Charles Barkley Faces Fierce Backlash After Breonna Taylor Remark

Published: Saturday 26th Sep 2020 by Sam

Almost seventh months have passed since Louisville, KY healthcare worker Breonna Taylor was killed by police in a raid-gone-wrong.

And the international outcry remains sky-high this week, following news that none of the officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter in relation to her death.

One person who isn’t part of the furious mass is basketball legend Charles Barkley.

For, during TNT’s pregame coverage of the Western Conference Finals, he offered words that have rustled the feathers of many.

See what we mean below…

Barkley said:

“I don’t think this one was like George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery and things like that.

I feel sad that this young lady lost her life. But I am worried to lump all these situations in together.

We do have to take into account that her boyfriend shot at the cops and shot a cop.”

With socials tensions at fever-pitch, many have taken to social media to slam Barkley


Your thoughts?

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  1. Cody+s September 26, 2020

    I agree with Charles. The only thing sad is being black being called not black because you don’t vote Democrat or have the same mindset

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 27, 2020


    • SNF September 27, 2020

      Cody shut your white pie hole. You sound stupid.

    • Lana Bey Fan September 27, 2020

      This!!! As soon as you don’t agree with a case like this you’re automatically “a c***” people don’t move on facts, they move in emotions and it’s annoying. No one was in the apartment when BT’s boyfriend s*** at the cops, all we know is his excuse if he was scared. Also, her family took a multi million dollar settlement before trial. If they were really so anti cops and wanted Justice, they would’ve kept fighting until the end and not accepted a settlement. This is why I stopped going on Twitter. It’s just a bunch of idiots yelling at the wall until something sticks. Outrage culture is BS

  2. Nicky September 26, 2020

    Where is this energy when 130 people were shot in Chicago Southside in one weekend?

    I understand that this killing was heartbreaking but there are hundreds being shot in one area in one weekend?

    Where is the outrage and protests for that? Be consistent.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 27, 2020


    • SNF September 27, 2020

      We not talkin bout Chicago… Save that for a Chicago post…

    • Truth September 27, 2020

      Coons like you miss the entire point.. those unfortunate 130 people will more than like receive some type of justice for the crimes against them… police are suppose to be protecting and serving.. not busting in someone’s house guns blazing…

  3. #WAP September 26, 2020

    Such an ignorant, ill-informed, ridiculous, STUPID comment! Cancel him now

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 27, 2020

      How IGNORANT can you be, Only Flops?

  4. freefallqueen September 26, 2020

    Ohhh lorddd here come the racist yt ph@gg’s to support this ignorant rhetoric!

    The police intentionally turned off their body cam’s and LIED about announcing themselves.. then kicked in their door. HE HAD THE RIGHT TO SHOOT, he thought someone was breaking into their apartment!!! Many protocols were broken, the officers lied and there was a slew of corruption with this case — THEY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 27, 2020

      Where’s your proof of this?

      The Police were granted a NO-KNOCK warrant yet STILL knocked and made their presence known.

      Even if that weren’t true and they didn’t knock, they had that right. Or should the cops just not do their job and avoid all criminals who happen to be black?

  5. eric September 26, 2020

    Just because he shot first doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for the police to blindly spray the apartment with 32 bullets. They should be held responsible for shooting and killing an unintended target. It’s not okay to basically throw your hands up and say “Oops.” They left the scene without even accessing whether anyone was hit and in need of emergency care.

    • eric September 26, 2020

      If you want more numbers, 11 residents stated they did not hear police announce themselves in the raid. The one resident who said they did initially said he heard nothing, then he changed his story two months later in a second interview with the police and specifically quoted them as saying “This is the police.” Why did they lie and find a witness to change his story to support them if everything was by the book? It wasn’t, and that’s what got Breonna killed.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 September 27, 2020

        Either way, they had the right to not knock. Case dismissed. Not everything is racism.

  6. tyty September 27, 2020

    Black men don’t want equality they want what the white man has….let that sink in. Y’all gone stop muling for these negroes.

    • SNF September 27, 2020

      You are white. Not even human… yet you know what black men want??? Yall get bold when the fall hits… its okay tho global warming will wipe yall translucent skinned aliens out soon enough.. lol

      • tyty September 27, 2020

        Yeah you must be an idiot who on this blog thinks I’m white? You new here or something? Or one of them pick me Black women mulling for black men only to get disappointed. Hear is a lil advice divest hunty.

  7. lucy+fur September 27, 2020

    black people will never succeed because they bring each other down. other cultures help and support each other but black people are like crabs in a bucket

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