-E July 23, 2020

    Stormy Daniels here to say hi 👋, she wants more hush money 💰

  2. BidenIsCrap July 23, 2020

    HAHAHAHAHA…. She is full of s***. The Media, The Democrats, and That Grape Juice can continue their hate campaign of Trump, but there is no way in hell I am voting for Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been in politics for 40+ years and has accomplished nothing. The ’94 Crime bill devastated the communities he now claims to be championing. The Democrats dangled Criminal Justice Reform over the head’s over their voters for years and did nothing. Trump signed the First Step Act in his first term. Trump is getting my vote in 2020!

    • miz123 July 23, 2020

      look a political troll

    • Gag July 23, 2020

      Hahaha all trump has done is tell racists that they are right and let thousands of Americans die of c*****

      • BidenIsCrap July 23, 2020

        HAHAHAHA… Damn you are a moron.

    • WWWW.I-READ-U-B****.COM July 23, 2020


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