Dave Chappelle Visits Kanye West Following Traumatic Episode

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020 by David

Shortly before Kanye West took to Twitter to reveal that his marriage to Kim Kardashian has made him deeply unhappy, he received a visit from his good friend Dave Chapelle.

Full story below…

The comedian rushed to be by West’s side to support him after watching him work through what appears to be manic episode.

West thanked him for his support with this positive video message.


Tweets published before and after their catch-up saw West reveal that he was determined to ensure that his daughter North West was not exploited in the way he believes his wife Kim Kardashian was, and also revealed that he has been trying to escape from the marriage for over a year.

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  1. MessyBoots July 22, 2020

    Thank you TGJ.

    For punishing me once gain w/ KanyeWatch2020…when I first discovered TGJ (back in the glory days when you could up or downvote comments) I believed this blog would grow even bigger and better. Maryrely evolve.

    But I was sadly M’F n mistaken.

    Everyday, all you do is regurgitate the same articles from Billboard/Twitter/Love B Scott/Shade Room/TMZ etc

    No originality. No editorials from a so called ‘staff’ except for those TIRED retro rewinds that just repeat the same old historical facts we already knew a decade ago. Such a waste of early potential.
    It’s almost as tragic as this fool you report on every 5 hrs.

    But I guess TGJ is still landing interviews so basically that is the only reason this website is still functioning. To generate ad revenue and land a random celeb interview based on its name value. #ALegacyBlog

    ZERO concern for its loyal readership and followers.


    • H**’s Mad July 22, 2020

      Usually I’m with you whenever I see your comments. I tend to feel as though you’re coming from a balanced, nuanced place – and it’s refreshing to see.

      But this comment is wild, and ultimately just isn’t constructive.

      Yes, have your opinion. But spewing it through negativity and disrespect only says more about YOU than it does ANYTHING that you are speaking on.

      Like what was the actual point of this comment, and what were you trying to achieve? You didn’t put forward any suggestions, advice or constructive cristicism. Instead, you decided to give your own little ‘Retro Rewind’, reminiscing on a comment section of YESTERYEAR, that ultimately had no impact on the actual STORIES that were being presented.

      Ya’ll have G O T to stop embarrassing yourself on the internet. People may not be able to see you but Karma can!

      Check your energy.

      Oh, and we know you’ll be back on the next post sis. So stop.

      • MessyBoots July 22, 2020

        You tried it @HoesMad AKA Sam, David, Rashad or whoever operates this platform.

        What exactly is the point of tour reply, @HoesMad

        My response here was due to the fact I’m sick of Kanye updates every 5 hrs, I’m sick of pedo supporting posts 6ix9ine posts updating his chart placements, or allowing r a c I s t comments yet censoring the actual word. I’m sick of this platform not using Disqus or Kinja like every other functioning normal blog… so folks can report or flag these r a c I s t trolls here. I’m sick of you all being hypocrites on topics of race and equality but never addressing what is happening on your own r a c I s t platform. I’m sick of you regurgitating articles from other sources (often days or weeks later.)

        That was my point @@HoesMad

        Your chosen moniker is very fitting. 📚✌🏾

    • J July 22, 2020

      Just look at all of the ads and spam comments that they have now. It’s about clicks! Every now and then the old blog format pops back out. I miss the old days where we found all the new music on blogs! Sadly that’s not as interesting anymore for whatever reason.

    • D July 22, 2020

      I second that. Been on here regularly since 2011. Might go elsewhere.

  2. J July 22, 2020

    KOONYE 2020

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